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Buy Online Casino in the Netherlands: The Region’s Strengths

1. The Overview of the Local Entertainment Sector

2. The Netherlands Gambling Laws

3. Potential Customer Profile

4. Sought-After Types of Entertainment Content

5. The Procedure of Opening a Gambling Business in the Netherlands

6. The Benefits of Opening a Turnkey Casino in the Netherlands

7. The Main Things about the Dutch Amusement Field

This state is famous worldwide not only for tulips, windmills, and picturesque canals. It is also the European centre of entertainment services. With its thriving offline sector and a growing digital segment, the gambling business in the Netherlands has gained prominence recently. Let us explore legal aspects, potential customers’ characteristics, popular content types, and other features of this market.

iGaming business in the Netherlands: market characteristics

Buy casino in the Netherlands and other promising countries at the Smart Money studio.

The Overview of the Local Entertainment Sector

The Dutch iGaming industry has experienced significant growth in the past decade.

Let us consider the main characteristics of the gambling business in the Netherlands:

  1. Market size. The local online sector was valued at around €424 million in 2022. It is expected to reach over €800 million by 2024.
  2. Outstanding providers. Major international companies supply their casino software in the Netherlands. These are Playtech, Habanero, Endorphina, etc.
  3. Mobile segment. Apps and optimised sites for seamless gaming experiences on smartphones and tablets are incredibly relevant in the country. This trend is likely to continue.
  4. Cross-border activities. The Dutch market is not isolated. Players engage with offshore firms. However, the legal and regulated environment increasingly attracts clients to certified platforms.

The Netherlands Gambling Laws

Let us consider the legislative specifics of the amusement field:

  1. Licensing. The Remote Gaming Act requires entrepreneurs who open casino in the Netherlands to obtain a permit from the KSA. Many international firms have successfully secured these documents.
  2. Taxation. The government imposes a large tax on operators, with rates of up to 30.1% on GGR. Nevertheless, the regulated environment ensures fair charges.
  3. Player protection. The Netherlands gambling laws prioritise client security. The legislation implies the use of such tools as self-exclusion options, age verification, and biometric recognition.
  4. AML and KYC regulations. Project owners must adhere to anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer norms to prevent illicit financial activities and verify consumers' identity.
  5. Collaboration with respected organisations. The KSA cooperates with other global authorities to ensure compliance and combat illegal activities that transcend national borders.

Potential Customer Profile

Understanding the specifics and needs of clients is essential for operators to tailor their offerings effectively and achieve financial success in the gambling business in the Netherlands.

Here are a few characteristics of Dutch punters:

  1. Age and gender. Players typically range from 25 to 54 years old. Male users predominate.
  2. Tech-savviness. The local population is technologically advanced. Therefore, developers can experiment with innovative formats of gambling software in the Netherlands.
  3. Social features. Clients come from various backgrounds. However, the middle class and people with higher incomes are regular customers of casinos.
  4. Language. Companies that supply gambling software in the Netherlands try to adapt their products to the Dutch-speaking environment. However, titles with English interfaces are also popular here.
  5. Payment preferences. The local punters commonly use iDEAL, Trustly, and credit cards for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Sought-After Types of Entertainment Content

Online casinos in the Netherlands: entertainment content

The vendors of casino software in the Netherlands offer diversified gaming options to meet the preferences of various audiences:

  1. Slots. These are outstanding machines from Playtech, Endorphina, and other prominent developers.
  2. Table games. Classics like bridge, craps, and Mahjong are in demand in this country. Live dealer versions add an immersive aspect to these entertainment solutions.
  3. Sportsbooks. Betting on popular athletic disciplines like football, tennis, and horse racing is one of the favourite activities of the Dutch players.
  4. Scratch cards. Instant-win lotteries are demanded by punters who enjoy the excitement of revealing potential prizes with a quick swipe.
  5. Skill-based titles. Clients who like strategic gameplay and challenges appreciate this type of casino software in the Netherlands.

The Procedure of Opening a Gambling Business in the Netherlands

Implementing an amusement project in this state involves several steps and a thorough understanding of juridical requirements.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to launch casino in the Netherlands:

  1. Market research. Before venturing into the online entertainment niche, conduct a thorough study to understand the demand, competition, and potential customer base.
  2. Business plan. Create a comprehensive strategy to open casino in the Netherlands. It should outline your project’s objectives, financial aspects, etc.
  3. Legal nuances. Contact the KSA authority, to understand the latest licensing requirements and regulations. Ensure that your business complies with the Netherlands gambling laws.
  4. Corporate structure. Establish a legal entity within the country. Register your enterprise with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Licensing. Make a request for a permit to open casino in the Netherlands. The submission process will likely involve background checks, financial assessments, and performance tests.
  6. Financial compliance. Ensure you have the necessary capital as required by the Dutch regulator.
  7. Technical infrastructure. To launch casino in the Netherlands, develop a secure and reliable gaming platform that offers a seamless user experience.
  8. Payments and safety. Integrate innovative settlement processing systems. Apply efficient cybersecurity measures to defend customer data.
  9. Marketing activities. Before you buy online casino in the Netherlands, create a promotion strategy to attract a wide target audience.
  10. Game collection. Offer a diverse range of titles that appeal to local punters.

The Benefits of Opening a Turnkey Casino in the Netherlands

Gambling sites in the Netherlands: turnkey format

Starting a gambling project following this format implies a lot of advantages.

Let us consider some of them:

  1. Speed and efficiency. One of the most significant benefits is the rapidity of implementation. This is especially valuable in a competitive industry.
  2. Comprehensive packages. Opening a turnkey casino in the Netherlands provides a complex set of program components that contains entertainment titles, payment processing tools, customer support instruments, etc.
  3. Scalability. Ready-made solutions allow its owners to expand their catalogues quickly and easily. It is possible to add new products, features, and services as needed.
  4. Maintenance. Reliable suppliers of turnkey casino in the Netherlands provide ongoing technical assistance to solve any issues that may arise. This ensures the smooth operation of amusement sites.
  5. Risk minimisation. Using a proven business start scheme, an entrepreneur can reduce some threats associated with developing a custom platform from scratch. The technology has typically been tested and refined. This is a guarantee of a stable and secure entertainment environment.
  6. Faster ROI. Thanks to a quicker setup, lower initial costs, and the potential to attract many users in a short time, an owner of a turnkey casino in the Netherlands may achieve a more rapid return on investment compared to building a project from the ground up.

The Main Things about the Dutch Amusement Field

The considered country offers a favourable environment for entertainment start-ups. The state’s digital landscape is developing fast. This gives significant potential for entrepreneurs.

Check out the reasons to buy an online casino in the Netherlands:

  • Rapid market expansion. The iGaming sector is on the rise. The revenues are forecasted to reach over €800 million by 2024.
  • Prominent providers. Major international amusement suppliers, such as Playtech, Endorphina, Habanero, and others, work in this country.
  • Quick start. It is possible to enter the market rapidly, thanks to turnkey solutions. They are characterised by high speed and efficiency, comprehensive software packages, scalability, ongoing maintenance, risk minimisation, and a faster ROI.

Find out more about promising entertainment markets by visiting the Smart Money site. Buy online casino in the Netherlands by contacting our studio.

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