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Updated 13.02.2023

WM555’s Casino Software: High-Quality Programs from the Cambodian Firm

If you want to enter the Asian markets and attract new loyal customers, we would offer you to choose the online casino titles provider WM555. Its live products and table games are extremely popular in the Southeast.

WM555 casino software: high-quality programs

Today's article is dedicated to the most lucrative offers of the company. You will also learn more about its solutions and be able to order them without extra cost and risks.

About the Supplier

The studio is part of the famous oriental gambling group — WM Casino. The firm was created in 2017 to spread the influence of the parent company in the online market as much as possible.

Its representative office and production capacities are located in ​​Cambodia, the seaboard province of Sihanoukville.

The company works in 2 directions: programs for live broadcasts and desktop gambling software by the decent WM555 vendor based on RNG systems.

Live content is recorded in the real casino owned by the holding. Among the features of the location, we can name:

  • a unique atmosphere that perfectly recaptures the Oriental charm;
  • more than 100 professional croupiers who speak different languages;
  • tables that are equipped with several large-format cameras with a 360-degree view;
  • the acoustic system that provides the most high-quality sound and the effect of complete immersion;
  • broadcasts of the playing zone conducted from several angles that can be changed during the game;
  • the latest card reading system that transmits the value of denominations to the user's device with a minimum delay of a hundredth of a second.

WM555’s web casino software is often found on the platforms of partner brands. The developer creatively approached the issues related to the preservation of cultural heritage: the interior of mini-studios recaptures the elements of the design of ethnic palaces, and the uniform of croupiers is made in the colours of the flag of the ASEAN.

The company operates in the Cagayan economic zone and can distribute the software under a simplified tax arrangement. All developments of the vendor are approved by the largest gambling regulators of the East: the commissions of Cambodia and the Philippines.

Content with built-in random number generators undergoes additional independent certification by the GLI agency.

The Product Range of the Manufacturer

WM555 gambling software: product range

The decision to purchase the provider’s solutions opens access to more than 1000 unique premium games. Most of the entertainment is designed for the Asian audience but there are also several offerings for Western clients.

All solutions can be divided into 3 categories:

Card Games

These offerings please users with a wide variety of ethnic themes. Some products were created specifically for the markets of Taiwan and Vietnam and a series of games for Europe.

The most popular and demanded solutions are:

  1. Baccarat. Sessions are played at 25 tables and have different dynamics, many side bets, and special VIP areas for playing at high stakes. The mechanics are similar to three-card poker but they have simpler rules and a different speed of distribution. To win, it is enough to collect a combo of cards equal to 9 points. The abundance of side bets significantly increases the average check per session.
  2. Dragon Tiger. This is one of the oldest Oriental games that is mentioned in the annals of the 14th century along with the Shang Chinese royal dynasty. The product pleases gamblers with its dynamism and simple rules: the croupier deals one card and puts it on the table and opens it after the player places a bet. The winner is the one whose card’s face value is higher. Here, side bets are not provided but the main transactions are calculated based on increased odds.
  3. Andar Bahar. A unique solution that cannot be found among the offers of other firms and is characterised by unusual mechanics and a 50% chance of winning. Only 2 bets are accepted in the game: on the dealer and the user. The one with the highest card wins. An interesting feature is that a bet can only be placed before the cards are dealt, and neither the suit nor the number of simultaneous participants affects the result. It all depends only on the face value.

Board Games

This category of the provider's solutions is characterised by its dynamism and perfectly recaptured Oriental atmosphere.

There are several most in-demand games:

  1. Sic Bo. An interesting game with simple rules. The croupier throws 3 six-sided dice on the table, and users must guess the combination that will appear. Bets are divided into 3 categoriesю For each of them, special odds are provided: for small numbers up to 7, for large numbers up to 18, and additional outcomes. Side bets: even/odd, the order of values, the first/last number, and the victory of another participant.
  2. Fan Tan. In this unusual version of bingo, bets are placed on the number of the ball that the croupier will take out of an opaque bag. Each correct number is paid by x2.85. If users guess 3 of the 4 values, the calculated coefficient will change by 3 to 0.95. Several bets can be placed on the session at the same time, which significantly increases the average check of customers.
  3. Fish Prawn Crab. The original modification of Sic Bo. The game also uses 3 dice but on their sides, there are no numbers but images of various sea animals. To win, users need to guess the main combination. Among side bets, there are double/triple, first/last image, sequence of values, and the victory of another participant. For each of the additional outcomes, an exclusive coefficient is calculated.
  4. Shake the Chess. An old game from Vietnam. For broadcasts, a special table is used, which accepts an unlimited number of users. Instead of lottery balls and dice, the croupier uses 4 chess pieces. Players must guess which side each of the figures will appear on. This is a unique solution that has no analogue.
  5. Si Dai. It is presented as a modified lottery game. On the table, in front of each participant, there is a special linear work. Users need to collect combinations of red and white tokens. The winner closes all the empty fields faster than the others. The chance to collect a line of elements of the same colour is 1 to 9. There are also such side bets as over/under, win/loss of another player, and even/odd.
  6. Roulette. There are tables with European and American versions. Both of them are made in a classic style without any side combinations. Playing zones are designed in a very laconic style and are more focused on the Western audience. The product is created for people who want to feel as if they are in a real casino, having a good time chatting with other visitors.

