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Internet Terminals

Install terminals to increase the number of gaming places in the hall. This will help you accelerate the growth of revenues.

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Internet Terminals for Gaming Clubs and Casinos

Gaming Internet terminals are basically computers intended for providing access to the Internet in places, where usually many people gather. Such locations are comfortable spaces equipped with such systems (for instance, Internet cafés). 

With the help of an Internet terminal you can browse materials on online resources, check your email, answer letters, make purchases in Internet stores, pay for various services, easily save information to removable devices. Also, an efficient gambling system for terminals is necessary for a quick operational process.

Internet Terminals for Gaming Clubs and Casinos

Customers can also enter their personal Skype or social network accounts, or visit any other websites of online services and news media. 

But advantages of Internet terminals do not end here, as far as they also serve as an excellent link between a player and an online casino. For the convenience of casino users, manufacturers of gambling products developed gaming Internet terminals – kind of computer devices that allow entering any online website. 

Such game terminals allow users to spend time seamlessly playing at favourite casino websites in comfortable premises. 

What do Gaming Internet Terminals Consist of?

For easier understanding of this system’s structure have a look at an ATM or a usual payment terminal, used to pay for services, for example utilities or mobile communication. 

The main component parts of game terminals are:

  • Touch screen display with integrated functions. 
  • Stationary CPU (IВМ РС).
  • Handy keyboard, supplied with lighting.
  • Cooling system block for overheat protection. 
  • Locking device for protection against unauthorized opening. 

Terminal is supported by licensed version of Windows XP operational system, and possesses such characteristics as compactness, reliability and maximal functionality. Panel has additional buttons that fulfill parallel functions (11 pcs). Besides that, there is a stereo background music system integrated in the internet casino terminals. 

As for the exterior appearance, gaming Internet terminal is characterized by:

  • Stylish design, developed with high professional level. 
  • User-friendly interface, where each button fulfills its own function. 
  • Availability of many useful services that allow implementing necessary functions. 

Venues for Installing Internet Terminals 

Such venues as hotels, health resorts, supermarkets, press centers, airports, railway stations, museums, banks, exhibition areas, and libraries can serve for this purpose. You can buy internet terminal and install it in places, where a great number of people can potentially gather. 

But it is important to remember that there are different types of such gaming equipment: terminal kiosks that provide access to the information in the Internet, and gaming terminals intended for playing in a casino gambling hall. Such kiosks are usually integrated in the premises of Internet cafes and entertainment centers. They utilise special casino terminals software for interactive entertainment.

This gaming equipment is rather convenient, easy to install and maintain. For example, terminal ‘Classic’ weighs not more than 80 kg and consumes approximately 350 W. Besides, it is equipped with additional accessories: an ashtray and a coaster for glasses with drinks. 

Internet terminals are installed in casino gambling halls and provide an opportunity to run gambling business without having to buy a license package and to file complicated reports in a tax office. And at the same time the activity of terminal owner won’t be considered illegal. 

Advantages of Internet terminals:

  • They can be quickly installed and connected with little effort in any appropriate place. 
  • They are an excellent alternative to gambling equipment and can be used as gaming machines. 
  • Terminals have an embedded system that allows gathering game process statistics. 
  • System provides a possibility to keep records of all payouts. 
  • You don’t have to pay high taxes for the use of Internet terminals and organization of gambling activities. 
  • Premises that contain such Internet terminals can be also used for organizing retail outlets (cafes, bars). 
  • Owners of such systems do not have to hire extra staff, as far as just one person (with minimum technical competence) is needed for the maintenance of such gaming equipment. 

How it works

A player refills his account with the help of a gaming club’s manager, who uses a special Internet system for this purpose. As the result there is a definite sum of electronic money on the player’s account, which is equivalent to the deposited cash. 

After the manger connects the terminal to the server, the player chooses games, plays at a casino, and in case of a win he gets funds via manager as well. 
It should be noted that the maintenance of an Internet terminal, installed in a casino gambling hall, does not require much money and doesn’t put its owner to a lot of trouble, and at the same time it generates a significant income. 

You can buy or rent an Internet terminal at Smart Money Company

Internet terminal «CLASSIC»

Internet terminal CLASSIC

CPU: IВМ РС compatible based on Intel СогеSoft lighting keyboard
Mechanical lock for access management
Sensor display
Forced cooling system
Storage device
Stereo sound system
Additional functioning buttons on the front panel (11 pcs.)
OS Windows XP Professional OEM (licensed)

Technical specifications:
Exterior dimensions, mm. (H x W x D) —1510x510x550
Weight: not more than 80 kg
Maximum power consumption: not more than 350W
Power is supplied from the single-phase AC network with frequency of 50 Hz, voltage 220V, permitted deviation ±10%
Network interface Ethernet 110/100 network cable connecter RJ-45
Keyboard, drinks holder, ashtray

Internet terminal «CHANCE»

Internet terminal CHANCE

Technical specifications:
Exterior dimensions, mm, not more than 1680х600х710
Weight: not more than 50 kg
Nominal power consumption: not more than 120W
Power is supplied from the single-phase AC network with frequency of 50 ± Hz, voltage 220V, permitted deviation ± 10%
Network interface Ethernet 10/100 Base TX, network cable connecter RJ45

Basic package:
Motherboard: Asus AC'97 6ch LAN +VGA
CPU: Celeron D 336
Memory: DDRII 512Mb PC667
Hard drive: WD SATA-II 80Gb
Speakers: Genius S110
Keyboard, buttons.
Display: Acer TFT 17»
Sensor screen: 17” KeeTouch / MasterTouch 6mm
Activation electronic lock
Ventilation system
Network filter

Internet terminal IT-04

Internet terminal IT-04

Powder coating by polymerization
Display: 19” TFT
Vandal-proof sensor display: 19” Kee Touch, 6 mm
Hard drive: 82 Gb SATA-II 300 Hitachi <HDS721680PLA380> 7200rpm 8Mb
CPU: Intel Celeron 430 1.8 GHz/ 512K/ 800MHz 775-LGA
Motherboard: MSI G31M3-L V2 Socket775 <iG31> PCI-E+SVGA+GbLAN SATA MicroATX 2DDRII<PC2-6400>
PSU: Gembird CCC-PSU10-12 350W, ATX 1.3, CE, 12см. fan, 20+4+4 pin, SATA
Keyboard: SVEN Multimedia EL 4001 <USB> 87keys+12, backlit keypad
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Rus, (OEM)
gaming buttons (11 pcs.): 29,6*42,6 mm
Motherboard: Status PST 096
RFID reader: Status VM 12
Sound: Genius SP-S110 Black (1W)

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