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Belgium Casino Licence: the Cost and Features of Its Acquisition

Gambling activity in Belgium was legalized in 1999, and since 2002, the casino business has been licensed and regulated by a special state commission. In this country, favourable terms were created for operators, and such businesses as land-based and online clubs, poker rooms, and betting shops are prosperous.

Specialists of Smart Money have gathered information, thanks to which you will find out what benefits the Belgium online casino licence can bring to your project. We will be glad to help you to collect documents, file an application, and take out a permit. For a detailed consultation, please turn to our managers.

How to Receive the Belgium Online Casino Licence

Belgium online casino licence

The gambling business brings good money to the treasury of Belgium, so the government encourages operators who have received an official work permit.

Games organized as part of carnivals, fairs, and other entertainment events are not regulated by the commission because it only controls the activity that is connected with casino entertainment.

Besides, a separate Belgium casino licence cannot be issued for virtual platforms. First, it will be necessary to receive the right to open a land-based location.

Operators of offline and online locations must be committed to the principles of responsible gambling and implement measures to prevent the spread of ludomania among players. You should also remember that the country has restrictions on the advertising of casino games.

Legal Types of Activity

  1. Card and board games. Entrepreneurs can open offline and online casinos.
  2. Slot machines. Both land-based gambling halls and websites with slots are considered legal.
  3. Sports betting. You can open a bookmaker's office of any format or a sweepstake.
  4. Lotteries. It is allowed to organize raffles with the involvement of television and other media.

Set of Documents

In addition to the application and complete information on the founders and shareholders, the following documents must be filed to the Belgium Gambling Commission:

  • confirmation of the law-obedience of the firm;
  • tax statements for the last quarter;
  • certificates of no criminal record for the company’s top management (which were received no later than 3 months before the application filing).

Moreover, operators must additionally provide complete information on the platform, its components, name, and the servers used. The company also undertakes a commitment to protect the personal data and deposits of customers.


Entrepreneurs pay several types of fees, such as:

  • a gambling tax ― 11% of the gross receipt;
  • a tax for an online casino ― 21% of revenues.

Types of Licences and Terms for Their Acquisition

Belgium casino licences: types and acquisition

Those who want to own a Belgium casino should choose between several types of permits, and the size of insurance capital depends on licences that applicants receive.

Types of Permits

Operators can obtain one of the licences that are listed below:

Category of the document



This document allows you to own the Belgium land-based casino. It is issued for a period of 15 years and costs 15 thousand euros. Holders of this licence can expect the acquisition of a permit of the A+ category


This Belgium casino licence is similar to the A permit but it provides operators with wider possibilities: entrepreneurs can also launch gambling projects on the Internet


With this permit, you can open a gambling hall. It is valid for 9 years, and the price is 7.5 thousand euros


In addition to the opening of gambling halls with slot machines, operators can offer virtual arcade games


This Belgium online casino licence is usually obtained by owners of bars if they are planning to install slot machines in their establishments


A multiuse document that provides for the legalization of all types of activities listed in the permits of all the above-mentioned categories


The document allows you to sell and repair equipment for the gambling business. It costs 2.5 thousand euros


These permits are issued for the activities of land-based and virtual bookmakers. Holders of such licences can accept bets on both offline and online platforms




These documents regulate the organization of lotteries and tournaments with the involvement of the media and television


Insurance Capital

Its amount is determined in accordance with the type of permit that an operator has obtained:

  • А, А + ― 250 thousand euros;
  • B, B + ― 75 thousand euros;
  • E ― 25 thousand euros;
  • F1 ― 10 thousand euros;
  • F1 + ― 75 thousand euros;
  • G1 ― 80 thousand euros.

All types of gambling projects are considered legal in Belgium but it is necessary to receive a separate licence for each of them. In order not to get confused by such a variety of documents and their purpose, contact Smart Money. Our experts will gladly take all the paperwork upon themselves.

The Main Things About the Belgium Casino Licence

Belgium official permit: key notions

The regulatory body issues licences that increase the level of trust in gambling software vendors and the loyalty of users.

  • Belgium allows all types of gambling activities, so operators can easily legalize their projects.
  • Thanks to a balanced taxation system, entrepreneurs have enough funds to develop their business.
  • A favourable investment climate allows operators to confidently predict the results and future profit.
  • It is very important to bear in mind that the Belgium online casino licence of the A + type can be issued on condition that the entrepreneur already has the A class permit for a land-based casino.

Smart Money will help you to launch a new project or modernize an already existing business. We offer the creation of a turnkey online casino or a bookmaker’s office, Telegram and bitcoin casinos, and a gaming site with live dealers.

In our catalogue, you will find a large selection of the game content, administrative software, payment modules, and security systems.

You can order any product in a couple of minutes! Just contact us:

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