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Updated 13.02.2023

Casino Software WMS: Top Games from the American Market Leader

WMS Gaming is one of the top providers whose past activity can be seen as a perfect example of the transition from the development of stationary machines to the creation of next-generation online games.

Casino software from the WMS provider

Branded products have played a key role in shaping cutting-edge trends. The developer's portfolio includes hundreds of virtual slot machines, lotteries, goods for mobile and social play.

This review from the Smart Money aggregator is dedicated to the top projects of the American supplier.

Read about the innovative functionality of branded developments and find out how to launch a casino from the WMS provider transparently and securely.

Information about the Manufacturer WMS

The WMS Gaming brand is a subsidiary of the niche concern WMS Industries, which entered the market back in 1943. The founder of the company is Harry E. Williams.

The creator was known as the Williams Manufacturing Company and specialised exclusively in the release of stationary machines. The provider's first product line featured various pinball machines such as:

  • Flat top;
  • Laura;
  • Circus Romance;
  • Zingo.

An interesting fact: the first automata were not created from scratch. The provider bought some models from other manufacturers and improved them, further selling them under its brand.

The first proprietary pinball machine technology was developed in the late 1940s. The mechanism was called Suspense and by the 1950s it had become widespread.

By 1962, the company had sold more than 1,100 vehicles. And the following year, the record was broken more than twice by the new brand development Skill Pool. After that, the company was waiting for several more major successes, but gradually the manufacturer's interest in the production of pinball machines began to weaken.

In 1991, the company began to take its first steps in the online field and released a series of video lotteries. A year later, the developer presented a slot based on the cult film The Addams Family. The project instantly gained popularity, and the sales record has not been broken so far: casino software WMS has been purchased 20,270 times.

In 2003, a game on the CPU-NXT with flash memory was released. The machine was the first in history to begin to remember the results of the previous actions of gamblers.

Between 2006 and 2011, the company's turnover grew by more than $332 million. The studio's net revenue was estimated at $113 million.

In 2012, the online casino provider WMS once again changed its line of business and focused on the complete modernisation of the product line and the release of solutions for the mobile audience.

A year later (in October 2013), the company merged with Scientific Games. The amount of the deal is $1.5 billion.

To date, the list of suggestions from the supplier includes:

  • production of land-based gambling equipment, along with terminals for lotteries;
  • work on full-scale digital business structures and functioning systems;
  • WMS casino slots for sale under the White Label program;
  • a wide range of network solutions;
  • consulting services and technical support.

The main audience of the provider is concentrated in America. The developer receives 70% of their profits from betting in the US. The main office of the company is located in Las Vegas.

The studio has international branches in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, India, China, Argentina, the Netherlands, the UK and Austria.

Game Lineup of an American Enterprise

WMS gambling software: game lineup

Casino software WMS is a combination of advanced technologies, unusual mechanics and cutting-edge visualisation. All the efforts of the provider are aimed at providing users with an exciting and unusual time.

Brand developments are represented by two categories:

Products for the Land-Based Sector

The stationary equipment of the company is presented in almost every Vegas den and many halls outside the States.

The studio works closely with major industrial companies. For instance, in cooperation with Intel, a series of motherboards was released with a multi-core processor, increased RAM and integrated ATI graphics that support HD quality and 3D effects.

For a long time, casino software WMS was produced in BlueBird cases with an improved bill acceptor and a touch control panel.

The latest developments combine:

  • HQ visualisation (there are several series with displays of different diagonals and multi-rooms with several screens);
  • an innovative lighting system that creates a feeling of complete immersion;
  • stereo sound accompaniment;
  • powerful processors developed in tandem with industry-leading vendors;
  • ergonomic cases with the possibility of installation in halls of any size.

Williams Interactive Digital Content

Slots occupy a key place in the developer's catalogue. 100+ items are kept in stock. The releases attract an enormous audience due to the following characteristics:

  1. Story variety. There is a huge selection of fruit mixes and many different themes. The developments with adventure plots, based on famous fairy tales and films, and slot machines with the themes of wildlife hold the biggest popularity among the audience.
  2. Innovative mechanics. Most studio projects are slots with 3–5 reels. But the catalogue also contains unique models with 6+ reels and 4,096 lines. Plus, the provider has a unique virtual simulator developed specifically for the Facebook platform — Lucky Cruise.
  3. Excellent graphics. The supplier has a lot of retro games in its reserve, made with the preservation of the classic style of fruit "one-armed bandits" and a huge number of slots using advanced visualisation technologies, including 3D.
  4. Jackpots and bonuses. Casino software WMS offers a whole range of tools for maximum customer retention. Branded products support a series of free spins, multipliers, and story quests, but the provider's main feature is multi-level progressive jackpots.
  5. Multi-platform capabilities. The developer offers universal solutions that are compatible with any operating system. Since 2020, the group has begun converting cult slots into a mobile format. Mobile slots have retained all the basic functionality, including bonuses and jackpots.

The most popular casino products from WMS Gaming

Reel Em

This pick is dedicated to Sunday rest and fishing. Users are attracted not only to an interesting plot but also to the simple mechanics.

