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Stock Exchange Terminal: a Perfect Solution for Launching a Business

Automated stock exchange machines are now almost everywhere: you can see them in shopping centres, bars, restaurants, train stations, and even on the streets of cities. And it can even be seen in those countries where gambling is prohibited. What is the secret?

Stock exchange terminals became very popular in Russia after gambling establishments were banned. Businessmen have come up with a clever scheme for terminals, according to which they can work in a completely legal way without breaking a ban and at the same time, they are able to please players!

A stock exchange terminal is one of the few opportunities to conduct legal gambling business on the offline market. Also, these terminals will be an excellent solution for casino owners from countries where games for money and sports betting are allowed, and who want to expand their audience.

Find out about the cost and special features of stock exchange terminals from specialists from the Smart Money company. Sign up for individual consultation by filling out the feedback form. It is the first step to reach a new level of income!

The Appearance of Terminals

Stock exchange machines look like classic slot machines. The interface is also similar. On the screen of the terminal, there are reels that display the movements of rates on the exchange. Some users even claim that the size of their winnings depends not only on the rise or fall of the rates but on the combinations that appear on the reels. But this, of course, is only a feeling.

The difference lies in what is inside. The stock terminal has a program that is always synchronized with the platform for binary options trading, so the results depend on the market, not on the luck or gaming algorithms. But thanks to the interface, which is as close to slot machines as possible, you can attract even experienced players.

How Does the Stock Exchange Terminal Work?

Stock exchange terminal work

Mediocre people accuse owners of stock exchange terminals of inculcating a gambling culture, meaning that the essence of bets on options lays not so much in analysis but in guessing the dynamics of rates, various securities or even precious metals. That is why options have so harmoniously become the basis of stock terminals.

The mechanics of a terminal allows users to win if they guess the movement of the rate. At the stock exchange, traders increase their assets and do not have instant earnings.

Legality of Stock Exchange Machines

Their algorithms are very different from real operations on the stock exchange. No matter what the user does, it will not affect the outcome of the auction. The main task of the terminal is to satisfy the gambler's craving for excitement and give him a reward for the correct forecast.

And yet, today the regulator cannot find a reason to remove stock exchange machines from public places. As long as the organiser does not try to falsify the results of the auction and uses real rates from the stock exchanges, it is not possible to call such machines illegal.

Stock Exchange Terminals and Their Advantages

As you have already understood from what is described above, legality is the main advantage of stock exchange machines. However, there are still other positive aspects of these machines, which bring large income to their owners.

Why it is profitable to buy stock terminals:

  • Compactness. Due to the fact that the stock exchange terminal takes up less than one square meter, it can be installed in almost any crowded place. Terminals that are situated in shopping and entertainment centres, as well as in equipped stations and markets, will bring large income.
  • The price of the maintenance is quite low. Exchange terminals are fully automated and do not need the constant presence of operators or administrators. Mostly, the maintenance consists of cash withdrawal and periodic preventive examination of the device. Also, from time to time, you need to update the software. You have to admit that it is quite a small price for the opportunity to receive a stable income.
  • Round-the-clock operation. They earn money for you while you sleep!
  • Legality. The machine does not need licensing or expert evaluation. And the official registration of such a business is much easier and faster than the procedure of opening a casino on the Internet.

Software for the Stock Exchange Machines

Software for stock exchange machines

The software for a stock exchange terminal has a rather high quality, although several years ago, the situation was different. It is all about the fact that this kind of entertainment is new.

Nevertheless, today the terminal software works well and stable, while the whole process is accompanied by excellent graphics. But it will be like this only if you decide to buy stock exchange terminals from a reliable supplier.

For example, if you purchase software from Smart Money, our team of specialists will help you to customise everything, test it, and adjust the settings, if necessary.

Here is the process of the remote installation of software for the stock exchange terminal:

  1. First of all, you need to sign a cooperation agreement, make photocopies or scans of the IP certificate and the company’s articles of association, and also your passport if Smart Money will conduct activities per procuration.
  2. Do not forget to provide contact information because documents will be sent to your address when they are ready.
  3. Then, you need to download a special program on your PC or laptop and test its work together with our specialist.
  4. Carefully read the instructions for the installation of the program (in the control panel). Then, after using the received passwords, you can register it in the system. It is a very simple procedure that does not require any additional skills. But if you have any questions, you can always count on the support of Smart Money.
  5. Now you can go to the administrative panel and make a deposit.
  6. Start your work!

How to Purchase Stock Exchange Machines?

Contact a personal manager from Smart Money to order the equipment for your new business. We supply only licensed devices and can offer terminals with different characteristics, payment modules, and administrative panels.

But if you need the special software that meets your individual requirements, it will be also possible to get it from us.

The Smart Money team has a vast experience, so it can install, upgrade, and maintain various gaming machines. You can count on our support during the whole process: from the creation of the idea to the exit to the international level.

And that is not all: we also provide stock terminals for rent if you want to make sure that this business is profitable and simple. Just contact us, and we will discuss all the details individually.

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