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Updated 13.02.2023

V8 Poker’s Casino Software: Buy Content from the Singaporean Brand

If you want to diversify your gaming assortment and expand your influence in the Eastern business arena, launch a casino by the V8 Poker provider’s team.

V8 Poker casino software: Singaporean content

The branded content is well known to Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Singapore clients and consumers from other territories of the Southeast. The firm specialises in the production of elite games and guarantees its customers an unforgettable experience.

Today's review prepared by Smart Money experts is dedicated to the studio's top titles and the most practical ways to order the V8 Poker casino software without financial risks.

What is Known about the Brand?

The studio began its work in 2016. The firm immediately chose a highly specialised niche — the production of a premium desktop and card entertainments line. A little later, a series of skill-based games based on patented RNG programs were added to the main portfolio.

The V8 Poker online casino provider’s products have become popular during the first year of operation in the domestic gambling market in Singapore. It has begun to expand its influence actively. Despite COVID limitations, the supplier announced a multiple increase in the number of users from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand already by 2020.

The next big target is Europe. The vendor's portfolio has already added a line of products aimed at Western customers: a few variants of virtual roulette, online blackjack, web Texas Hold'em, and others.

The program components are released under gambling licences from the regulators of Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The branded content is available for legal sale in the Cagayan zone and beyond, under a simplified tax scheme.

A series of games with the use of RNG technologies is certified by the independent research centre GLI.

The Premium Series of Card Games

The vendor’s collection includes dozens of intriguing positions aimed at different audiences. Consider the most interesting of them:


The game is played between a dealer and a user. The victory belongs to a player that has collected nine points. Eight decks with 52 cards are used during the session.

The development is designed in a traditional style. It is characterised by elementary rules and high dynamism. The manufacturer offers the classic variation of the game without side bets.

Only three types of wagers are available to gamblers:

  • bets on a croupier’s victory;
  • wagers on a player’s win;
  • bets on a draw (increased odds (8 to 1) are provided for this category).


During the dealing, 8 poker decks with 52 cards are used. The winner is the participant who first collects a combination of 21 points (or as close to it as possible) in the active hand.

Each tournament is designed for the simultaneous participation of up to 7 clients.

A special feature of the development is an extended list of bets. In addition to traditional wagers on the victory of a particular participant, the following options are available to players:

  • split;
  • draw;
  • another user’s victory, etc.

Exclusive gaming options are provided for users. For example, a gambler can buy an extra move, double the current bet before the cards are dealt, or take out insurance. In the latter case, a fixed percentage of the lost deposit is returned to a client's account.

If a participant did not have time to make a bet before the dealing, but he or she wants to stay in the game, the system automatically debits a random amount from the account within the established limit.

Texas Hold'em

This is traditional entertainment with an extended range of bets. V8’s poker casino software pleases users with elementary rules and high dynamism.

A single 52-card deck is used in the session. Each participant is dealt two cards. Five more cards are laid out on the table after the bet is placed. The winner is the participant who has collected the highest combination.

The list of available betting options contains:

  • pairs/triples;
  • street;
  • flash;
  • full house, etc.

An interesting feature: with each new move, the size of the bet increases. However, a user can skip his or her turn, staying in the game. This is a paid option. To activate it, a gamer has to make an additional deposit for the amount set by an establishment.

Four-Card Bull Poker

This is an uncommon variation of traditional Hold'em. The main difference from the common version is the combinations of four (but not five) cards in the draw.

The calling card of the product is atmospheric visualisation created using 3D effects. The V8 Poker’s casino software is created in the spirit of the best Eastern gaming houses. The screen is dominated by red and gold tones. All the captions and table markings are implemented in the style of Chinese characters. Besides, the image of a bull constantly appears on the screen. This is an oriental symbol of good luck and financial prosperity.

The interface retains its flair regardless of the selected language pack. The table is decorated with ethnic symbols, even for an English-speaking audience.


This is the Asian variation of Texas Hold'em. The card game implies elementary rules. It has become popular in most Chinese provinces.

Six poker decks without a joker are used in the hand. There are no auxiliary functions and plot bonuses. Therefore, a user should rely on his or her strength and savvy.

Up to 7 gamblers can take part in the session at the same time. The victory goes to the client who collects the highest paying series of cards. Each action is accompanied by a mandatory bet. Due to it, the final winnings grow significantly. They are paid out with increased coefficients.

In addition to the main bets on the win of a player/a dealer or a draw, the gambling software by V8 Poker supports two side bets: on equal and double combinations.

This is not a complete range of branded offerings. The library contains unusual developments focused on very narrow markets, for example:

  1. Killer 13. This is an original card draw for up to 5 users. Each player tries on the role of the dealer, dealing and evaluating the received combinations.
  2. Mau Binh. From 2 to 8 poker decks are applied in this vivid Vietnamese game. During a round, up to three hands can be used for each participant. To win, you have to form a combination of 13 cards given by the system.
  3. Dai Tan. This is the original modification of the game Durak (the Fool), which is popular in the CIS. It is designed for 2–6 people. Before the session, one user acts as a dealer. A player who gets rid of his or her cards first wins the game.

The Branded Line of Table Games

Turnkey casinos V8 Poker contain a broad selection of table games with a unique oriental spirit. Although the entertainments are aimed at the Asian audience, they are guaranteed to arouse interest among Western customers. Such users are looking for a new experience because they are tired of typical offers.

