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Updated 13.02.2023

Innovative Tools from AACasino Ltd: Casino Fraud Protection for iGaming Websites

The firm AACasino Ltd is a vendor of iGaming safety systems. The supplier has produced a line of patented products aimed at working with online sweepstakes, slot machines, and virtual bookmaker projects.

AACasino Ltd online casino fraud protection

Order the AACasino solutions just in a few minutes. Inform Smart Money managers about your desire to purchase the necessary programs and indicate a convenient time for communication.

Strong Points of the Vendor

Having begun its operation in 2013 as a small but ambitious start-up, the developer managed to gain global recognition in record-breaking time.

The supplier operates under a Maltese licence and offers the following options:

  • the provision of casino security by AACasino Ltd in the online sector;
  • the selection and training of workers;
  • the optimisation of commercial activities;
  • customisation of program elements;
  • the production of full-fledged portals prepared for launch;
  • the organisation of protection activities in the offline field (the collection of proposed services includes CCTV monitoring, checkpoints, fingerprint recognition for person identification, etc.).

The manufacturer’s offer contains not only tools for ensuring casino fraud protection AACasino Ltd. Besides providing the safety of the entertainment platform, this complex solution increases the efficiency of intercommunion with all project participants (gamers, webmasters, content suppliers, and affiliates).

Investors decide to connect the software from AACasino Ltd to protect their casinos for several reasons:

  1. A large variety of offerings. The firm guarantees fast processing of applications and proposes solutions for both operating platforms (staff training materials, virtual ID verification for casinos AACasino Ltd, software for offline objects) and the implementation of bootstraps from scratch.
  2. Legit status. The casino security software AACasino Ltd is certified in Malta, one of the most influential offshore jurisdictions.
  3. Estimates and analytics. Aside from the main function of ensuring casino security, AACasino Ltd helps to improve the efficacy of business operations and find the best customer management methods. The module has built-in options for evaluating the total time of user activity, the number of winning and losing bets.
  4. Human resource training. The brand offers exclusive training materials and courses on marketing, website administration, internal security, and customer service. Moreover, a special program for training croupiers participating in live broadcasts is available to operators.

Product Portfolio of the Firm

AACasino Ltd casino security: product portfolio

The entertainment project owner can select an integrated package (under a White Label agreement) or connect the verification for casinos AACasino Ltd to a functioning platform.

The offer contains a good set of entertainments (sweepstakes, story games and fruit slots, real dealer content, sportsbook solutions), a convenient backend, and personalisation settings.

The AACasino Ltd casino fraud protection consists of several components:

Judicial Control and Licence Compliance

The supplier's program allows you to check a potential player against all existing sanctional databases.

The AACasino Ltd casino protection software is consistent with Know Your Customer standards.

It evaluates the company's customers following these parameters:

  • record about the user in the sanction and black lists of other organisations;
  • relationship with officials and politically exposed persons;
  • the presence of a criminal record and negative credit history;
  • juridical compliance (logging into the system in regions prohibiting gambling services, preventing minors from playing for money).

Insurance of iGaming Projects

The producer has a large-scale partner network. It is possible to organise bonus and promotional offers aimed at protecting casinos against scammers on its basis.

The distribution program covers jackpot payments under the system of restructuring financial flows and increasing the efficiency of attracting a new audience.

Training Content

When ordering the casino fraud protection AACasino Ltd, the operator can purchase a staff training course additionally.

The following content is available to entrepreneurs:

  • introductory materials on reporting standards;
  • educational programs for detecting cheats;
  • learning course for employees of security departments (the land-based area); 
  • everyday control over the technical departments’ operation.

Phantom Shopper

This tool is intended to test the capacity of interaction between a new user and the entertainment resource.

The instrument checks such parameters:

  • the effectuality of the resource's operation;
  • audience satisfaction with a set of individual configurations;
  • control over the simplicity and clarity of the sign-up page;
  • the productivity of communicating with the customer support department;
  • the speed of response;
  • the efficacy of resolving controversial issues with clients.

Professional Support for Entrepreneurs

After the installation of the casino security software AACasino Ltd, the buyer can use maintenance services during the entire permitting procedure. The vendor's specialists offer professional counselling and patronage as part of the "Concierge" package.

This offer contains the following options:

  • help in preparing papers;
  • control of legal compliance;
  • audit of the project’s technical characteristics;
  • direct encounter and support in registering a local department.

Important note: this service is relevant only for operators planning to enter the entertainment market with Maltese licences.

Anti-Fraud Solutions

The producer has developed an interactive multi-level module. Its priority task is to identify and neutralise any unauthorised manipulations with financial resources.

The functionality of the safety system

Working with personal information

The purpose of the program is to identify any inconsistencies in personal data provided by gamblers automatically.

The performance of this module does not depend on the amount of streaming information

Assessment of behavioural responses

This product does not work according to prepared templates. The system analyses the current situation independently and creates adaptive behavioural models for future users based on the results of this assessment.

A finished list of behavioural norms will allow you to control the compliance of players' actions and detect potential VIP customers

Continuous learning

The system should be configured manually only once — after its integration.

After the launch, all components are synchronised with the platform’s elements automatically.

The adjustment procedure implies manual manipulations only at the stage of viewing the reporting summaries and making control decisions regarding the identified anomalies

Personal black list

The program works following such a principle:

  • the operator enters information about users with a doubtful image in the database;

  • this information is immediately published in the provider's global network and becomes available to other partners

Trust chain

The aim of this tool is in interacting with affiliates and gamblers applying cryptocurrency services

Priority of work

The default priority of testing is assigned to the VIP segment and users managing large amounts of money

The Strengths of Connecting the Verification AACasino Ltd for Casinos

AACasino verification: strengths of connecting

The program components can be integrated using API protocols.

The integration takes place following this scheme:

  • consultation and acquaintance with the possibilities of the offering;
  • assessment of legal compliance;
  • conclusion of an agreement;
  • connection of the system and initial manual debugging;
  • technical assist.

The functionality of the identification service:

  • comprehensive check of documentation (the selection of features includes working with passport data, bank statements, evaluation of requests to electronic financial services);
  • user authentication by photo;
  • analysis of e-mails and browsing history;
  • checking gamblers and partners according to international watchlists;
  • blocking access to iGaming services for underage users.

The module is also responsible for monitoring work processes, controlling employee access levels, and generating reports in a real-time environment.

The Main Things about the Safety Instruments

The vendor offers gambling enterprises interactive multi-level security — from the control of the project’s legal compliance to the assessment of the credit history of new consumers.

Connect the verification system to receive the following benefits:

  • Legal background. The brand’s developments are accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Interactive technologies. The company's platform is fully automated. It operates on a continuous machine learning system. The program generates up-to-date algorithms and prioritises tasks independently.
  • A decent product mix. Training materials, independent auditing, effective services of business strategy development, and legal support in obtaining a Maltese licence can be ordered from the provider.
  • Variability of connection formats. The client can buy a comprehensive turnkey service or order separate components.

Cooperation with Smart Money guarantees the promptness of connection, the transparency of transactions, and professional assistance at all stages of work.

We offer the best gambling developments from leading suppliers: finished platforms, slot machines that fit every taste, equipment and software for land-based enterprises.

Build a secure gaming business right now:

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Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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