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Updated 26.07.2023

Casino Software Incredible Technologies: Innovative Slot Releases

Entertainment casino software Incredible Technologies is a modern library from a well-known American provider. The manufacturer releases digital slots with interesting mathematical models, colourful gameplay, and an unusual selection of themes.

Incredible Technologies casino software: features

You can order branded content from Smart Money. Contact our manager and find out about the latest innovations that have appeared in the gambling market.

Brief Information about the Developer

The company was founded in 1985 in Vernon Hills, a suburb of Chicago (Illinois).

The founders of the company are Richard Dayton (software engineer at NASA) and Elaine Hudgson (biochemist). The founders have been with the company since the day it opened: Elaine is the CEO and Richard is the vice president.

Key facts about the manufacturer:

  • Initially, the provider released paintball equipment and software applications for Japanese video games Data East. In the late 80s, the sale of Incredible Technologies slots began in the United States. The developer presented Crazy Money, King of Bling and other land-based slots for category III American casinos (objects located on Indian reservations).
  • In 1989, at the International Exhibition of the Entertainment and Music Operators Association (AMOA), the company introduced a stationary golf machine. The Golden Tee Golf model uses a trackball that mimics the actions of a golfer. The solution has been recognised as the most successful paid video game in the world.
  • The branded product was re-released three times. So, in 1995 and 2000, the manufacturer released Golden Tee 3D and Golden Tee Fore! with improved graphics and gameplay. In 2005, Golden Tee LIVE was released with support for online tournaments.
  • In 2008, the company entered the online gambling market. The first video slots became digital versions of popular land-based ones. Over time, the developer's piggy bank was replenished with video bingo and online poker.
  • The manufacturer has a subsite, which hosts video games. Gamers can participate in tournaments and jackpot draws.
  • Incredible Technologies casino slots for sale are licensed in the United Kingdom, Peru, Philippines, Spain, the 17 US states, the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Ontario. Ground equipment is located in the casino complexes of Chinese Macau.
  • The staff includes 150+ specialists in the field of programming, QA engineering, modelling, and maintenance.

Advantages of Branded Slot Machines

At the moment, the company is working on the release of new video slots and the adaptation of land-based versions for playing on the Web.

The product line was created using HTML5 technology. Thanks to this, releases by Incredible Technologies have become a reliable cross-platform solution. Gamblers can bet on spins via desktop PCs and mobile devices without first downloading the software.

Elaine Hudgson, chief executive of the company, said:

We, like other B2B developers, are focused on the online gaming market. We are confident that the future of gambling lies in virtual products. People are learning to have fun at home, and the pandemic has only accelerated the transition to the internet environment.

Connecting a casino from the Incredible Technologies provider is a profitable solution for the development of an iGaming project:

Interesting mechanics

The assortment includes slots with 1–5 reels, with a fixed and adjustable number of prize directions. The company releases line and cluster games with different variance (from low to high) and flexible RTP levels (from 85% to 98.4%).

Incredible Technologies' online casino software contains a series of devices with the innovative Reelfecta function. Thanks to it, another 4x4 playing field with generous multipliers appears on the third reel

Innovative technologies

The Incredible Technologies software is connected to the author's ITNet server database.

The program uses CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) encoding elements to collect and analyse information about user preferences. These are reactions to new games and bonuses, favourite slots, entry frequency, session duration and much more

Plot Variety

The manufacturer produces adventure, historical, and mystical video slots.

The library has digital versions of popular ground vehicles. Basically, these are fruit mixes, decisions with card denominations and “lucky” sevens

Generous payouts

The online casino provider Incredible Technologies produces slots with special symbols (scatters, wilds, jokers), multipliers, free spins, and risk rounds.

The presence of bonuses increases the duration of the game session and the size of the average bill of gamers

Nice visualisation

Many slot machines resemble action games. They have the same breathtaking graphics with animation elements and 3D, unpredictable plots, realistic characters, and high-quality sound effects

Recognisable Slot Machines in the Gambling Market

Entrepreneurs who decide to launch casinos by the Incredible Technologies provider get access to such popular entertainment:

  1. Crazy Money Deluxe. The device from the Crazy Money branded collection was first introduced in the 90s as software for ground cabinets. The 5-drum field is made in the form of a printing press. Incredible Technologies casino software contains the innovative mechanics of Angle Pays. Combinations are formed as follows: 1–3 pay lines — horizontally, 4–13 — vertically, 14–15 — in the form of the letter V.
  2. Roller Wheel Jungle Roll. Slot machine on the theme of African wildlife. Frogs, monkeys, elephants, gorillas, jaguars and other predatory animals appear on 5 reels. The appearance of three or more special symbols triggers the bonus round. It is made in the form of a wheel of fortune. There are free spins and wild spins on its sectors.
  3. Sky Dragons. This is an example of gambling software by Incredible Technologies with a progressive jackpot series. During free spins, gamers can hit a big jackpot — one of the four internal ones (Rumble, Boom, Crash or Thunder). The entertainment is dedicated to Asian themes and the main symbol of the East — the flying dragon. Animated dragons hovering in the air create an incredible impression of the slot machine.
  4. Fate of the 8 Power Wheel. Incredible Technologies casino software with a medium variance and RTP of 94.08%. Gamers can bet from $0.4 to $32 per spin. The maximum win increases the base cost of the spin by 800 times. In the bonus round, gamblers spin a virtual wheel of fortune. On its sectors, there are six branded jackpots and cash gifts.
  5. Big Prize Bubblegum Deluxe. The slot machine has a bright design and good payouts. Most of the symbols are made in the form of multi-coloured chewing gum capsules. The developer has provided 1,024 paylines. The game has scatters, wilds and access to buying features.

