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Updated 13.02.2023

Secrets of the Popularity of the WinWin Casino: Review 

Imagine a gambling platform that allows you to install almost any slot machine, distribute it to anywhere in the world, and helps you, as an owner, to earn money. Did you imagine it? This is how the WinWin Casino works.

The Win Win system appeared about ten years ago but it was so different from its closest competitors by its adaptability and functionality that it has instantly become one of the best software, and today it is in great demand.

Buy the WinWin Casino platform only from official partners who supply licensed versions of software and take care of its installation and configuration. Order the Casino Win Win from the Smart Money company!

Characteristics of the WinWin Casino Gambling Platform

Support for operational systems Windows, Linux, and Android
Installation The launch from a flash drive, a standard installation file, and a browser version
The number of games 170+
Gaming systems Playtech, Champion, Igrosoft, Keno, Duomatic, Belatra, Gaminator, Mega Jack
Game bonuses Free spins, cash back, jackpots, the multiplication of wins by two or three times, and bonus games

One of the main advantages is that win win slot machines are updated constantly. For this, we can say thank you to the team of Israeli developers. They have managed to keep on top of innovations in the market, as well as the requests of the audience and casino owners, and then to implement all this into the win win system, and deliver it to customers with updates.

How Does the WinWin Casino Work?

As soon as you buy the casino win win, you get access to more than one hundred seventy slot machines. Then, you connect those that are most promising and start distributing your own distribution on the basis of the WinWin Casino.

Now all those gamblers all over the world, who install this version of the software on their computers or smartphones, will be connected directly to your gambling hall. And this is how you will be able to get back all the money that you have spent on games. Except for the commission fee, which should be transferred to the developers of the WinWin Casino and can vary from 8 to 15%.

Here are some ways, with the help of which you can distribute your win win release package:

Lite Lite. The distribution only via online websites.
Full Full. Combines both channels: the distribution on the web or with the use of removable storage.
СD + Flash СD + Flash. Distribution on media, without installation on the device.

And the most interesting happens next. If one of the players buys your version of the software and decides to create their own release package for the distribution, you will receive income not only from "your" players but also from the second-line gamblers. It is almost like the network marketing, only that it is more profitable.

WinWin Casino Security

For Russian-speaking customers, it is important that WinWin Casino servers are located in European data centres. That is, even in case of increased attention of the regulatory authorities, the access to the system will not be interrupted, and your accounts will remain untouched. The WinWin Casino guarantees an uninterrupted operation and minimal risks of failures due to the remoteness of the entire technical base. For the same reason, you may not worry about DOS attacks.

Super Features of the WinWin Casino

The described gambling establishment has several great features. After you find out about them, you will understand how well thought-out is this system.

Special features of the WinWin Casino:

  1. Alarm button. It allows you to delete the software from your computer or other devices at the snap of a finger, and also to clean up any junk files.
  2. Administration of games. Win Win slots can be turned on and off depending on their profitability, the launched advertising campaign, and other conditions. In a word, according to your wish. This option allows you to manage flexibly the entire system and get the highest possible income.
  3. Casino owners can set the winning percentage of each individual game – from 70 to 99%. It makes it possible to regulate the status, popularity, and efficiency of all slot machines.
  4. Denomination. It is a perfect feature for keeping the interest of careful gamblers. It allows you to play on micro-limits without worrying about losing a large amount of money. At the same time, the excitement remains all the same burning. The coefficients of the denomination are 0.0001, 0.001, 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, and 4.

Advantages of the WinWin Casino for the Gambling Establishment Owners

As an official supplier, we like that WinWin Casino offers a secure partnership. We can confidently recommend a platform for each client.

Let us take a closer look at the advantages of the described brand, which make this system so popular:

regular updates

regular updates of games and functionality;



Technical support

round-the-clock technical support, all year round;


graphical reports on the profitability and attendance;

replenishing the account

different ways of replenishing the account;

technical requirements

minimum technical requirements for gaming devices.

And also we should not forget to mention the pleasant cost. Obviously, all this makes Win Win projects for the gambling business so popular and profitable.

How to Connect to the System

It is very simple to start earning money with the WinWin Casino. To create your own gaming club, you need to leave an application to a specialist from the Smart Money company or fill out a simple form on our website

Within five minutes, your personal manager will begin to select the appropriate version of the software. For this purpose, we will contact you, clarify the missing information, and answer all further details.

Order the official WinWin Casino gambling platform right now!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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