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Updated 13.02.2023

Mohio Franchise: Innovative Bookmaker Software in the Catalogue of Smart Money

Mohio Gaming Competence has been on the market since 2009 and has managed to prove itself as a reliable and promising provider of innovative betting services.

Mohio bookmaker franchise

Gambling products of this brand are developed in accordance with the needs of modern users and fully comply with the standards of international regulators.

Do you want to enter the legal and profitable market and be sure of success? In this case, the Mohio Franchise is a perfect choice for you.

From Smart Money, you can learn more about the terms of cooperation, the prospects for a startup under the aegis of the international brand, and the range of offers of the developer. We guarantee a prompt response, round-the-clock support, and a secure transaction.

About the Manufacturer

The company was established by Andreas Neubauer and Andrei Makhants. The founders put all their commercial and technical skills into the project. Even the name of the brand was chosen for a reason: the word “mohio” was heard by one of the founders in Australia, and it is literally translated as “competence and knowledge”.

One of the features of the brand is self-financing. The manufacturer is independent since all the corporate securities are equally shared between the owners.

Games of this developer are popular with players from 4 continents: Africa, Eurasia, North America, and South America.

The company has official representative offices in South Africa, Austria, and Ukraine.

One of the main tasks of the brand is to continue searching for new markets and conquering them (today, Mohio branded services and betting solutions are available in 29 countries).

Why it is Beneficial to Buy Mohio Software

The Mohio franchise provides beginning entrepreneurs with the following advantages:

  1. Speed ​​of response. Employees of the company are in touch at any time of the day or night. The supplier provides multilingual support and guarantees a prompt project launch (you can enter the market within a few days after the conclusion of an agreement).
  2. Variability of work. An investor can buy Mohio software to launch a gambling location in several formats: it can be an online betting platform, a land-based network of casinos, land-based lottery terminals or a slot machine for an Internet cafe.
  3. Legal commerce. The manufacturer offers operators to work under a sublicense. The branded software is also “adjusted” by the company's representatives to the requirements of local regulators. Software for virtual and land-based gambling halls is certified by one of the leading independent laboratories — GLI.
  4. Comprehensive support. The brand offers several channels of communication with clients, takes care of all organizational and legal issues, and guarantees regular updates of the system for free. An additional advantage is that the Mohio franchise provides the service of uninterrupted remote administration of the betting network.
  5. Product range. The developer's portfolio includes an extensive set of traditional betting solutions and a line of proprietary solutions, including lotteries and several racing options. A unique feature of the gambling software is that those who like to play casino games can count on both standard payouts and progressive jackpots.

The Catalogue of Offers of the Austrian Bookmaker

Mohio betting provider: catalogue of offers

Mohio is famous for its innovative approach, and the game content has the following advantages:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • large selection of user settings;
  • interesting bonus options;
  • perfect quality of the picture;
  • drawings of progressive jackpots;
  • personalized limits and promotions;
  • qualified multilingual support.

There are also several products that are extremely popular with users:

Bets on Sports Events

The manufacturer offered an extensive line with a worthy list of events. Moreover, the catalogue contains such “exotic” solutions as, for example, bets on dog and drone racing.

In total, the supplier's portfolio contains about 5 thousand monthly events. The betting software is equipped with an interactive monitoring program and a wide range of combined bets. It is also possible to simultaneously view multiple broadcasts.

All products can be launched in desktop and mobile devices and are characterized by the high-speed response and impeccable quality of the picture. A distinctive feature is the stunning realism of graphics.

The Mohio Gaming Competence software supports live streaming and offers a range of 3D entertainment.

Color Bet

This is a combination of a lottery ticket and keno. The game is based on digital and colour combinations, offers 5 types of bets, and is connected to a multi-level prize pool.

Red Keno

The game has 80 numbers, 2 bonuses, and 2 prize pools (an internal jackpot and a super jackpot). You can play by choosing one of the offered strategies (there are 4 options).

Western Keno

It is an interesting combination of a roulette wheel and keno.

The system has:

  • combined bets;
  • fixed and cumulative prize funds;
  • updating of events once a minute;
  • ability to be launched on non-removable and mobile devices.

Keno Bet

This is a lottery with 80 numbers. During the game session, from 1 to 8 winning positions fall out. Gamblers are allowed to place a bet on 20 possible outcomes simultaneously.

The game is available in 4 formats, and each of them has 2 bonuses. The main prize is a fixed jackpot.

