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Updated 13.02.2023

Afimac Casino Fraud Protection: The Best Security Tools from Smart Money

Afimac is a renowned company specialising in comprehensive business protection. The developer's solutions for the land-based (video surveillance and emergency response systems) are popular in North America.

As for the online sphere, the supplier has created unified AFI Security software. It can be easily adapted to the needs of the gambling industry.

Afimac casino security software

You can buy the Afimac casino security software from Smart Money. Leave a request on our website, and we will contact you.

The Characteristics of the Solution

The casino security software from Afimac is a multi-component product.

The provider considered the risks that may occur in the work of gambling portals. During the initial testing of a gaming website, a thorough assessment of the software weaknesses is carried out. The system of ID verification for casinos from Afimac identifies potential violators and blocks them instantly.

The Afimac casino security has the following basic components:

Incident prediction centre

The Afimac casino protection software can perform such tasks:

  • assessment of potential risks and threats;

  • audit of the security service and its improvement;

  • monitoring the situation on the information security market;

  • analysis of new fraudulent schemes and prompt software modification

Integrated security system

The goals of the software are as follows:

  • fight against multi-accounting and other manifestations of non-transparent play;

  • prevention of hacker attacks and electronic espionage;

  • protection against the introduction of destructive components (spam, viruses) into the code structure;

  • combating reverse engineering, piracy, intellectual property theft;

  • avoiding steal of funds and money laundering

The Afimac ID verification for casinos

The functions of the product include:

  • identification of users;

  • detection and ban of potential intruders;

  • control over the access of underage users to the gaming resource;

  • blockage of users from countries prohibiting online casinos by the law

To maintain the casino security, Afimac has created a well-thought-out system with several interconnected components. They guarantee good business protection and confidentiality of information.

The Benefits of the Security Programs

Afimac security programs for casinos

It is worth connecting the Afimac software to protect the casino not only because of its wide functionality.

Consider the advantages other of this product:

  1. Cross-platform support. The product is easy to install. It works smoothly on any OS. Regardless of the language of the main program code, the manufacturer's products do not conflict with other elements of the system.
  2. Adaptability. The Afimac casino fraud protection includes flexible settings. They help operators to improve the software, make adjustments depending on the specifics of the business, and respond to hacking schemes promptly.
  3. Technical support. The Afimac ID verification for casinos is updated automatically. Operators always receive the newest and most secure version of the software. The company assists clients at all stages of cooperation and provides high-quality technical maintenance.

Additional Opportunities

The provider offers preventive maintenance software that is suitable for working security systems.

Afimac casino security software interacts with other programs to:

  • prevent unauthorised intrusion;
  • improve privacy policy;
  • configure access control for internal users.

To ensure the high casino security, Afimac conducts training for online casino personnel (administrators, technical workers) and management staff (directors, managers, owners).

The mentorship is focused on the following areas:

  • correct work with confidential data;
  • prompt application of protective measures;
  • safe transfer of the gambling platform and player database to another resource;
  • setting internal restrictions for gamers (withdrawal limits, additional checks, etc.).

The Reasons to Connect the Afimac Verification for Casinos

The system of user identification is the foundation of AFI Security. The product divides users of the gambling platform into two categories: reliable customers and potential fraudsters.

The first group is provided with a personalised approach and the opportunity to play their favourite slot machines on the website. The information about customers from the second category is sent for a thorough check. They are blocked by the system after detecting some violations.

You can connect the verification for casinos from Afimac in two ways:

  1. Simple identification. The gamer should indicate his or her contact information (name, mobile number, e-mail address) and enter a unique password (6-8 digits).
  2. Complicated registration. The basic procedure is complemented by biometric face scanning or verification of documents. It is reasonable to connect the verification for casinos from Afimac for VIP players making large bets and substantial transactions.

It is better to make the request for an identity card mandatory for all users of the system. This check will allow you to identify minors and avoid problems with regulatory authorities.

The Main Things about the Protection Software

Afimac protection software: main benefits

To ensure reliable casino fraud protection, Afimac has developed a well-thought-out and multifunctional solution.

  • The product is based on a comprehensive assessment of business security, emergency response to arising threats and competent planning of the enterprise strategy.
  • It is worth connecting the Afimac software to protect the casino due to its cross-platform support and convenient control tools with flexible settings.
  • The identification module is available in two variations: basic (confirmation using a PIN code) and complicated modes (the analysis of documents and the application of biometric methods).

You can buy the Afimac casino fraud protection, as well as order unique iGaming solutions from Smart Money.

We offer software for land-based establishments and online casinos, innovative VR and Bitcoin casinos, Bingo Boom franchises, and other components for conducting a successful gambling business.

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B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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