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Updated 13.02.2023

Buy the Featurespace Casino Fraud Protection from Smart Money

The British manufacturer took a worthy place in the online market thanks to its innovative solution. The Featurespace casino security software can evaluate gamblers' behaviour and build responsive templates to prevent fraud even before the game starts.

Featurespace software for casino protection

Contact Smart Money to evaluate the quality of the product and connect the Featurespace software to protect the casino on the most favourable terms. We propose licensed software, high-quality support, personal manager services, and good discounts to our customers.

Interesting Information about the Provider

Bill Fitzgerald, professor at Cambridge University, and his assistant are the founders of Featurespace. Scientists decided to adapt machine learning technology to protect the subjects of the information technology market.

The breakthrough happened in 2008. The developers presented an innovative system with high adaptability. This project became the basis for the first security protocols capable of predicting and preventing the actions of Internet fraudsters.

The final product of the company is a set of 7 modules that are widely applied in the online sector (telecommunications, virtual commerce, insurance, etc.). The product is built with patented algorithms to help identify attackers and loyal customers.

The casino protection software Featurespace is a multi-purpose solution with a lot of settings allowing operators to control all participants in the game:

  • direct users (new clients and gambling enthusiasts who earned a good reputation);
  • start-up partners (affiliates promoting gambling services on external resources);
  • vendors (private webmasters and professional developers);
  • regular staff (managers, customer service, technical support specialists).

Indicators in numbers:

  • secure transactions guaranteed to 500 million users;
  • 50.4 billion closed deals annually;
  • the allowable load is 10 thousand requests per second;
  • personal information base includes 100 thousand accounts;
  • the reduction rate of false glitches and transaction rollbacks makes up 75%.

Five Important Features of the Software

Featurespace software: 5 important features

It is worthwhile to connect the verification for casinos from Featurespace for several reasons:

  1. The Featurespace casino security can work at full capacity after initial debugging. Further operational algorithms will be implemented by the system automatically.
  2. The system of ID verification for casinos from Featurespace generates a working strategy without adapting to current conditions. The services of the product are adjusted to the available information about users and partners of the slot machine website automatically.
  3. The software processes external requests in a real-time mode, providing the gaming platform with protection at any volume of user traffic.
  4. The Featurespace casino security software analyses the risks of interaction with gamblers and business partners (developers, members of affiliate networks, staff, etc.).
  5. The system works in an autonomous mode without human intervention.

The product can solve lots of essential tasks:

  • protection against embedding malicious structures (virus codes, fonts) into the structure of the iGaming platform;
  • analysis of risky payments for compliance with legal regulations;
  • fight against collusion of gamblers, unfair play, excess of limits and bonus abuse;
  • prevention of cyber-attacks;
  • protection of personal information.

The Technical Base of the System

The Featurespace casino fraud protection components are represented by two main blocks.

Risk Prediction

The system consists of several services:



Network analytics

The program evaluates related profiles and identifies potential fraudsters

Internal documentation

The system of ID verification for casinos form Featurespace provides a stable channel for transmitting enterprise commercial information


The tool is used to analyse player behaviour and detect abnormal activity.

Participants are verified using behavioural biometrics technology and personal PIN codes

Interaction with user groups

The software is designed to cluster the audience and create a unique hierarchy of clients

Reporting Documentation

The module includes the following solutions:

  • standard templates with customisation settings;
  • panels with reporting information on detected risks;
  • summaries with system-generated forecasts;
  • tools for assessing platform performance;
  • analytical services for monitoring internal business processes.

Reasons to Connect the Verification for Casinos from Featurespace

Verification for casinos from Featurespace

The software maintains the stability of business processes related to personal and commercial data. Consider some good causes to connect the verification for casinos from Featurespace.

Protection Against Credit Card Fraud

The module has such built-in options:

  • search for new illegal schemes;
  • monitoring the procedure for cancelling transfers;
  • automatic personalisation;
  • behavioural analysis.

Evaluation of Mobile Services

The Featurespace ID verification for casinos has a separate block for controlling mobile audience’s security.

The service is characterised by the following features:

  • control over the activities of clients;
  • analysis of behavioural reactions.

Fight Against Schemes

The Featurespace casino fraud protection is used by leading payment aggregators and international banks.

The software can recognise such schemes:

  • the capture of a client account;
  • the use of true and false information combinations;
  • the launch of entertainment content with malware.

Analysis of Affiliate Programs

The Featurespace casino fraud protection software is characterised by such features:

  • the identification of illegal commercial and private accounts;
  • control over the operator's guarantee fund;
  • the collection of an analytical base on financial events.

Money Laundering Protection

The service can perform the following tasks:

  • the evaluation of clients’ behaviour;
  • control of large money transfers;
  • risk forecasting.

The Main Things about the Featurespace Software

The Featurespace casino security software can recognise any cyber threat:

  • the product detects violations and predicts risks;
  • all processes are automated after the initial setup;
  • it is possible to connect the Featurespace software to protect the casino from Smart Money. We guarantee professional assistance and flexible discounts.

You can buy software for gambling businesses of any format from our catalogue: turnkey casinos, stock terminals, live content, etc. We are ready to solve organisational issues, provide technical support, and develop an exclusive promotion strategy for your project.

Start your dream business with Smart Money today:

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  • feedback form.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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