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Kahnawake: online casino license
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Kahnawake Casino License: a Profitable Business With Minimal Tax Levies

Kahnawake is one of the most popular offshore zones for the development of the casino business. The jurisdiction controls about 250 online platforms from 50 foreign operators and offers free management of any project in this field without extortionate taxes.

Specialists of Smart Money can provide you with more detailed information on the benefits of working in the offshore zone and offer a ready-made casino licensed in Kahnawake. We will take care of all the organizational issues, allowing you to have a successful project launch and its high payback speed.

Kahnawake Casino License: Information on the Jurisdiction

Kahnawake casino license: information on the jurisdiction

This offshore zone is located in Quebec, Canada, in the Mohawk Indian Reservation. The total number of locals is slightly over 9,000 people.

Despite its small area (48 square kilometres) and a small population, this jurisdiction attracts investors from the four corners of the earth.

The first legal standards for the regulation of the industry were adopted in 1996. At the same time, a local controlling authority was created — the Kahnawake Gambling Commission. Within 25 years of its history, the regulator has issued licenses to more than 5 thousand entrepreneurs.

Types of Kahnawake Permits and Their Validity Periods

The local regulating authority issues certificates for the organization of all types of gambling.

Kahnawake casino license: types of gambling certificates

Interactive Gaming License

It allows operators to register hosting services (one license — one object)

Client Provider Authorization

Permit holders must use local server hardware and are allowed to provide any gambling services (from casinos to sportsbooks and poker rooms)

Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization

The Kahnawake casino secondary license is for the holders of permits that were issued by other jurisdictions. The certificate allows them to offer services to the local population

Key Person License

A permit for the pursuit of management activity in the iGaming field (provision of gambling operators with consulting and technical services, etc.)

The original document is valid for 6 months, regardless of the type of a certificate. Then, applicants will have to renew it biennially.

How Much Does a Casino With the Kahnawake License Cost

Cost of a casino with the Kahnawake license

To purchase this service, operators need to pay the following fees:

  • 15,000 dollars — mandatory audit of the system;
  • 1,900 dollars — opening of a local banking account;
  • 1,500 dollars — opening of a specialized trading account;
  • 5,000 dollars — a fee for the consideration of an application;
  • 10,000 dollars — renewal of the license validity period.

The certificate for the Kahnawake casino costs 25,000 dollars. Legalization of a poker room or a sportsbook platform will cost the same amount, and the Key Person License costs 5,000 dollars.

Kahnawake is included in the list of offshore zones that practice cost recovery. If operators do not receive a permit, he will get back all his expenses for the application processing (except for the opening of banking accounts).

Casino Licensing Procedure in Kahnawake

Foreign investors do not need to register their legal status in the offshore zone. As for other mandatory conditions, we can say that they are the same as in other gambling jurisdictions:

  • existence of an account at the local bank;
  • a contract for the purchase/rent of a physical server in the offshore;
  • opening of a local representative office (it will be necessary to buy or rent a property unit);
  • authorized capital (it is not allowed to use loans or public money);
  • the result of checking the platform’s functionality.

Due Diligence Service

The gambling location is audited by representatives of the local regulator.

During the system evaluation process, the following components are checked:

  • security and level of data protection;
  • transparency of work of the game content based on RNG;
  • a detailed description of the games offered on the website (from the name to a brief profile of the manufacturer, as well as information on the mechanics, bonuses, and limits);
  • access restrictions for users under the age of 21 and gamblers that have ludomania;
  • quality of the integrated payment instruments;
  • customer support and the speed of processing of the requests of clients.

The audit process takes about 3—4 weeks. After that, applicants can start preparing the documents that should be attached to the application for a license.


When launching a gambling club in Kahnawake, operators must provide the local Commission with the following package of documents:

  • an authorized application;
  • the result of the audit examination;
  • information on the company’s management team;
  • a business plan with a financial forecast and data on the sources of funding.

It will be considered in 2—3 weeks.

What are the Advantages of the Kahnawake Casino License?

 Advantages of the Kahnawake online casino license

The list of indisputable advantages of offshore certification:

  1. Good reputation. The license is considered one of the most reliable ones. This permit allows operators to conclude agreements with major suppliers, banks, and private developers.
  2. Stable legal framework. The legislation is not going to be changed in the next decade. The offshore zone is perfect for long-term investment.
  3. Speed ​​of request processing. You can get the certificate in 6 weeks and immediately start offering your services.
  4. Business scaling. With the Kahnawake casino license, you can interact with gamblers from the four corners of the globe.
  5. Technological support. Mohawk Internet Technology is one of the largest data centres. It has dozens of powerful server devices that actually support the work of practically all operators in North America.
  6. Absence of taxes. The jurisdiction has no income tax, fees for the withdrawal of dividends or real estate tax.

The Main Things About the Legalization of the Gambling Business in Kahnawake

We would definitely recommend a casino licensed in Kahnawake as a tool for a quick entrance to the international market.

  • This jurisdiction has been legalizing gambling projects for almost 25 years. More than 50 operators are registered on the offshore territory. Kahnawake has issued about 250 licenses for online casinos.
  • The absence of taxes is one of the main advantages of owning such a casino because you do not pay income tax, corporate fees, commissions for the withdrawal of funds, and real estate taxes.
  • The Kahnawake casino is a good choice for long-term investment. The jurisdiction is famous for its stable political situation and is not going to change the legal system in the next 10 years.
  • Any type of gambling business can be licensed in this offshore zone. Applicants can get certificates for online casinos, betting shops, and poker rooms.

If you want to consult an expert or order the project administration, please contact Smart Money. Our company is ready to resolve any organizational issues and help you to collect all the necessary documents, sign contracts with suppliers, and open local representative offices in foreign jurisdictions.

From us, you can buy a wide range of products for virtual and land-based startups at a reasonable price. We offer our regular customers pleasant discounts.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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