Flash Soccer

An amazingly short game cycle is a special feature of the product. However, players have access to the interactive betting system with a wide range of individual parameters.

The main leagues of the season are represented in the product line, and the triggering bets give you a chance to win 2 jackpots at once (a built-in and a progressive one).

Drone Racing

It is an unusual solution for those who like “exotic” entertainment. This is an air racing in the 3D format — the realism of the picture is mesmerizing. In addition to the gorgeous performance, players get a large selection of adaptive settings and the ability to hit a multi-level jackpot.

Street Racer

The product is geared towards broadcasting on mobile devices and attracts gamblers with the following features:

  • multilevel jackpot;
  • minutely updating of events;
  • round-the-clock continuous broadcasting;
  • 3D picture.

Darts Bet

The game supports for continuous 3D broadcasts, has an option to personalize the jackpot, and offers 5 betting options at once:

  • bets on a single throw;
  • 2 successful actions in a row;
  • triple hit;
  • bets on the red sector;
  • intrusion to a green pocket.

Circus Fortune

The game has main and bonus wheels and 2 betting formats: classic and express. The developer guarantees continuous broadcasting with minutely updating of events.

The product is supported by any operating system and offers users a built-in jackpot.

Kings Jewels

This is an interesting combination of lottery and backgammon. Unusual stylized design along with a high speed of the draw makes the entertainment even more interesting. The broadcasts are available round-the-clock, on mobile devices, and are updated every minute.

The system provides 2 options for the game: classic and fast. You can also try your luck in the Crown bonus level.

Oil & Pirates

A very successful and fascinating “hybrid” of a sea battle and a lottery ticket. The game session has 8 playing areas, 72 numbers, and additional free moves.

A feature of the product is the presence of 2 viewing options: an automatic broadcast and a display launch in random order.

Poker Bet

The system accepts money for Texas Hold'em. The product provides a brief tutorial for beginners, 3 separate tables with different numbers of users, and a wide range of bets.

The game is broadcasted continuously and allows you to count on several simultaneous winnings depending on the type of bet.

Blackjack Bet

Gamblers are offered classic and fast games in the round-the-clock mode.

The range of bets is impressive:

  • bet on several players at once;
  • deal against the dealer;
  • bet on the exact number.

Services for Partners: the Betting Software Distribution Channels

Mohio betting software: distribution channels

The company actively promotes its services in popular markets.

Distribution schemes for betting products of the Austrian developer

Lucrative version

The software was developed for land-based locations, and its aim is to broadcast the game sessions on television screens

Playing from home

This is a perfect solution for online commerce. The system processes requests in real-time and is available on desktop and mobile devices

Self-service terminals

The optimized touch screen hardware is compact, functional, and user-friendly.

The machine allows you to minimize the expenses for hiring and training of staff

Lottery video terminal

This is an interactive server system of lottery machines with the ability to remotely administer network projects

Software for an Internet cafe

The program is fast and has a large selection of secure payment gateways

Cashier window

The administrative cash service for working with real money

The Main Things About the Mohio Franchise

It will be a good decision to work with the Austrian developer because it is a great opportunity to enter the betting market in the shortest possible time and get a stable positive response from thousands of gamblers around the world.

The idea to buy Mohio software has the following advantages:

  • Legal work. Products of the brand undergo mandatory certification in the largest independent agency GLI and are manually adapted to the requirements of a local regulator by the company's employees.
  • Speed of launch. You can start receiving visitors to your casino in a couple of days after signing the franchise agreement (the time of the launch depends on the speed of personal debugging of software).
  • Professional support. Operators are provided with several communication channels, prompt round-the-clock response, and multilingual support.
  • Product range. Players can enjoy the traditional sports line and a large selection of exclusive developments: various types of lottery draws, bets on Texas hold'em and blackjack, as well as bets on darts and air races in the 3D format.
  • Different options for work. The developer is actively creating the land-based network and virtual services. With the equipment and software of the Austrian brand, you can launch traditional betting shops, remote platforms, Internet cafes, and self-service locations.

It is possible to purchase Mohio solutions under a franchise or order a turnkey betting business in just a couple of clicks — all you need is to leave an application to Smart Money managers and describe your wishes in detail.

We work with the world’s leading suppliers and offer effective solutions to fit every taste: ready-made casino slots, betting products, lotteries, payment gateways, security systems, and much more.

Evaluate the benefits of such cooperation by downloading a free demo version of our system!

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