The Vendor’s Sportsbook Offer

This relatively new direction appeared in 2019. It is a rather unusual sports system with pre-match and live bets.

Users have access to a well-thought-out event line, including the most popular disciplines (from football to cricket), as well as an excellent bonus system and group betting option but the cockfight event line remains the brand’s calling card.

It is thanks to the betting section that the software has gained such popularity in Thailand, Vietnam, and other regions of the South-East. This is a unique offer that has no rival.

Reasons to Launch a Casino by the WM555 Provider

WM555 turnkey casino: features and benefits

We can name several features and benefits of the vendor’s software:

Different Integration Options

The manufacturer is interested in the constant expansion of the affiliate network and offers several scalable types of connection.

Ways to purchase the provider’s solution

Packaged API connection

An offer for already existing companies that allows operators to use the brand’s solutions in the format of an additional section of their websites.

The option includes a catalogue of games, a bonus program, a proprietary verification system, statistics tools, and other components for managing a website.

The provider guarantees fast installation in one session and automatic updating of the platform

Ready-made project

WM555 turnkey casinos provide clients with the ability to work under their brands.

The service includes:

  • a complete list of the manufacturer’s products;
  • customisable administrative panel;
  • payment tools for local and international markets (built-in converter programs are available);
  • flexible user interface;
  • bonus programs with support for tournaments;
  • various statistical tools;
  • several channels of communication with the customer support department

iFrame connection

Specialised offer for beginning entrepreneurs who have no experience of working in the niche. Operators become part of the developer's affiliate network and can work under the name of an already promoted brand.

The platform’s traffic is redirected to the seller's servers. Casino owners are offered live broadcasts, the procedure for verifying new customers, maintenance, and control of the advertising program.

The operator's tasks are just to expand the client base and partially control financial transactions

Good Performance

The platform can process about 8 thousand requests per minute, regardless of the type of commands.

Entrepreneurs can be sure of:

  • the stable operation of the system;
  • round-the-clock access to support services;
  • high speed of processing financial requests (verified users can withdraw money in 2–5 minutes);
  • continuous monitoring of user behaviour and prompt response to any anomalies.

Convenient Casino Lobby

The platform’s interface pleases gamblers with a huge number of personalisation settings:

  • options for changing/switching off the soundtrack;
  • multi-level statistics for each game, an ability to see user ratings;
  • access to various multi-user events;
  • customisable cashback and promo programs;
  • several versions of game modes (standard and accelerated ones);
  • options for adjusting bets and limits on the deposition/withdrawal of funds;
  • a large selection of payment instruments with the ability to use built-in converters;
  • the ability to change croupiers, etc.

Bonus Program

Businessmen should launch profitable casinos by the WM555 leading provider not only for the sake of a series of exclusive content. The developer offers the widest choice of tools that help to retain customers.

Entrepreneurs are offered:

  • personalised cashback programs;
  • a system for organising tournaments with user ratings, history of events, the ability to set up personal invitations, and limited entrance;
  • customisable limits;
  • welcome bonuses;
  • internal referral program with a multi-level reward system;
  • a corporate credit line, etc.

Cross-Platform Environment

The supplier’s platform works well on any device. The web system is supported by the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems and has several playback modes depending on the parameters of the user's device.

It is also worth noting that there are several language packages available: Chinese, English, Spanish, and 10 more options.

This language pack applies to all content of the provider, as well as the help desk and in-game chats where it is possible to communicate with dealers and other users.

The Main Things about the Vendor’s Offerings

  • The firm is popular all over the world. Its work is highly appreciated for the creative approach to the preservation of the local cultural heritage and the unusual design of gambling zones with interiors of the famous palaces of the East.
  • The vendor's catalogue contains mostly solutions for the selected Asian regions. The studio offers a series of authentic Chinese and Thai games. The provider's calling card is a virtual sportsbook offer with a cockfight sweepstake (national Vietnamese entertainment).
  • The supplier's immediate goal is to conquer European markets. For this reason, several products have been added to the developer's portfolio, and several international financial instruments are used.

From the Smart Money studio, you can learn more about the features of the vendor’s software and order its connection. We will take care of all technical and organisational issues, and you will only have to adjust the marketing program and increase your client base.

We offer products for business projects of any format:

Leave an application to our managers and get the latest-generation casino products for your startup!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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