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Updated 13.02.2023

Allbet Software for Web Casinos: a Product Line of One of the Largest Asian Brands

Being one of the leaders in the field of iGaming innovations, the company positions itself as a vendor of software that has no analogues:

We benefit from over 10 years of experience of working in the gambling industry, and our aim is to provide our clients with the best user experience.

Allbet casino software: products from the Asian brand

From this article, you will find out how to launch lucrative casinos by the Allbet top provider, and what is the list of outsourcing options of the company and the Air Fighter game.

History of the Asian Gambling Concern

The brand was founded 7 years ago and has quickly become one of the youngest and most ambitious providers of live content in the East.

In a couple of years, its main task of the studio was to become part of the global industry. To achieve this goal, the supplier obtained the Philippine, Maltese, and British licences and worked on the expansion of the product line.

Since 2016, the software has been certified by the GLI laboratory and is successfully supplied to most of the EU countries, the United States, and Australia.

In addition to an impressive range of live dealer solutions, the studio provides:

  • slots;
  • offers for offline machines and kiosks;
  • board and card solutions;
  • an innovative action game with patented mechanics;
  • a line of premium products for participation in electronic exchange trading and options;
  • games of probabilities.

Despite the extensive set of offers, the key positions in the catalogue are given to live services. Games are broadcast from a studio of 1,500 square metres.

Broadcasts are conducted from more than 30 gaming tables, which are served by over 400 specialists. The studio’s territory has separate zones with the modes of drawings and a different set of functions:

Dragon Hall

The location is equipped with 16 independent objects with the layout for baccarat, roulette, Drangon Tiger, and poker (a simplified version with three-card distribution).

Moreover, the software in the live format is characterised by wide functionality and the most authentic gameplay.

Users can:

  • choose a specific place at the table;
  • set the betting limits for each new round or use the automatic play function;
  • select the background image and sound.

Quick Hall

In all locations in this hall, accelerated drawings are being organised. The duration of a session at each table (regardless of the type of game) does not exceed 15 seconds.

This solution makes the gameplay more fun and dynamic. According to statistics, the average bill in the Quick Hall increases several times.

Multiplay Hall

It hosts multiplayer sessions and is divided into 12 zones. Users can participate in each of the presented games simultaneously.

A feature of the version is the built-in “smart assistant”. The Allbet web casino software is equipped with a single panel, which is divided into separate menus for each table. It displays hints on the screen when users need to switch their attention to a specific table and place a bet.

There is a program of preliminary calculations and predictions of the most expensive outcomes.

BidMe Hall

There are 5 tables in the hall where only one game is broadcast — baccarat. On the user's screen, not only the process itself is displayed but also a separate tab with complete duplication of the drawing order.

It is also worth noting interactive gaming features:

  1. Card dealing. The dealer uses one card deck without jokers. Moreover, all denominations are issued directly on the table, and built-in sensors read the card denominations and broadcast them to the user's screen, connecting a graphic projection with the real image.
  2. The auction of bets. In each round, gamblers can use the standard betting system or buy additional bets by participating in a special auction. Quotes and results of trades between users are broadcast in real-time in a separate tab. In this case, winnings are calculated at a special coefficient.
  3. Viewing angle. The hall has special video equipment, which provides a 360-degree view. Thanks to this solution, users can watch every action of the host from several angles. It is also possible to activate the option of broadcasting the active play zone in a close-up.
  4. Additional effects. Participants can customise the visualisation of the table at their discretion: set the background image, the colour of the play zone, the pattern of card backs, etc. it is also possible to change the soundtrack, for example, turn off the music and leave only the sound of dealt cards.

VIP Hall

Users can enter here only on a paid basis. Moreover, all bets at the tables are accepted at special increased limits.

The software includes a wide range of unique gaming options:

  • sessions against the dealer;
  • customisation of the time of card dealing;
  • the ability to collect combinations with an unlimited number of hands;
  • change of the croupier;
  • selection of the style of visualisation of the table (colour of the play zone, the pattern of cards, etc.);
  • access to the neighbouring tables via an individual invitation.

All gambling locations are equipped with the latest technology. The provider uses:

  • modern video equipment with support for Full HD quality;
  • interactive lighting systems that provide the highest image quality and colour depth;
  • powerful stereo systems with the surround sound effect;
  • special sensors for reading card denominations;
  • proprietary servers for real-time streaming;
  • specialised software modules to support multi-user and closed personal chats;
  • a multitasking monitoring system that is aimed at controlling and recording all actions of the dealer.

In addition to unique content, the Allbet online casino options provider offers customers an extensive set of business solutions, including technical support and services for remote administration and promotion of gambling projects.

B2B Support: Ways to Launch Web Casino Projects by the Allbet Provider

Allbet turnkey casino: how to launch

The range of business offers of the company includes both the sale of the separate Allbet turnkey casinos for beginning entrepreneurs and the supply of individual products for customisation of already existing websites.

Ways to cooperate with the Brand

The acquisition of solutions on a turnkey basis

The manufacturer offers the implementation of startups from scratch, taking into account all requirements and wishes of entrepreneurs.

The studio undertakes:

  • visualisation of a gaming site, the creation of exclusive style and logo;
  • debugging the engine and customisation of the backend panel;
  • connection of the catalogue of games;
  • integration of payment and analytical modules, etc.

Working under a White Label scheme

The service includes:

  • software for web gambling by the Allbet decent vendor;
  • payment tools;
  • analytics and risk management programs;
  • communication channel with technical support specialists, and much more.

Businessmen get a ready-made product with the help of which they can enter the market in just a couple of weeks from the moment of signing the contract

API interface

The solution is aimed at owners of the already existing business and allows them to use the software as an additional section on their platforms.

