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Updated 13.02.2023

Bingo Bet Franchise: Establish Profitable Gambling Business With Smart Money

The Bingo Bet company competes with the industry's flagships thanks to a range of technical innovations, full automation of the game session, and unique visualizations of the gameplay.

The Bingo Bet franchise is a good way to enter the market in record time and win the recognition of thousands of gamblers in the first days of work.

Bingo Boom bookmaker franchise

To learn more about the technical features and capabilities of the system, you can turn to Smart Money. We guarantee a prompt response at any time of day or night, professional advice, and a secure transaction.

About the Bingo Bet Gaming Service

The manufacturer has created a multitasking system with the following options:

  • visualization of the game content;
  • receipt and processing of external requests (bets);
  • automatic accounting of concluded transactions;
  • control of payments that are made to users.

The developer took the customized software of the Japanese enterprise KONAMI — Saturn slot machines — as a basis for the platform.

This software is used as a generator of random events, on the outcome of which bets are placed. The result of each draw is automatically transferred to a remote data centre where it will be fixed and processed.

All stages of the system's interaction with users take place in real-time. It is possible to play such a slot machine round-the-clock, in the automatic mode.

Gamblers can make use of an extensive set of customizations and options:

  • ability to buy and enter a voucher (ticket) into the system;
  • wagering  (available range of bets: from 10 to 1000 rubles);
  • selection of numerical values ​​and card denominations;
  • revision of the information section with the history of previous draws and tables of “lucky” numbers.

The Bingo Bet franchise offers 6 options for the draws with different numbers of elements. In total, there are 90 numbers in the system, and they form winning lines that consist of 4–70 positions.

The service is automated, and any influence of third parties is impossible. A successful event is instantly displayed on the electronic gaming map.

Functionality and Technical Features of the Platform

Bingo Bet platform: functionality and technical features

First of all, the system attracts with its well-thought-out visual design. The screen displays not only the triggering bets (prize lines are highlighted on the electronic ticket) but also the rotating drum with multi-coloured balls.

Users can independently choose the type of draws (how many numbers will drop out) and play simultaneously 6 cards per session. All possible combinations of cards are known even before the start of the draw but it only stirs up the interest of gamblers and allows them to experiment when choosing strategies.

The frequency of events is up to 3 minutes (taking into account the time required to fill out the registration form).

Technical components of the Bingo Bet system

Module for the draws processing

The functionality of software:

  • acceptance of bets;

  • analysis of the received data in real-time;

  • transfer of the collected data to the processing centre;

  • displaying the results of the draw on the user screen

Server for the acceptance of bets and calculation of prizes

The system controls the legality of external requests: you can register up to 6 cards per one session, and bet on each of them from 10 to 1,000 rubles.

An important feature is that the prize fund is formed by the operator's reserves

Accounting and controlling centre

The Bingo Bet franchise supports any payment gateway. The product can be used for making payments in digital currency or in conjunction with land-based cash registers that accept money in cash

Program for the content broadcast

All events can be monitored in real-time

Processing centre

Information is transmitted via special encrypted channels: the developer guarantees the complete security clients and staff, as well as personal and financial information

Why it is Beneficial to Buy Bingo Bet Software

The brand’s development combines the following features and advantages:

  1. Transparency of operations. The principle of winning is based on an interactive automatic RNG system. The outcome of any event is not influenced by the human factor.
  2. An extensive set of custom options. Gamblers have access to the history of previous draws, tables with “lucky” numbers, several strategies, and the possibility of playing with 6 tickets simultaneously.
  3. Convenient game format. The absence of print media significantly simplifies and speeds up the process. Moreover, the system allows you to minimize the operator’s costs for hiring and training staff.
  4. Formation of the prize fund. The size of the reward depends only on the amount of the triggering numbers on the ticket. It is not affected by either the number of participants or the size of the initial bet.
  5. Automation of processes. Completed events and monetary algorithms are registered without manual intervention. Moreover, players can simply order a ticket and not watch the event itself or calculate any combinations. In the case of success, the service notifies users automatically.

Bingo Bet Franchise: a Fast Connection From Smart Money

Integration of the Bingo Bet software

The integration of this system takes place in record time — all you need to do is to leave an application to the managers of Smart Money and indicate a convenient time for feedback.

The franchise is connected according to the following scheme:

  • consultation of an expert (entrepreneurs get acquainted with technical characteristics of the product, nuances of administration, and other work processes);
  • conclusion of a tripartite agreement (we take care of all organizational and legal issues, control the legality of the distribution of gambling services, and provide comprehensive round-the-clock support);
  • integration of the gambling platform (operators get access to the product's administrative services, payment gateways, marketing tools, and other options for running a profitable business);
  • system debugging (several personal settings will be able to simplify the work of the backend of the lottery platform);
  • technical support (remote monitoring of the performance of the resource and its technical capacities, as well as maintenance of feedback channels with users).

The Main Things About the Franchise

Working under the guidance of a recognizable brand with an impeccable reputation is a great way to get instant and positive feedback and learn from the experience of true professionals.

The Bingo Bet franchise provides beginning entrepreneurs with the following benefits:

  • Speed of launch. You can start receiving the first visitors to your casino literally in a couple of days after the conclusion of the contract (depending on the speed of customization of the platform).
  • Cost-cutting. The developer's product is a digital service that makes manual intervention unnecessary. To launch the network, you will not need to hire and train the personnel.
  • Safety and transparency of the gameplay. The system is fully automated and equipped with the option that allows players to view any moment of the game: there can be no errors due to the human factor or the influence of third parties on the outcome of events.
  • Prompt support. The manufacturer offers several feedback channels and guarantees a fast round-the-clock response.

You can buy Bingo Bet solutions and order the lottery software or other services that will help you to enter the gambling market in a couple of minutes.

Our company follows trends of the industry, constantly updates the product range, and is ready to offer you the game content from the world’s leading providers (Microgaming, Gaminator3, Amatic, XProGaming, Ezugi, Vivo Gaming,, and others), unique HTML5 games, betting software, and much more.

From us, you can not only buy Bingo Bet products but also order a White Label casino, a turnkey online project, and products for a land-based network business.

Become the owner of the gambling business of your dreams! Contact us:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

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