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Updated 13.02.2023

Where to Buy Champion Online Casino: a Good Pennyworth at Smart Money

Those entrepreneurs who are planning to invest and make money in the iGaming sphere should definitely consider purchasing turnkey solutions.

Champion gaming platform

Smart Money recommends you to decide on the Champion game platform ― an adaptive product that can be launched literally the next day.

About the Famous Company

The Champion brand was founded in Russia at the beginning of the 2000s. At that time, stationary slot machines located in gambling clubs were extremely popular. The manufacturer has released several dynamic games for land-based casinos, which were well accepted by the local audience.

In 2007–2009, the company focused on the increased embrace of online casinos and began to develop special software for virtual gambling platforms. As a result, the Champion game system was created. It is constantly being modernised and updated because the provider is adding new functions, thus extending his offer.

Today, Champion products are supplied to all CIS countries and many countries of the European Union.

Champion Casino Platform: Available Options

The Champion game platform is presented in 2 versions: one is standard, and another one is modified. Let us consider them in more detail:


The basic Green version

The extended Black version

Range of games

Gamblers have access to 64 slot machines in the HD format

An unlimited number of slot machines and an ability to add new games at your discretion


Fast installation thanks to the use of API technology

Instant integration and the ability to securely launch a solution with the hidden logo

Additional options

A well-thought-out statistical and analytical system.

You can view the history of each user in real-time

The accelerated conveyance of data with the use of 128-bit encryption channels.

A practical back office with the ability to administer the resource is also available

Payment modules

Installation of the branded CHCGREEN system

The use of the multipart CHCBLACK module

Advantages of Champion Solutions

Champion software solutions: advantages

The Champion game system (both in the basic and extended version) is distinguished by the following advantages:


Transactions (deposition or withdrawal of money, transfers to another account within the system) can be carried out in Russian rubles, dollars, and euros. The advanced list includes such currencies as Polish zloty, Thai baht, and Ukrainian hryvnias. The system also processes transactions in digital currency.

All this makes the geography of users wider, and the profit of operators ― higher.

Flexible Financial Settings

Casino owners have the right to independently choose a number of additional filters and settings to make the gambling platform more profitable.

Operators have access to:

  • Regulation of the RTP percentage. This parameter can be set both in each slot machine and in the whole casino.
  • Repayment of a part of the money that gamblers lost. The maximum cashback is 10% but operators have the right to reduce this parameter.
  • Customisation of your denomination list.
  • The use of more than 20 different options for financial transactions.

Reference Security

The Champion casino platform is distinguished by an improved security system. The developer used innovative IT solutions to make the product as reliable as possible, even with the critical load on the system.

The iConnect Champion server hardware is localised abroad ― in the world's leading jurisdictions.

The Champion game system is equipped with advanced WAF software filters, IDS hacker attacks recognition systems, powerful VPS tunnels, API technologies, and other innovative tools.

The turnkey solution is protected from unauthorised access of third parties, the introduction of malicious code, piracy, intellectual property theft, and other illegal actions.

Convenient Back Office

There is another reason to buy Champion online casino. It has a practical administration panel where you can operate with additional settings, monitor the actions of registered users, and study detailed statistics on all casino operations. Administration can be carried out remotely.

Operators have access to multi-level financial, strategic, and marketing reports. They also can create a balance of payments without any problems.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

The solution runs on many operating systems and any device. You can use both stationary desktops and various mobile gadgets.

Moreover, it is possible to install the product in land-based casinos.

Installation Features of the Product

Champion online casino: installation

The high installation speed can be named as one of the undeniable advantages of the solution. It will take a customer one day to buy Champion online casino and launch the gambling project. The system functions smoothly, thanks to which entrepreneurs can realise profit as soon as possible.

The cooperation scheme is as follows:

  1. Free software testing on the basis of the demo version of the product.
  2. Connection of the paid version (installation from the special cloud storage).
  3. The first deposition at the expense of the Champion company.
  4. The later use of the software.
  5. Constant system maintenance in accordance with the terms of the contract.

It is worth noting that at all stages of cooperation, operators receive professional technical support. Each customer works with a personal manager who is in touch round-the-clock.

Another attractive offer of the brand is remote training of personnel. Employees of the casino gain extensive knowledge in the field of administration of gaming sites, processing of transactions, and creation of integrated reports.

Unique Gambling Solutions

The Champion game platform offers unique slot machines with interesting plots and good payouts. Users will be happy to play such games, thus bringing a high profit to the casino owner.

Competitive Advantages of Slots

It is worth paying special attention to the following characteristics:

  • unique game mathematics that cannot be predicted;
  • flawless visualisation, thanks to which users get the most realistic picture;
  • exciting plots that heighten the interest of gamblers during the entire game session.

Loyalty Programs

The brand has developed several unique bonus options. They can “chain” users to the monitor, thus guaranteeing a steady increase in customers:

  1. Progressive jackpot. It can be found in all slot machines on the platform. The prize pool consists of the total amount of money invested by users. Its size grows from session to session, until some fortunate soul manages to make a scoop.
  2. Tournaments. This is a unique opportunity to participate in slot tournaments (at no cost to all registered customers of the Champion brand). Just like in the case of the jackpot, there is a solid prize pool, which will seem very attractive to many gamblers.

The Main Advantages of the Champion Casino Platform

The Champion game system is a profitable solution for many operators who work on the territory of CIS. Its positive characteristics can hardly be overestimated:

  • Several setup options for customers to choose from.
  • Multi-currency and cross-browser compatibility of the system, its reliability, and security of all the components.
  • Ability to get a test version of the product.
  • A practical back office that is easy to manage.
  • Proprietary solutions (bonuses, jackpots, tournaments) that attract a solvent audience.

To order the Champion software, please contact the Smart Money company. We offer flexible cooperation conditions and comprehensive support at all stages of interaction.

Contact us for details:

  • e-mail:
  • Skype:
  • Telegram: @spinwin
  • the feedback form.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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