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Updated 13.02.2023

Connect the Webcash Software: a Useful Payment Tool For the Online Gambling Industry

The Kiple company was founded in Malaysia and is famous for the creation of a unique payment gateway. The system can process all types of money transfers and is distinguished by a record response speed.

The manufacturer won worldwide recognition and actively cooperates with the largest banking and commercial institutions:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • CIMB Clicks;
  • Affin Bank;
  • Maybank;
  • OCBC Bank;
  • BSN;
  • Alliance Bank.

Webcash software: payment gateway

Do not miss your chance to buy Webcash software on the most beneficial terms. The Smart Money company offers competitive prices with comprehensive customer support and guarantees secure transactions, good discounts.

How the Webcash Financial Aggregator Works

The payment gateway of the Malaysian developer is based on E-Check technology. Moreover, if other similar services process requests for money transfer within 5–6 days, the Webcash program guarantees the conclusion of the transaction within a 48-hour timeframe.

Ways of interacting with the Webcash payment system

Internet service

The product is presented as a website with the list of available ways to deposit and withdraw money. All popular channels (from bank transfers to mobile top-ups) are accumulated on one platform

Mobile application

You can connect Webcash software as a personal online prepaid account. The system independently selects the current channel for the conclusion of purchases and placement of bets on gambling platforms

Features of the Malaysian Payment Platform

One of the key features of the program is its multipurposeness.

You can connect Webcash to make the following online payments:

  • purchase payment in any online store;
  • top-ups of mobile accounts;
  • utility services payments;
  • payments for transport services (purchase of air tickets, taxi fare, etc.);
  • replenishment of deposits in any virtual game (the developer has provided several channels to interact with virtual casinos).

Webcash payment platform: features

Products of the brand are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  1. Lack of geographical reference. This service is available from anywhere in the world and guarantees a prompt round-the-clock response, regardless of the time of the support call.
  2. The simplicity of the interface. The system makes it possible for you to manage all accounts with a single password. Moreover, it is possible to customise the service to automatically make recurring payments.
  3. Control of operations. The history of transactions is automatically saved. The client can track all financial flows in his accounts, and the conclusion of the transaction is confirmed by an electronic receipt.
  4. Variability of work. The product can be used as a prepaid mobile app or for the purpose of drawing checks online.
  5. Price of the connection. There is no commission for maintaining the system, and the operator guarantees a minimum fee for transfers.
  6. Registration speed. A username and password are enough for the primary login. All subsequent launches do not need the multi-level confirmation and allow you to make payments in one click.

Why Operators Choose the Webcash System

Online casino owners try to connect Webcash because they appreciate the service for the following features:

  1. Installation speed. To integrate the program, a special API gateway is used, which allows you to connect and configure the system in a matter of minutes. Access to the development’s functionality is provided immediately after initial debugging.
  2. The minimum commission. The system pleases with its generosity and is considered to be one of the most loyal multicurrency platforms based on E-Check technology.
  3. Built-in analytical module. The manufacturer offers not only a reliable financial channel but also detailed statistics on the use of the program. This approach allows operators to carefully study the tastes and preferences of gamblers and offer them optimal conditions for playing their favourite slot machine.
  4. Speed of transfers. As a rule, E-Check platforms process applications within 5–6 days. The Webcash software is compared favourably with competitors and guarantees the completion of the transaction no later than 48 hours after the request (the transaction speed is not affected by the time, volume, and frequency of money transfers).
  5. Affiliate network of the developer and international markets. The supplier has created a special “map” that displays information on all partners of the platform. Having decided to buy Webcash software, casino operators are automatically added to a single database that can be checked out by users from different countries.

How to Quickly and Securely Connect Webcash Software

Webcash payment system: secure connection

To integrate the software, it is necessary to use a specialised API gateway. It takes up to 10 minutes.

Casino operators can choose the following connection options:

  • filing of an application directly to the developer;
  • installation of the program via an intermediary.

In the latter case, clients receive professional advice on any technical issues, legal support, and prompt resolution of all organisational issues.

The Smart Money team takes care of all the nuances of interaction with the supplier, controls the legality of the contract, and helps to adjust the system in accordance with the needs of an operator.

Connection scheme for the payment gateway:

  • audit of the platform;
  • conclusion of an agreement with the software vendor;
  • integration of the program;
  • customisation of financial channels;
  • monitoring of the performance of the platform and prompt failure troubleshooting;
  • free updates of the software.

The Main Things About the Webcash Payment System

The decision to connect the financial aggregator from the Malaysian developer is a great way to reach a wider audience of a gambling platform and provide customers with a reliable and cost-effective payment tool.

Advantages of working with the Webcash system:

  • Wide audience. When purchasing the program, operators automatically become part of the developer's affiliate network and get the opportunity to receive visitors to their online casinos from all over the world.
  • Connection speed. Access to the functionality of the program is provided immediately after the integration of software (installation and configuration of the system take about 10 minutes).
  • Simplicity and convenience of interaction. To enter the system, it is enough to enter a username and password. With each reuse, internal accounts can be managed through a single access code. Moreover, the supplier has provided the ability to automate recurring payments.
  • Speed of transactions. It takes up to 48 hours to process an application, regardless of the time of the support call or the volume of the transfer.
  • Flexibility. Customers can use direct transfers (the issuance of electronic receipts on the supplier's website) or play on a prepaid basis via a personal mobile application.

It is possible to learn more about technical characteristics of the software and order the connection of the system in just 2 clicks ― all you need to do is to leave an application to the Smart Money manager.

Our team of specialists constantly monitors the gambling market and is ready to offer you the most promising solutions.

From us, you can buy a turnkey solution, innovative security systems, multi-currency payment systems, and betting software.

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Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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