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Updated 13.02.2023

Casino Fraud Protection Yoti: Anti-Hacking Software for Sale

Ensuring 100% protection of online casinos is one of the priority tasks for operators. The increasing number of hacker attacks in the iGaming industry forced entrepreneurs to look for new, better ways to get rid of risks.

Casino security software from the Yoti provider

The Smart Money studio recommends you to pay attention to the Yoti casino security software. This well-thought-out and reliable product can be ordered on our website.

Information About the Supplier

The brand Yoti was founded in 2014 by Robin Tombs, Duncan Francis, and Noel Hayden. The company is headquartered in London. Its products are widely known not only in the UK but abroad too.

The Yoti casino security software is actively used in Europe, Asia, and America. In addition to products aimed at the iGaming industry, the developer creates high-quality products for financial institutions, retail, insurance, tourism, and e-commerce areas.

The supplier works closely with gaming commissions of developed countries, certification centres, researchers, and non-profit organisations. Many government agencies became interested in this manufacturer's policy and began to use the software from Yoti. For example, the government of Jersey (Channel Islands) purchased several solutions from this producer at once.

The Tasks of the Product

The Yoti casino protection software is based on a multi-level identification system. To guarantee its accuracy, the manufacturer uses advanced technologies and exclusive developments.

The solution can cope with the following types of fraud:

  • illegal acquisition of information and its transfer to third parties;
  • spoofing (an attempt to impersonate a specific gamer by an attacker);
  • piracy and intellectual property theft from online casinos;
  • stealing money from users’ and operator's commercial accounts;
  • incorrect use of bonuses and other elements of the loyalty program;
  • multi-accounting (creation of several accounts for one gambler);
  • the application of bots for artificial growth of internet traffic.

The Features of the Software

To ensure casino security, Yoti has developed reliable multitasking instruments.

Feature of the IT solution

Short description

The use of advanced technologies

The provider applies the following tools:

  • reliable instruments for accurate face matching;

  • AI (artificial intelligence);

  • hashed markers;

  • AV portals;

  • optical character recognition techniques;

  • tools for reading NFC chips, etc.

Cross-platform instruments

The Yoti ID verification for casinos can ensure the smooth operation of the website on all devices. It is suitable for both standard desktops (Windows) and portable gadgets (mobile casinos for iOS and Android devices)

Support for land-based casinos

The software is actively used in the offline gambling business.

The software is suitable for:

  • land-based slot machines;

  • gaming cabinets;

  • self-service devices;

  • stock terminals;

  • lottery boxes, etc.

The provider offers to connect the Yoti software to protect the casino. Therefore, the operator does not have to look for other specialists to integrate the programs.

The product is perfect for establishments where the work of the administrator is not provided


The system can process one million requests per day.

The solution does not lose its productivity due to a large number of simultaneous operations. It easily conducts both simple identification of visitors using a four-digit password, and such complex procedures as face recognition, age assessment, and document confirmation

Two access options

Clients have the possibility to:

  • connect the Yoti software to protect their casinos free of cost for 14-30 days, depending on the selected package. The demo version will allow you to evaluate the benefits of working with a supplier;

  • install the Yoti casino fraud protection without preliminary testing. To do this, you must sign an agreement with the vendor or its distributor, Smart Money

How Does the System Work?

Yoti id verification for casinos: principles of work

The features of the software include identification methods of different complexity and protection level.

The Yoti ID verification for casinos separates trustworthy gamers from potential scammers. The users from the first category can use the privileges of the virtual club and play their favourite entertainment freely. The gamblers from the second group are blocked by the system after detecting violations immediately.

The tools are automated: the operator does not have to spend time on manual control or hire personnel to monitor the situation on the website constantly.

When an entrepreneur decides to connect the Yoti verification for casinos, the supplier will offer him or her three types of identification to choose from.

Two-Factor Verification

To sign in an account or conduct money transactions, a gambler must enter a PIN-code. The user will not have to make complex or lengthy operations. That is why this registration method will be very simple and convenient for him or her.

This control tool is suitable for low-threat websites. It is better to select more complex options for working with high rollers and VIP clients.

Multi-Component Authentication

The main element of the identification method is biometric verification used along with standard password entry.

During the initial registration, the Yoti ID verification for casinos scans the user's face and creates a "biometric template". The software checks it every time the player logs into the account. The program compares the new data with the saved information to confirm the identity of the gambler.

Enhanced Control

To interact with VIP clients or conduct substantial transactions, it is recommended to connect the Yoti verification for casinos with additional protective measures.

Take a closer look at advanced website security technologies:

  1. Age Scan. This age verification methodology was developed applying AI. Users should scan their faces to estimate accurate age. There is no need to provide personal data.
  2. Doc Scan. To maintain casino security, Yoti uses optical character recognition. Clients have to register their documents on the online casino website or through a mobile application. They can provide passports, ID cards, driving licences, and other identity papers for verification.

Strict control does not allow teenagers and children to outsmart the system and sign in the gambling platform. The operator avoids risks of losing a licence and receiving penalties for allowing minors to use his or her website.

Certified Solutions

The Yoti casino fraud protection is marked by several documents confirming the high quality of the programs:

  1. ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard in the field of IT development. This is the guarantor of information security. Having received this certificate, the provider gets a chance to improve its reputation and obtain new opportunities for working in international markets.
  2. AICPA SOC2. This is an audit of control procedures in companies engaged in the creation of software for various sectors of the economy. The certificate confirms the reliability of the software and the safety of data.
  3. PAS 499 is a set of rules for identifying and authenticating clients. If the developer adheres to these norms, the company receives a document that allows it to stand out from the competitors.

Yoti is a permanent member of AVPA, an association that maintains high standards for age verification. Besides, the vendor appears in CIFAS, a non-profit anti-fraud organisation from the UK.

Yoti Sign Get

The main priority of the company Yoti is casino fraud protection. Therefore, it has created a secure electronic signature. It can be purchased with the basic software or ordered separately. A free 14-day test mode is available to operators.

The manufacturer provides a variety of tools for the correct use of Yoti Sign Get.

Consider the features of this service:

  • fast identification;
  • additional options (mail-out, adding text fields, etc.);
  • convenient user interface;
  • instant processing of documents.

The system will be useful for operators seeking to transfer document flow and business operations (signing contracts, paying taxes, etc.) to electronic format.

ID Verification for Casinos from Yoti: Fast Connection

Id verification for casinos from Yoti: connection

The vendor never stops improving its technologies for better performance and easier integration of finished solutions.

The offers of the firm:

  1. Installation in 1 hour. The Yoti technical support team is engaged in testing and connecting the software. The operator needs only to sign a cooperation agreement with the provider.
  2. Flexible SDK and plugins. The manufacturer's products support major programming languages and include easy-to-use modules. The brand provides seamless SDK for iOS and Android simplifying the installation of software for mobile casinos.

The Main Things about the Anti-Fraud Software

Yoti is a British brand that produces good solutions for protecting online and land-based gambling establishments.

  • The software is based on multitasking identification systems. The system verifies the identities of trusted gamers and blocks potential fraudsters.
  • The product combats piracy, multi-accounting, spoofing, and bonus abuse successfully.
  • Cross-platform software is certified by leading laboratory centres. This is a scalable solution.

To buy the product, contact Smart Money — a long-term partner of the supplier.

Check out the catalogue of our original products. Pay attention to trendy mobile and live projects, turnkey casinos, and other lucrative offers for the iGaming industry.

The representative of our studio is ready to answer your questions:

  • e-mail:
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  • Telegram: @spinwin
  • feedback form.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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