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Casino Consoles and Gaming Terminals: Reliable Solutions From Smart Money

Smart Money, a trusted provider of gambling products, offers high-quality consoles for online casinos. These are safe and high-technology solutions that will make the gameplay more comfortable and productive for users. It is incredibly convenient to play with such devices since all the basic options are combined into one.

We offer you our game joystick and console for online casino (buttons for online casino).

What are Consoles?

Russia and other European countries have banned gambling, but some online clubs utilize the same slots, although in a modernized versions with new equipment. Thus, all operations are managed by the software developed specially for game operation.

In other words, these are computers connected to local network with USB keyboard support, working as gaming machines. But instead of a keyboard and mouse, they have buttons helping to go through the game levels.

These devices are called keypad consoles. They allow to gamble, make bets, choose the lines and make everything necessary for this process. They are really easy and convenient for gameplay.


Buttons for Slot Machines for Gambling Clubs: the Main Types

All button consoles have their own frames with several additional elements. Depending on the configuration and the method of installing the console for a casino, we can divide them into several types:

  • Cut-in button consoles. They are installed on a specific gambling device once and cannot be transferred to another device (or such dismantling will require effort and special skills).
  • Ordinary gamepads that can be connected to another land-based machine without any problems. The main advantages of products of this category are good mobility and the ability to repeatedly use them within a single gambling club or land-based casino.
  • Multi-block solutions with both a keyboard and buttons. In this case, to change the settings, you do not need to completely disconnect the device. The casino keyboard allows you to adjust certain functions quickly and conveniently. Also, the presence of a block keyboard significantly increases the speed of terminal management. Such console panels look stylish and will become a real gem of any online casino.

Casino Joysticks

Quite often, computer clubs use an alternative to consoles ― casino joysticks. This practical solution is familiar to many gamblers since the time of stationary game consoles.

Joysticks for casinos have a standard button layout with simple and effective controls. The product is highly ergonomic, which makes it comfortable to hold in the hand even for beginning players.

These devices are characterised by high accuracy and instant response to all user commands. Laconic design only deepens the overall positive impression of the device.

Software for Gambling Equipment

Without the well-thought-out software, the correct functioning of slot machines is impossible. Such software should guarantee well-coordinated work and a quick interconnection between the terminal and the console.

Important characteristics of the script: reliability, multilanguage, clear navigation bar, a bright picture on the screen, and a pleasant sound. All this will help gamblers to get positive emotions from the gameplay and make them return to the casino over and over again.

Smart Money Devices: What to Choose?

The Smart Money machines have earned recognition form users, as keypad consoles support various operational systems, from Windows to Android. Moreover, playing is easy, convenient, interesting and cozy, because it’s pleasant to touch buttons, and the soundtrack drives positive emotions.

We offer you to buy buttons for slot machines and joysticks, which are distinguished by their powerful capabilities and a good price.

We accept orders for all products (from 10 units). The production time is 14 days (depending on volume).

Types of Consoles

All consoles are stationary and have their cabinets, although some of them are built-in, and some are traditional. First ones can be carried over and connected to the other computer, whereas the second ones are unlikely to be capable of that.

There is another kind of consoles — multiblocks, with keyboards and buttons. Operators don’t need to disconnect the devices to change the buttons settings, because it can be performed using the keyboard. Such devices are much more expensive than the traditional ones, but they are at the same time more convenient.

Keyboard in the consoles increases the speed of operation, helping to understand the options in the game and becoming the certain highlight in online clubs and other entertainment venues, where consoles are installed.


Gaming equipment: Joystick

Console for online casino (buttons for online casino) takes minimum 10 orders (terms of consoles manufacturing for online casino (buttons for online casino) is approximately 2 weeks (depending on volume).

List of Consoles

Console Game Casino Standart:

  • backlit.

  • without light.

Game Casino Standart panel

Console Game Casino Compact 10 buttons:

  • backlit.

  • without light.

Game Casino Compact equipment

Console Game Casino Compact 12 buttons:

  • backlit;

  • without light.

Game Casino Compact console with 12 buttons

Console Game Casino ELITE:

  • painted casing + lights;

  • only painted casing;

  • with cover plate made of stainless steel + lights;

  • only casing with cover plate made of stainless steel.

Game Casino ELITE console

Console Game Casino Table (cut-in):

  • backlit.

Game Casino Table console

An example of using of cut-in panel Game Casino Table

Game Casino Table cut-in panel

Console Game Casino Universal:

  • universal keypad with RFID card reader SL500;

  • universal panel without reader + lights;

  • universal panel with reader +lights.

Game Casino Universal console

Keypad panel of Game Casino Avtomat:

  • with a built-in CoolAir plate;

  • painted;

  • with stainless steel.

Game Casino Avtomat panel

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