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How to Buy a Casino in Vietnam and Get a Good Profit

1. Key Features of Gambling Business in Vietnam

2. The Features of Online Gambling Vietnamese Laws

3. Restricted Casino Providers in Vietnam

4. How to Start a Successful Gambling Project

5. K9WIN VN with Proficient Support

6. The Purchase of a Turnkey Online Casino in Vietnam: The Main Benefits

7. Conclusion

Experts argue that the Asian region is considered one of the most profitable markets for the gaming industry. Vietnam is an attractive country for launching new projects. Despite the rule of the socialist regime, this state managed to succeed in many industries. Tourism and gambling bring considerable amounts to the local budget every year.

Learn more about the features of the gambling business in Vietnam from this review from Smart Money. Find out how to get the maximum profit by starting your own project in this state.

Key Features of Gambling Business in Vietnam

Gambling business in Vietnam

Vietnam is a socialist state. Nevertheless, local authorities decided to make the country open to tourists. Local picturesque views and sights attract millions of people from all over the world. As you know, the tourism industry is connected with the gaming business quite closely.

For a long time, the country's leadership forbade residents to participate in gambling activities. However, many citizens repeatedly appealed to authorities with a request to change online gambling Vietnamese laws. As a result, the government compromised with local gamblers and representatives of the gambling business in Vietnam. It was decided to open a few land-based casinos.

Undoubtedly, this decision has affected the development of the local gambling industry positively. Nevertheless, ground-based luxury establishments were focused primarily on tourists and high-income Vietnamese. Representatives of the middle class could not afford to visit such casinos. At the same time, they did not want to give up playing games of chance. The optimal solution in this situation was the use of virtual gaming resources.

The modern Vietnamese gambling business is characterized by the following features:

  • high demand for online gambling;
  • the wide distribution of mobile gaming products;
  • use of electronic currencies;
  • the growing popularity of live content.

The Features of Online Gambling Vietnamese Laws

Online gambling has quickly spread throughout the country in recent years. Local operators began to get good profits. That is why more and more beginning entrepreneurs are thinking about starting a casino business in Vietnam.

Let us check out the features of local online gaming in terms of legislation. According to online gambling Vietnamese laws, operators are prohibited from creating their virtual projects in the state. At the same time, the activities of foreign gaming sites are not forbidden here. It follows that businessmen who want to open casinos in Vietnam can register and license their companies in other states and conduct business absolutely legally.

Restricted Casino Providers in Vietnam

Quickly developing regions are particularly valuable for operators and content creators in terms of new audiences and unoccupied markets. However, it is still important to adhere to local requirements regarding the provision of such innovative services as online gambling.

As a result, a few software producers end up restricted on the local market:

  • Amatic;
  • Yggdrasil Asia;
  • CT Interactive (former CT Gaming);
  • ELK;
  • Eurasian Gaming;
  • Evolution Gaming.

The availability of these companies is not limited forever. Smart Money experts track the Vietnamese market on a constant basis to ensure the slightest changes in legality. Some developers can adjust to the requirements and recover their access to the working region, and our clients find out about it first.

On top of that, we introduce a wide array of presently available vendors of programming support for the local market. Order the best iGaming propositions and their integration on an individual basis or purchase the entire turnkey gambling solution with the full platform configuration.

How to Start a Successful Gambling Project

The gambling business in Vietnam continues to grow rapidly. Every year, new players enter the market and offer high-quality services to their customers. To stand out from the competition and gain the trust of the Vietnamese gamblers, you must make every possible effort.

When launching your project, do not forget about these essential rules for promoting your business:

  1. Search for a reliable intermediary. Working in the gambling industry involves establishing contacts with many business partners. This process is quite time-consuming. Find a time-tested mediator, which has a good reputation among Vietnamese operators. Intermediary companies can help entrepreneurs make successful deals and save a lot of their time.
  2. Purchase of up-to-date software. The search for gambling software in Vietnam is one of the most critical tasks for novice businessmen who want to buy casinos in Vietnam. Your choice may affect the popularity and recognition of your project.
  3. Effective promotion tools. The creation of a unique advertising campaign, publishing information about your resource in social networks, and the development of attractive bonus programs are the main instruments for promoting your virtual project. It is essential not only to attract new players but also to retain regular customers.
  4. Technical support. Gambling products presented on your website should work smoothly. Application crashes can scare off your potential audience. Make sure that the software providers guarantee round-the-clock technical maintenance.
  5. High level of personal data protection. The personal information and money of your customers should be safe. Proper protection will help you avoid a lot of problems because cyber scammers are incredibly active today. Unfortunately, gaming resources may become the victims of their attacks.

