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Updated 13.02.2023

Casino Software Patagonia (Salsa Technology): Buy Top Gambling Solutions

Salsa Technology (which used to be known as Patagonia Entertainment before the rebranding) develops customised technology solutions for the iGaming industry. The company's product catalogue is diverse: there you will find convenient administrative platforms, card games, slots, arcades, live content, lotto, sports betting software.

Entering the market as a small video bingo business, the online casino provider Patagonia has expanded its reach and achieved astonishing success. The company's developments are in great demand in Europe, Latin America and Eastern regions.

Casino software from Patagonia (Salsa Technology)

Smart Money offers to connect a casino from the Patagonia provider on favourable terms. We guarantee a safe transaction, confidentiality, protection of client information and professional support.

South American Brand Success Story

The developer entered the gaming market in 2012 with a line of online bingo. Over time, the catalogue of offers expanded: the provider began releasing casino slots, cards, and multiplayer arcades.

In 2014, the company discovered a new area for itself — the development of programs for a mobile game. And since 2016, third-party branded content can be added to the casino software Patagonia.

In 2020, the manufacturer rebranded and entered the global arena as Salsa Technology. In the same year, a branded multi-level turnkey casino Patagonia was introduced.

The brand is headquartered in Uruguay. Most of the developments are focused on South America and are controlled by local authorities. For deliveries to the European and Asian markets, the company holds Portuguese, Spanish and Philippine licences.

Universal Gaming Platform

Patagonia's proprietary casino software is an innovative product that allows you to simultaneously control an online start-up and a physical network.

The platform was created using Omni-channel technology. The result is a multichannel system serving network and terrestrial locations via remote access points.

The source code of the program always remains static and transmits streaming data from internet services and physical equipment to a single control centre. Casino software Patagonia is compatible with cash register equipment and other types of technical devices for internet cafes, gambling halls and betting kiosks.

To connect a casino from the Patagonia supplier, seamless integration protocols are used. API technologies provide instant response and the ability to scale the system using third-party services.

Another unique feature of the product is the ability to switch between serviced equipment without logging out of your account.

Gambling Software by Patagonia: Game Developer’s Portfolio

Gambling software by the Patagonia game provider

At the very beginning of its activity, the company offered only exclusive brand developments. Now the turnkey casino Patagonia allows you to use content from other manufacturers.

The client can order a package of demo games and entertainment for money from providers:

Video Slots

The company has released 200+ branded products and continues to expand its range. The gambling software by Patagonia attracts players with its dynamism, unique mathematics and well-thought-out interface.

Characteristics of gambling content:

  1. Cross-platform. Thanks to HTML5 technology, Patagonia casino software is compatible with desktop and mobile operating systems, opens in any browser and runs smoothly regardless of the internet connection speed.
  2. Customisable interface. In addition to the basic multi-currency settings and language support, the products are equipped with a good set of individual options (there is a history of bets, automatic saving of game moves, detailed session statistics, etc.).
  3. Content format. Users can enjoy casino slot machine classics with 3–5 reels, participate in multiplayer tournaments, launch skill games and bingo.
  4. Multilevel bonus system. Free spins, bonus locations, symbols with advanced functionality and a cashback system are built into the products.
  5. Adjustable volatility. The operator can set the amount of return in the range of 94–96%.

Desktop Emulators

The developer offers an extensive range of traditional entertainment and modifications. The range of blackjack, video poker and roulette (traditional versions and upgraded versions). Additionally, the casino software Patagonia has a built-in support system for multiplayer tournament competitions.

Bingo Draws

The company's archive contains the best options for video draws with 30–90 balls. In addition, the developer has implemented a proprietary variation of pachinko oriental entertainment.

System characteristics:

  • original thematic draws;
  • interface in several language versions;
  • support for most fiat currencies;
  • a large selection of built-in multipliers;
  • tools for personalising draws (customisable bonuses, free playing time, extended limits for the VIP audience are provided);
  • compatibility with the desktop and mobile platforms.

Betting Content

The betting platform supports 15+ thousand monthly sports events. Lines are presented in pre-match and live formats. The system also supports betting on the outcome of virtual competitions. To develop the lines, the provider created a specialised analytical department.

