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1. Reliable Casino Software From Smart Money

  1.1. Permissions and the Licensed Casino Software

  1.2. A Wide Range of Gaming Solutions

  1.3. Relevant Payment Modules

  1.4. Flexible Administrative Panel

  1.5. Catchy Graphic Content

  1.6. Support for Popular Currencies and Languages

2. Profitable Solutions From Smart Money

3. Purchase an Online Casino at Smart Money

It is possible to open a gambling business quickly and optimise financial expenses with Smart Money. We offer a large selection of services, which are united by one goal ― the development of a really qualitative and working platform.

Turnkey online casino is the best investment in your project.

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Reliable Casino Software From Smart Money

The creation of a turnkey casino takes place in several steps, and all the preferences of customers are taken into account. In the end, they get an excellent turnkey online casino with a license and a big package of various additional features.

The turnkey casino purchased from us has the following advantages:

Permissions and the Licensed Casino Software

Another benefit from working with us is that we offer our clients to buy online casino on a turnkey basis already with a gambling license. It is no secret that the legalisation process eats up the lion's share of the start-up capital and takes a lot of time.

We offer our clients to purchase a gambling business with the already built-in licensed online casino software and a complete package of the enabling documentation.

We have been working in the international legal field for a long time, and we are well-versed in all the details and nuances of the issuance of a license in a particular jurisdiction. Our customers receive a legitimate gambling business, which can start generating a good profit in a very short time.

A Wide Range of Gaming Solutions

We cooperate with the world’s leading providers of online slots (Microgaming, NetEnt, Superomatic, etc.) and present only the best gambling content.

In our catalogue, there are both new stylish releases and slot machines that have become classics. All of them can be easily integrated into the existing services, which will automatically attract new users to the turnkey online casino.

Relevant Payment Modules

A turnkey casino can be created without interaction with payment services. Such a problem is solved by connecting modern tools for making payments.

Online casino software from Smart Money is equipped with Finstrum and Di-Pay systems. It is also possible to make transfers to debit and credit cards and exchange funds via electronic wallets.


The system functions clearly and smoothly, and instant and interest-free payments are guaranteed.

Flexible Administrative Panel

Before you open a gambling business, it is important to take care of its effective management in the future.

Our company has provided a convenient back office within the turnkey online casino. This function makes it possible for you to adjust the site as you see fit, monitor what is going on there in real-time, and display current statistics.

Catchy Graphic Content

Special attention needs to be paid to the appearance of the product. To create a gambling location, it is essential to use modern tools that make the site recognisable and popular.

Our developers use 3D animation, the unusual layout of blocks, comfortable colours, and full-screen video ― everything that can make the service truly interesting. This is the only way to ensure high revenues from the gambling project.

Support for Popular Currencies and Languages

The option is important for those entrepreneurs who are planning to purchase a turnkey casino and start an international business. The more languages ​​and currencies are provided, the higher are the chances of success in the European or Asian market.

Profitable Solutions From Smart Money

Please find hereby the information on how to open online casino and purchase several products to make your gambling project successful.

We offer you:

Our company provides loyal affiliate programs, thanks to which it is real to get a lot of money.

Moreover, we can provide you with an opportunity to buy certified equipment for land-based locations. These are consoles, joysticks, servers, as well as payment and exchange terminals.

Mobile casinos occupy a separate niche, which opens up even more opportunities for fans of casino games.

Users receive a platform adapted to the size of their smartphones where there are many famous slots with exciting storylines and generous payouts. So you can be sure that all players will find a slot machine that will catch their interest. The functionality coincides with the set of options for desktop online casinos. The service works fine on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Purchase an Online Casino at Smart Money

Online gambling is growing rapidly, and providers will present more and more new and improved solutions. Smart Money will help you not to get lost in all this diversity and to make a profitable investment.

Here, you can quickly open an online casino without overpaying. The ready-made platform is reliable, has a modern design and wide functionality. Customers will receive a fully equipped service that does not require any modifications.

Cooperation with our company allows you to achieve self-sufficiency already in the first months after the project start-up.

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Contact our specialists to learn more about available products and special offers. Become a market leader with Smart Money!

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