The rich bonus program deserves attention. A gambler can win up to 80 free spins with random multipliers and a progressive jackpot

Alice & The Mad Tea Party

This slot has a non-standard 5x3 grid with 30 winning combinations. There are two types of bonuses available:

  • the classic free spins cycle, during which an additional bonus symbol appears on the screen;
  • "frantic respin" with a random multiplier

Raging Rhino

This example of gambling software by WMS is dedicated to the wild African fauna and allows you to collect money combinations on 4,096 lines.

The game has an enlarged field with a 6x4 grid and one service symbol that starts the free spins cycle. During the bonus, an additional multiplier is available to users


The project is based on the plot of the film of the same name. The playing field is decorated in dark red and black colours and creates the illusion of complete immersion.

In addition to the atmosphere, users can expect a series of free spins, several types of multipliers and a story bonus

Star Trek

The machine repeats the storyline of the series of the same name. The bonus round is made in the spirit of iconic Star Wars: gamblers can choose their spaceship and earn a cycle of revolving free spins.

In addition to cash payments, the slot earns special coins that can be exchanged for additional gaming features

Reasons to Launch a Casino by the WMS Provider

WMS turnkey casino: features and benefits

The provider is considered a famous and promising enterprise in the US.

Operators value WMS software for the following features and benefits:

Variety of Offers

The developer has a huge selection of premium solutions for the gaming sector.

The provider has an extensive history in the production of stationary gaming products. Right now in the line of the studio, there are:

  • several models of cabinets for halls of different sizes;
  • multi-game cabinets with one and several screens;
  • touch controls and LED panels for advertising broadcasts;
  • video terminals for organising lottery draws and much more.

The developer controls the entire production cycle and guarantees the highest quality of their products. When buying branded equipment, the operator gets access to the entire library of the studio and a range of warranty services.

Gambling software by WMS for internet operators is represented by the following positions:

  • video poker;
  • board games;
  • lotteries;
  • slot machines;
  • instant and social releases;
  • turnkey casino WMS with accumulative jackpots.

There is a pick for every taste, and all digital content is adapted for browser launch and play through mobile applications.

Security Guarantees

All products included in the software are recognised as absolutely transparent and safe. The company cooperates with leading industry regulators and tests its creations in several independent institutions at once.

The supplier has laboratory certificates:

  • Technical Systems Testing;
  • Gaming Laboratories;
  • Remote Gambling Association.

To ensure network security, the provider uses advanced digital solutions, including proprietary cryptographic protocols and 128-bit SSL encryption tools.

Bonus Program

In addition to standard bonuses (free spins, story quests, service symbols and multipliers), the provider has gained wide popularity thanks to its proprietary progressive program — Jackpot Party. One of the studio's systems and a series of fruit picks were even named in honour of this project.

The accumulative prize fund is divided into five categories:

  • Super;
  • Blowout;
  • Surprise;
  • Confetti;
  • Jackpot Party Mega.

To participate in any of the draws, the user only needs to place a bet. Prize funds are formed from the percentage of burnt deposits, thanks to which operators are exempted from covering large winnings and can more rationally distribute investment funds.

Market Coverage

WMS casino slots for sale can be found in the largest international markets.

The provider's developments meet the most stringent requirements of local operators and are available to work with an audience from:

The provider offers a solution for all types of gambling establishments: stationary clubs, online platforms and mobile systems.

Connection Variability

The developer has several B2B cooperation schemes:

  1. White Label programs. The company offers complex business projects for online and landline operators. The solution includes a complete game library, support services, secure payment modules, certification documents, licences, etc.
  2. Turnkey casino WMS. You can order a platform adapted to a specific sales region. The provider offers a wide range of language interfaces, built-in bonus programs, and regular free updates.
  3. Point integration. In the studio, you can place an order for certain categories of goods: lotteries, slots, poker, etc. The provider offers a convenient seamless connection scheme and the ability to integrate branded products with the developments of third-party vendors.
  4. Sale of stationary equipment. Ground cabinets and gaming cabinets NAVY are presented in almost every casino in Las Vegas and 70+ locations outside the States. The developer undertakes the delivery, debugging of automated mechanisms, the connection of products to remote control centres and warranty service.

Additionally, you can order from the provider:

  • consulting and audit services;
  • development of exclusive mobile products;
  • sale of patented game mechanics;
  • various training and business cases;
  • marketing services and more.

The Main Things about Gambling Developments from WMS Gaming

Position and strategy of the American developer:

We concentrate on modernity and create products that change the way gambling is played. Our main values are technology, passion for the game, quality, and respect for customers. They gave our team inspiration and a new impetus to create unique products.

  • The enterprise creates products for all forms of gambling business. There is a series of developments for mobile apps, software for online casino WMS and a wide range of stationary equipment, including self-service terminals and multi-game cabinets.
  • The provider guarantees clients absolute transparency and security. All branded products are tested by several independent agencies at once. The company is certified by Technical Systems Testing, Gaming Laboratories and Remote Gambling Association.
  • The creator is known for its unique program of multi-level jackpots. The company offers several versions of progressive rewards, which are formed from the percentage of burned deposits. In honour of the biggest Jackpot Party win, a series of branded fruit slots and an online casino platform were named.

To get more information about the technical characteristics of proprietary production and launch a casino by the WMS provider on favourable terms, please contact the Smart Money managers.

Our specialists offer the latest generation of gambling products:

There are a large selection of turnkey business projects and a branded free casino configurator program. Create your gaming platform in just a few clicks!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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