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Prospects of mobile casinos

Broad audience

More and more gamblers from different countries are trying their hand at online casinos and poker websites using mobile devices

Innovative solutions

Modern applications are characterised by vivid and realistic graphics, exciting plots and interesting musical accompaniment

Wide accessibility

Almost every adult person uses mobile devices every day. This peculiarity makes online gambling accessible to everyone

Entering new markets

Mobile online entertainments are spreading in new regions rapidly. This is a good opportunity to enter emerging markets

Quick launch

Our experts are ready to collect documentation, select the necessary content, and create a website or an application as fast as possible

High-quality content

We work only with the best suppliers that have earned the recognition and respect of online operators from different countries

Creation of a mobile casino

Individual project, quick start-up and payback


Mobile Casino as a Profitable Business

1. Characteristics of a Mobile Online Casino

2. What are the Casinos for Mobile Phones?

3. A Mobile Casino in Terms of a Business

4. How to Make a Mobile Casino?

The appearance of casinos for mobile phones was a natural stage in the development of the gambling market. Today it is difficult to surprise anyone with the fact that you can place bets via your smartphone or a tablet and receive winnings. This technology pleases both players and owners of online casinos because they make it possible to gamble at any time, in any place, and as long as you want.

Another question is if the mobile online casino is as promising as it seems from a business point of view? Let us consider all advantages and disadvantages of online mobile gambling and what opportunities does the development of a gaming application give you.

It is worth noting that it is possible to create a mobile version also for a full-fledged online casino. You can find out how to extend your audience with the help of users of the smartphones by consulting specialists from the Smart Money company.

Characteristics of a Mobile Online Casino

Compared to the standard version, a mobile casino usually requires more work. Smartphones and tablets from different manufacturers sometimes display the content with big differences, and there also can be a situation when games do not run on a device at all. It takes a lot of time and working hours to make the software work.

Mobile casino online

For the same reason, the development is more expensive, and the mobile casino advertising is more difficult. However, despite these disadvantages, the gaming club inside the phone has a number of undeniable advantages.

Why more and more users visit gambling establishments via mobile phones:

  • you can from any part of the world where there is access to the Internet (even from the workplace without fear of being noticed);
  • a mobile device is much easier to buy than a laptop or a desktop computer;
  • an online casino application usually has a higher level of protection of personal information and payment details;
  • available 24/7.

What are the Casinos for Mobile Phones?

To begin with, today there are two ways of playing from a mobile device, and each of them is good in its own way.

Top casinos use both channels. It ensures the maximum reach of the audience and makes games convenient for customers.

The version of a gambling website, which is adapted for tablets and smartphones

It is created on the basis of an already existing gambling portal. That is, a mobile casino of this format will not be different from websites that are familiar to users. Changes can only affect the design but the functionality and the number of slot games will remain the same.

Now almost every casino is adapted for mobile devices. Firstly, more and more gamblers are betting via smartphones and tablets, so if you will ignore the mobile version of the gaming site, you are going to lose money. And secondly, the major search engines reduce the rating of resources without the adaptation to mobile phones.

More recently, a casino-adapted smartphone could offer users only several functions. That is, to access the full version, it was still necessary for a player to go to the casino website from a computer from time to time.

Now the situation has changed. On the phone or tablet, you can not only launch slot machines but also receive bonuses, take part in promos, make a deposit or withdraw money.

Mobile casino for smartphones

A separate gaming application

The application is a casino for mobile phones that does not require the use of a browser and is distributed as a separate program. To play the game, you need to download a file with the application and install it on your device.

The interface of the application is similar to a classic online casino, so even the most inexperienced smartphone user can deal with it easily. Also, it does not require any special actions: the software works like any other application. Such a mobile casino can be installed in a few clicks.

Mostly, the development of a mobile online casino begins with versions for two operating systems — Android and iOS. Later, in order to reach a new audience, versions for other platforms can also be created.

A Mobile Casino in Terms of a Business

Even if you already have an online casino that is profitable and popular, there are some reasons why you should consider the creation of a gaming application.

What a mobile casino can give to a businessman:

  • The audience accumulation with the help of those people who do not use computers or prefer mobile devices.
  • The increase of the loyalty of already existing players.
  • The application can be considered as an additional marketing tool for the gaming site, so it makes sense to increase the rating on Google Play.
  • As a result of all actions, the increase of income.

How to Make a Mobile Casino?

It is not necessary to urgently become a developer of the mobile software. Such a task is better to give to specialists. If you try to do it on your own, you will spend a lot of time and efforts, and specialists can develop a cool mobile app with slot games within a few weeks. The adaptation of the website to Android is faster – it takes just a few days.

Therefore, first of all, you need to decide, which format of working with the audience is more suitable for you. And then contact professionals from Smart Money and order the development of a mobile casino. Our team can deal with every stage of entering the mobile application to the market: creation, promotion, and support for moderators.

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Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

Updated 13.02.2023
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