From the manufacturer, it is possible to order certain items from the catalogue, a package of games or administrative solutions (for example, payment software). E-wallets of the brand have a flexible system of settings and support the most popular payment methods

Online product supply

The developer's catalogue contains a line of products for offline casinos, including cabinets, kiosks, and panels for branding.

The software allows entrepreneurs to organise a network of offline establishments with a single remote control centre on the supplier's servers

The List of Outsourcing Services from the Firm

The Asian provider offers such services for the support and administration of gambling projects as:

  1. Working with financial flows. B2B clients are offered several options: connection of multicurrency wallets for online payments, buying operating software for land-based cash registers, acquisition of interactive programs to accept payments in digital currency.
  2. Customer support. Businessmen can entrust tech maintenance of the casino to the special department of the seller. A separate management team is allocated to each project. The provider has a multilingual support team, thanks to which call centres work with local and international markets.
  3. Promotion of a business project. The studio's catalogue has a series of flexible templates for advertising campaigns. Each program is individually configured and involves the use of advanced promotional tools: SEO promotion, SMM systems, as well as local and international CPA networks.

Live Entertainment from the Supplier

The offer includes exclusive solutions and a line of exotic products that have no analogues and are becoming more and more popular in Europe.

Among the most in-demand and recognisable developments, we can name:


The brand offers one version of the product: a classic European wheel with 37 cells and one “zero”.

In the active play zone, users can zoom in or change the viewing angle with just one click. There is no separate window with a close-up of the gaming table. This visualisation format makes the session more authentic and spectacular.

The betting table and the menu of settings also have their features:

  • the history of 50 previous sessions;
  • an automatic play option with fixed bets on specific positions;
  • the Hints function with the highlighting of the most promising betting options.


Users are offered 3 options:

  • standard sessions with fixed odds and standard bets;
  • accelerated 15-second drawings;
  • paid drawings with increased tariffs and the possibility of a one-player game.

In each version, the dealer uses 6 card decks without jokers. In the first 2 modes, the maximum number of participants at one table is 16. In the last version, drawings are held individually, and the participation of other users is possible only with the personal invitation.

All tables are connected to the Multiplay mode. Gamblers can participate in 32 sessions simultaneously.

Sic Bo

The main tool of the dealer is 3 hexagonal cubes. Users can place bets on a certain combination on the dice.

Thanks to the elementary rules, the session is very dynamic, and the drawings last no longer than 15–20 seconds.

To make the product even more fun, the provider has developed a special program of outcomes with over 50 options. In addition to the basic bets, in the round, gamblers can place bets on:

  • the order of the dropped numbers;
  • even/odd;
  • double;
  • the victory of other users, etc.

Win Three Cards

The entertainment from Cambodia is an interesting mix of baccarat and hold'em. Jokers are used in the game as well.

The solution is becoming more and more in-demand in the English-speaking markets due to unique layouts (some positions appear with the odds of 120 to 1). Such a variety of combinations makes the product even more exciting and in-demand.

Despite the variety of bets and exotic rules, gamblers can get used to the game mode in just a couple of moves, and the duration of a session does not exceed 25 seconds.

Another feature of the solution is a multi-level panel with many tips. For example, you can turn on the statistics mode in real-time for each combination and the chances of appearance of a particular hand.


An exotic solution with a huge number of fans from different parts of Asia. This is a one-deck card game with no jokers. Users need to collect the Bull combo (the strongest hand in accordance with the baccarat principle).

There are 3 main bets (the victory of a player, a bank or a draw). Among the additional prize combinations, there are:

  • specific values;
  • the strongest hands;
  • collection of specific numbers;
  • bets on the second and third place, etc.

The Air Fighter Proprietary Solution

In 2020, the company launched an innovative project that changed the very concept of the format of casino games — the Air Fighter multiplayer shooter. The product allows users not only to take part in spectacular multiplayer battles but also to increase the chances of winning by levelling up their skills.

The game takes place in the air. Gamblers have access to 6 locations with excellent tracing. The developer was able to combine realistic 3D effects and the most popular Asian style — anime.

Moreover, considerable work has been done to collect historical facts and form an informational basis: each unit of equipment has distinctive features and special characteristics that are identical to real machines. It is possible to find out about each of the game objects and locations from the special help section.

The product includes 83 types of planes and 4 classes of weapons. They can be combined only taking into account real historical references, and each modification has its line of bonuses and skills to level up.

The structure of the prize fund deserves special attention. Air Fighter is sold under a paid subscription program, and prize pools in tournaments are formed from burnt bets accepted during training flights and equipment upgrading. The total amount of the jackpot increases with each new replenishment.

The Main Things about Offers of the Vendor

Allbet gambling software: key notions

  • The firm specialises in the release of live games. It owns a studio with more than 30 gaming tables. The manufacturer employs over 400 professional croupiers who speak several languages. The main feature of live offers is several broadcast formats for each game (traditional and accelerated sessions and paid VIP play zones).
  • The most popular solution of the company is Air Fighter. It is available only in the paid version with multilevel progressive jackpots. A powerful informational basis was built on real historical facts, 6 3D locations, and a wide range of options for modifying and improving equipment are introduced into the software.
  • The studio offers a wide range of options for the B2B audience. Customers can order ready-made White Label projects, the creation of an exclusive start-up, and the integration of programs for customising slot machines. There is also a series of solutions for the offline segment.

For all questions, please turn to our specialists, and they will analyse your business project and offer the best option for its implementation.

From us, you can buy such modern casino products as:

Working with Smart Money is the best way to implement a successful and transparent iGaming project with a minimum of risks.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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