The most impressive branded developments in the Table Games category are as follows:

  1. Sic Bo Hundred. This is a national Chinese entertainment with three six-sided dice. The victory goes to the user who accurately guessed the final combination. The peculiarity of the product is several betting ranges with different coefficients.
  2. Fish-Prawn-Crab. Instead of numbers, sea creatures are depicted on dice in this game. All you need to win is to guess the future combination. Besides, it is possible to bet on the victory of other participants, the value on one die, double, etc.
  3. Fan Tan. This vibrant Chinese entertainment is designed for 2–6 participants. In terms of its mechanics, this casino software from V8 Poker resembles a lottery. A player should guess the value of the ball falling out of the container. The more correct positions are named, the bigger the win.
  4. Xoc Dia. The game came from India. This exclusive branded development has no analogues from any other provider. The draw is based on the principle of a lottery. A gambler has to guess the number of red and white tokens and their order of appearance on the table.
  5. Colour of Figures. Here is another exclusive project focused on the Vietnamese gaming market. Three chips with coloured sides (red and white) are used during the session. The winner is the participant who guesses the colour combination for all the figures.

Why is it Worth Launching Casinos by the V8 Poker Provider?

Turnkey casinos by the V8 Poker provider

The branded developments by the Singapore studio are a series of premium products. They are marked by impeccable visual quality, unusual mechanics, and a wide selection of bonus features.

Consider the key benefits of the branded content:

Game Lobby

Despite the focus on the Eastern audience, the front-end is designed in a laconic style that is popular in Europe’s industry.

The game bar does not include bright colour accents and unnecessary details. Only basic controls are displayed on the screen. The personalisation menu is called by a separate command.

The gaming functionality of the platform

The choice of a character

After registration on a site, gamblers can choose an avatar. There is a list of ready-made templates for female and male users. Gamers also can upload their photos from PCs or mobile devices

The selection of language

The software supports two language interfaces: basic Vietnamese and additional English, duplicating the main commands

Control menu

The key peculiarity of the menu’s design is the absence of thematic sections. All available offers are presented on the main screen.

Internal control options (betting limits, autoplay options, viewing draw history, and others) appear only after activating the selected game

Multi-game mode

Several variants are available to gamblers:

  • standard drawing with participation at one table;
  • simultaneous play at several draws (up to 8 tables can be displayed on the main screen)

Demo format

All developments can be tested in the free version. Products are available on the studio’s official website. They are launched based on Facebook

Cross-Platform Functioning

The turnkey casino V8 Poker is a single browser ecosystem. All its components are presented in HTML5 format. They can be played without downloading.

The branded platform is characterised by easy connection and high performance. The system is capable of processing more than 5 thousand requests per minute, regardless of the command format and type of incoming traffic.

Users do not need to download additional plugins. The manufacturer guarantees the uninterrupted operation of web resources on any OS and correct display in the most popular browsers.

Another peculiarity of the products is the possibility to install them in land-based terminals.

Multitasking Payment Module

The gambling software by V8 Poker’s studio for web projects is a comprehensive gaming infrastructure supporting the most popular money transfer methods. It includes a convenient scalable payment module with tools for bank transfers, mobile payments, and transactions from international online wallets.

The provider ensures instant withdrawals (up to 30 seconds) without limits on the amount and frequency of operations.

A unique feature of the payment module is the opportunity to exchange game coins for chips and material prizes in the network of land-based casinos in Vietnam, the Philippines, and Cambodia.

Purchase Methods

B2B clients can launch casinos by V8 Poker provider’s team in several ways:

  1. Autonomous environment. This is a multi-platform iGaming platform with a built-in library, payment tools, and a scalable administrative panel. The solution includes a powerful backend with statistics filters, financial reporting instruments, and risk control programs.
  2. Agent program. This is a modified franchise service. A buyer receives scalable backend features, payment tools, and the opportunity to work under the supplier’s promoted brand name. The service includes round-the-clock support and a risk insurance program.
  3. Point-to-point API integration. All gaming titles are available for adding to existing web resources. This is a good way to expand sales markets and increase audience holding with minimal investment risks.

Regardless of the chosen cooperation format, the company ensures comprehensive support, assistance in adapting selected solutions to specific markets, and regular updates.

The Main Things about the Outstanding Vendor

V8 Poker gambling software: key notions

The developer creates highly specialised premium content. It occupies a leading position in the top lists of providers in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

  • The vendor’s collection contains dozens of board and card games. Most solutions are aimed at eastern audiences. The portfolio contains several unique positions that cannot be found in the catalogues of other producers. For example, these are the digital version of the ancient Indian entertainment Xoc Dia and the Vietnamese variation of the card game Durak (the Fool).
  • The content is available in all legal business environments. It is certified by the regulators of Cambodia and the Philippines. The firm can distribute its products under a simplified tax scheme within the Cagayan Zone. The supplier provides a range of services for business adaptation to Western markets.
  • The company offers its customers a scalable cross-platform environment. The platform can be used to work with any type of traffic, including its installation on land-based terminal equipment. Besides, the provider's game chips can be exchanged for valuable prizes in real clubs located in Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

You can get acquainted with the detailed technical specifics of the branded software and order the connection of the products by contacting Smart Money. We will help you choose the most involving and exciting options for different markets and provide comprehensive business support.

We propose solutions from top representatives of the industry:

Place an order for a finished cross-platform system or develop your project in our portal builder. For details, please contact the studio’s managers.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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