Premium Offline Gambling Solutions

Incredible Technologies offline gambling products

The company is one of the top five providers of land-based cabinets in the North American gambling market. 15,000+ units of equipment are placed in the casino complexes of the USA and Canada. The provider also supplies equipment to Macau, Singapore and other well-known gaming areas.

Ground Cabinets

Ordering software from Incredible Technologies costs together with the following equipment:

  1. Prism VXP. The slot machine has three built-in displays with a resolution of 4K and frameless graphics at eye level. An 18.5" Prism Deck is used to control gameplay. VXP branded lighting is activated during bonus events and celebrations of big wins.
  2. Breeze Upright. The architecture of the device is dominated by convex ergonomic elements, including the body, control panel and two 22-inch monitors. The silver case is divided into modular components, which facilitate software integration and hardware maintenance.
  3. Infinity Skybox. The solution is equipped with two Full HD screens, a touch control panel, powerful subwoofers, and bright lighting around the perimeter of the gaming cabinet. There is an optional Skybox LED sign that can be installed above the overhead monitor.
  4. Infinity V55. The product features an atypical screen layout. The Infinity V55 has a 4K widescreen monitor mounted vertically for better viewing of videos from multiple angles. The device has a huge entertainment library. You can install Incredible Technologies casino software and games from partner providers.

Digital Exhibitions

Solutions are used to place advertisements, tickers, brand logos, tournament schedules and other information about the casino.

Signboards are easily installed on ground cabinets. Thanks to their simple construction and laconic design, they will fit into the interior of any gambling hall.

Manufacturer's range:

Prism Flex Edge

The model is equipped with a thin video display with a resolution of 4K. The provider used groundbreaking Prism Flex technology for 105-degree travel and easy equipment attachment.

The developer has provided an unlimited number of configurations — from a standard installation on top of a gaming cabinet to winding columns on the floors of the casino

Infinity V55 Edge

The modular design is equipped with a 4K resolution LCD screen. The product supports animated graphics and 3D.

The eye-catching Infinity V55 Edge signage is a great place to showcase personalised casino-branded content

Simple Sign Display Kits

The model is equipped with a built-in 55-inch LCD screen, durable steel legs and a side plinth to hide the wiring.

The LED sign has several configurations for quick installation anywhere in the gambling hall

Universal Jumbo Edge

The solution has an ergonomic shape and fits perfectly into the interior of any casino complex.

Signage supports portrait and landscape orientations. It also has a commercial video player for continuous display of marketing content

Virtual Sports Solutions by Incredible Technologies

In an era where online amusement is gaining unprecedented popularity, the developer has seamlessly integrated the thrill of athletic competitions with the allure of the digital world.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering an unparalleled user experience, virtual sports solutions offer immersive and realistic entertainment for punters.

The studio offers two products of this type:

  • Golden Tee Golf (two variations, including mobile format);
  • Silver Strike Bowling.

One of the key highlights of the products lies in the strikingly lifelike animations. Every player movement, ball trajectory, and stadium atmosphere is painstakingly crafted to provide an authentic feel.

This makes users forget they are engaging in a virtual simulation. Thanks to advanced motion-capture tools and a team of skilled developers, the gameplay is smooth, fluid, and responsive.

The provider ensures that customers can enjoy virtual solutions across various platforms (PCs, mobile phones, tablets, etc.). The accessibility factor allows sports enthusiasts to indulge in their passion anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

What sets the software apart is the level of personalisation the vendor offers. Players can customise teams, choose their favourite participants, and compete against each other.

The supplier’s commitment to security, fair play, and conscious gaming ensure that its virtual sports products provide a safe and trustworthy environment for all users, fostering a positive and enjoyable experience.

Launch a Casino by the Incredible Technologies Provider: Interaction Formats

Incredible Technologies turnkey casino

Smart Money provides fast installation of branded content in three ways:

  1. Buying a ready-made iGaming project. The turnkey casino from Incredible Technologies contains an admin panel, a payment gateway, an entertainment catalogue, a CRM system and other components for a confident start. The operator receives a gambling site with a modern design, easy navigation and a practical user lobby.
  2. Cooperation under the White Label agreement. The advantage of the scheme is that it works under a licence of the parent company without the need to obtain permission yourself. Smart Money is responsible for the technical side of the project. This is the delivery and debugging of the backend, the integration of the game library, and the setting up of exchange operations between a remote server, an online casino and a financial aggregator.
  3. Purchase and rental of software. The entrepreneur receives an entertainment catalogue along with promotional tools for better communication with the target audience. Integration takes a minimum of time due to the seamless API connection.

The Main Things about Delivering the Developer’s Content

Incredible Technologies is a well-known American manufacturer of software for online and offline gambling.

  • The digital library contains interactive slot machines, video bingo, poker, and action games. The famous entertainment Golden Tee Golf has been re-released several times and is included in the list of the best-paid video games in the world.
  • The casino software is distinguished by cross-platform, interesting mechanics, generous bonuses, and a good choice of themes. Products are licensed in the US, Canada and other jurisdictions.
  • The ground line is represented by game cabinets and digital signage. The developer produces ergonomic models with a modern design and rich equipment.

Smart Money proposes to integrate branded entertainment in three ways:

We provide professional gambling services:

  • custom HTML5 game development;
  • integration of financial modules;
  • creation of a modern Telegram casino;
  • promotion of a gambling site on the Web and much more.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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