Patagonia casino betting software can be used to set up an online business and remotely control ground points.

Set of Administrative Services

The backend of the developer's gaming platform has a convenient adaptive interface and a large selection of analytical services.

Back Office Features and Capabilities

Financial module

There are convenient and safe aggregators with support for the most popular payment methods (from bank card transfers to the replenishment of deposits through mobile services).

The platform is equipped with the option of segmenting visitors by payment methods and settings for personalising limits and commission fees.

The operator can use built-in modules and add third-party developments

Risk management

The platform incorporates the patented AcuityTec technology.

Program objectives:

  • analysis of behavioural responses;
  • prompt response to attempts to play using malicious software;
  • identifying users with a negative reputation;
  • verification of clients for compliance with legal regulations;
  • blocking access for minors

Distribution network

The South American company offers a connection to the NetRefer service.

The system has managed to establish itself as a reliable and safe platform for working with affiliates, commercial structures and private partners

Analytical module

Clients have access to 30+ adaptive models with the segmentation of information by:

  • accounting;
  • advertising;
  • sales quality;
  • user activity;
  • the efficiency of internal services.

The system offers visualisation of reporting summaries in the form of tables and graphs

Retention of the target audience

The program has several templates for:

  • seasonal and thematic promotions;
  • organising multiplayer tournaments;
  • accrual of internal rating points;
  • temporary access to exclusive products;
  • accrual of cash bonuses-greetings


The support service accepts requests around the clock. For requests, there is a chat on the official website and an email address

Services for B2B Audience

Patagonia B2B services for gambling business

When buying game developments of a brand, an investor can order specialised business services:

Advertising Department

The company offers the services of creating interactive thematic communities to maintain interest in the project and select high-quality traffic.

Communication takes place in a chat with a multilingual interface (Portuguese, English and Spanish are supported).

Licensing Services

The provider deals with organisational issues (the collection, preparation of the application and related documentation), support during the submission and consideration of the application, and control of legal compliance.

Design Department

You can order the following things from the provider:

  • design of the interface of the casino site;
  • development of promotional materials;
  • creation of an exclusive animated brand.

Betting Trading

You can get these services:

  • real-time sports market analytics;
  • development of effective strategies;
  • control of financial flows;
  • evaluation of the profitability of the marketing program.

Educational Materials

You can buy seminars and information courses on serving the target audience, increasing sales efficiency and features of gambling business advertising from the supplier.

Where Can You Safely Connect a Casino from the Patagonia Provider?

The investor can independently contact the seller or contact a trusted intermediary. The second option is more convenient: the client receives professional legal assistance and advice on any issues of setting up the software and increasing the efficiency of the start-up.

The proprietary server hardware is located in South America, in the Philippines. For work in Europe, hosting services from Portugal and Spain are provided.

The unique offer of the supplier is the installation and configuration of the platform using the PWA system. A specialised module is responsible for supporting the site on mobile operating systems.

The Main Things about the Latin American Supplier

Patagonia turnkey casino: key notions

Gambling software by Patagonia is an efficient and safe way to enter the gaming markets of South America, Europe and the East.

The company offers:

  • A rich selection of content. 200+ brand developments and offers from partner brands are available. The seller works with 1x2 Gaming, Play'n Go, Vivo Gaming, Red Rake Tech SL, Endorphina and Ezugi.
  • Multitasking platform. The provider's developments are adapted to work in the online sector and control the physical gaming network (from internet cafes to bingo halls and betting kiosks).
  • Support for mobile systems. Products are connected using PWA technology and provide an instant display of the site in mobile browsers. The operator can save a lot on the development of an additional application.
  • Range of additional services. You can order advertising materials, design services, licensing support, as well as a sports trading program from the provider.

Placing an order for the software will take no more than a couple of minutes — just fill out an application on the Smart Money website.

We will help in the implementation of any gambling projects (from traditional sites to mobile casinos, bitcoin platforms and land-based gaming halls). We guarantee a safe transaction, a free system test and flexible discounts.

Join the successful Smart Money family right now.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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