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Updated 13.02.2023

Casino Payment System Asia Payment Gateway: Characteristics and Benefits

 A well-coordinated and efficient operation of an online casino is impossible without the use of progressive payment modules.

Smart Money recommends you to pay attention to products from APG. These are reliable, multicurrency and practical solutions that will increase the profitability of your business.

Brief Information about the Company

Платежная система Asia Payment Gateway для казино

Asia Payment Gateway is a popular brand specialising in the creation of innovative payment software and its structural elements.

The company provides a package of such services:

  1. Working with money transactions, credit cards and electronic payments.
  2. Comprehensive financial and consulting services.
  3. Creating and maintaining premium electronic accounts for large international corporations.
  4. Releasing reliable and modern software for electronic money transactions.
  5. Developing information security tools for commercial and consolidated accounts.
  6. Providing technical support to all clients on behalf of the correspondent banks.

The developer focuses primarily on businesses localised on the Internet. These are e-commerce, telecommunication services, delivery services, travel and gambling industries.

Great attention is paid to such a promising and profitable business direction as the iGaming sphere. Casino payment system Asia Payment Gateway is a reliable and multifunctional component appreciated by thousands of operators around the world.

The manufacturer has a wide global network of 27 acquiring banks from different parts of the world. Thanks to this, online casino payment systems Asia Payment Gateway can serve customers from various jurisdictions, increasing the traffic of the gambling portal.

The provider is headquartered in Hong Kong. Its staff consists of more than 300 qualified employees.

The Main Advantages of the APG Payment System

APG payment system: main advantages

Casino payment system Asia payment gateway makes the gambling business easier and more profitable. There are the following advantages of working with this solution:

Different Payment Methods

As is known, absolutely all countries have their own preferences in payment services. For example, PayPal is popular in the United States, Qiwi Wallet in demand Russia and Kazakhstan, and Dragonpay is relevant for the South-East region. These brands have fairly high local markets’ shares. Moreover, they are highly trusted by users.

Casino payment systems Asia Payment Gateway take into account local payment methods, increasing the geography of the gambling platform. APG supports 18 transaction methods. They cover the main regions of the world: Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America. As for the North American continent, iGaming activities are prohibited here.

Users of gaming websites can make money transactions using the necessary e-wallets, prepaid cards or super-fast bank transfers.

Multicurrency Support

The main advantages for operators are as follows:

  1. The system works with various currencies, for example, dollar, euro, pound sterling, Chinese yuan, and Russian ruble. The developer's arsenal also includes such exotic currencies as the Malaysian ringgit or the Brazilian real.
  2. Payment system Asia Payment Gateway performs transactions in foreign currencies without conversion. This is a good solution for those users and operators who do not want to spend significant amounts on conversion and commission fees.
  3. The connection of online casino payment systems Asia Payment Gateway will allow the operator to work with cryptocurrencies. Today, the product can perform transfers only in Bitcoin, but the developers promise to add some other digital currencies soon.

International Certification

Casino payment system Asia Payment Gateway is certified and recognised by many top financial institutions. Thus, the solution is marked by the worldwide PCI-DSS security standard, the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (HK C & ED MSO), the US financial regulator (FinCEN MSB) and other respected organisations.

High Speed of Work

The speed of transactions is extremely important in the gambling industry. Users want to play their favourite slot machines, get decent prizes and withdraw the earned money as quickly as possible.

The payment tools from APG can cope with this task well. The waiting time for the transfer is no more than 1-2 hours. Many transactions are completed within a few minutes, including international SWIFT payments.

Round-The-Clock Support

The brand provides professional technical support in the 24/7 mode. This approach is extremely convenient for those operators who are planning to connect online casino payment systems Asia Payment.

The brand’s employees have sufficient knowledge of law and technology. They are ready to provide qualified support to all of its clients in the shortest possible time.

The Safety of Payment Solutions

Safety of Asia Payment Gateway payment solutions

As is known, the iGaming industry is considered one of the most profitable areas in the global economy. Accordingly, the number of cybercriminals dreaming of stealing money or confidential data has increased significantly here.

To protect online casinos from information leakage, theft of financial resources and intellectual property, APG uses multi-layered protection for all of its projects. These techniques are also aimed at detecting risky transactions and preventing hacker attacks.

The integration of payment systems from Asia Payment is absolutely safe due to the application of such innovative IT tools.




This is an XML-based protocol. It is used for the authentication of credit and debit card online transactions. The XML protocol interconnects the financial authorisation of the transfer with the internet authentication of the cardholder's identity.

If attackers took possession of a gamer's bank card for some reason, the transfer made by them will be immediately blocked

AVS system

The system provides automated verification of the numerical parts of the cardholder's billing address. It compares the player's actual address with the IP address of the transaction. If there are significant deviations between these parameters, the payment is subject to a more detailed check

API gateways

They guarantee the transfer of information over secure channels. Many tools have additional 128-bit encryption

Besides, APG applies common fraudulent transaction patterns to detect and prevent further illegal activities. The templates are analysed real-time to check the legality and riskiness of transactions.

Multifunctional Personal Account

All clients of APG are provided with a convenient back office. It consists of a comprehensive set of tools for effective management of all aspects of the operator's account.

The admin panel allows casino owners to:

  • add an unlimited number of users and categorise them;
  • accept payments from debit and credit cards or bank accounts;
  • upload and process batch payment files;
  • set up scheduled payments;
  • download daily report files interconnecting all transaction histories, chargebacks, and funding;
  • create reports and summaries independently using various filters (region, amount, date, currency, number of rejected transactions, error code);
  • manage the account data.

The Connection of Online Casino Payment Systems Asia Payment Gateway

Online casino payment systems Asia Payment Gateway

The operator will need just a few days to buy and connect online casino payment systems Asia Payment.

The integration process includes several stages:

  1. Providing the requested information about the gambling company.
  2. The audit of the applicant by the APG risk management department. It is worth noting that the brand works exclusively with licensed operators.
  3. Signing a cooperation agreement.
  4. The integration of the product. To connect the payment systems Asia Payment, the brand's programmers and technical specialists resort to seamless API integration. It allows them to make the necessary settings without changing the source code of the casino script as quickly as possible.

The Main Things about Asia Payment Gateway

APG is an experienced developer of gambling payment solutions. The cooperation with the brand can bring the following benefits to clients:

  • Support for various payment methods and payment modules. The provider works with PayPal, Qiwi, Dragonpay and other popular services.
  • Safe and certified product. Unauthorised access by third parties is impossible.
  • Convenient back office with advanced functionality.
  • Fast integration of the solution through advanced API tools.

You can buy payment systems for casinos Asia Payment from Smart Money. We offer the creation of a turnkey gambling resource, comprehensive technical and information support at all stages of cooperation.

Contact our manager and find out more about our iGaming products:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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