K9WIN VN with Proficient Support

The growing trend of the gaming culture has reached every global destination, including Vietnam. Considering its high level of Internet penetration (around 75%), operators can launch K9WIN online casino sites and be confident about the project’s success. The surge in interest is evident from the increasing number of players participating in gambling activities.

To launch K9WIN casino projects, entrepreneurs have to deal with the outdated legal landscape in Vietnam:

  1. The established law does not prohibit targeting residents with gambling services, yet there is also no possibility of obtaining a local permit for now.
  2. Operators have to open casino like K9WIN in Vietnam with the help of offshore registration for full legitimacy and regulatory compliance.
  3. Destinations like Costa Rica, Malta, or Curacao are the most commonly used for registering purposes with their reputation and low taxes.
  4. The integration K9WIN slot online still requires official certification and adherence to global standards of responsible practices.

To navigate the thriving iGaming Vietnamese sector, potential platform owners must consider the diversity of punters’ preferences. 

As operators launch casino as K9WIN, they get access to the following amusement:

  1. Virtual slots. Engaging gameplay and immersive graphics have become a staple for the majority of participants.
  2. Betting offerings. Entrepreneurs who plan to open K9WIN casino sister sites can leverage a wide range of bidding on sports events to attract dedicated enthusiasts.
  3. Tabletops with real croupiers. Live atmosphere with authentic experience brings the excitement of brick-and-mortar establishments to the virtual realm.
  4. Variety of sweepstakes. Enticing prizes are developed to attract punters as businessmen launch K9WIN slot projects.
  5. Cockfighting. Traditional forms of amusement find their place in the digital landscape to capitalise on a specific audience.
  6. 3D card-based games. With an extra layer of sophistication, players can combine knowledge and luck for maximum excitement.

Given the legal background and the lucrative nature of the sector, it is a matter of a few months for operators to launch K9WIN slot online and start benefiting from it. The advantages of collaboration with the acclaimed guide organisation extend beyond registration aid and technical support. 

The introduction of a large-scale turnkey solution is what makes the partnership relevant. How to open K9WIN online casino and ensure the ready-made elaboration of the project? Get in touch with the Smart Money managers for in-depth guidance and order formation.

The Purchase of a Turnkey Online Casino in Vietnam: The Main Benefits

Turnkey online casino in Vietnam: benefits

The implementation of the above steps requires the investment of significant financial resources. An effective way to save a substantial amount is the purchase of a turnkey online casino in Vietnam. This service includes many options. Consider some of them.


Reliable intermediaries such as Smart Money provide informational support regarding legal and financial matters to their clients. The price of the consultations is included in the cost of a turnkey online casino in Vietnam. Therefore, you can seek the help of experts as many times as necessary

Website creation

This phase is critical for starting a new project. The popularity of your website depends on its attractiveness. Players will not pay attention to resources with an inappropriate, outdated design. Your resource should look laconic. Do not overload the main page with unnecessary information

Selection of gaming content

Intermediary companies collaborate with well-known manufacturers of gambling content. Experts will help you choose relevant casino software in Vietnam. Live casino games (poker, baccarat, roulette) are especially appreciated among local gamers. Provide your customers with a large selection of live content

Business licensing

The registration and licensing of your company are the main stages of launching turnkey online casinos in Vietnam. Operators have the opportunity to choose the most suitable jurisdiction. Some states allow businessmen not to pay taxes monthly. Other countries set minimum tax rates for representatives of the gambling business

Bonus programs

Intermediaries propose a large assortment of profitable bonus programs that will undoubtedly attract the attention of a broad audience. The most popular rewards are bonuses for registering on the site, a prize for the first deposit and special rewards dedicated to holidays and sporting events

Marketing strategy development

The marketing strategy includes a whole set of effective tools that will help you promote your project and attract lots of potential customers

Connection of payment modules

A wide selection of payment methods allows gamblers to replenish their account and make withdrawals very quickly and. As already mentioned, electronic currencies are becoming increasingly demanded in the country. When buying casino software in Vietnam, make sure that the products support cryptocurrency payments

Creation of mobile versions

The presence of a mobile version of the gaming platform and applications for smartphones and tablets is a prerequisite for the development of new projects. Mobile gambling is accessible for representatives of different sectors of the population. Gamblers of any age and income use mobile gaming applications in Vietnam today


Vietnamese gambling market: key features

Based on the features of the Vietnamese gambling market, it can be concluded that novice operators should not work alone. It is crucial to secure the support of reliable partners.

The Smart Money team consists of real gambling experts. We are ready to propose the best gaming solutions for our customers. If you want to buy a casino in Vietnam or rent a gaming platform, contact our managers to find out more about the most attractive offers and discounts. Our consultants are ready to answer all your questions.

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