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How Do Slot Machines Work: The Nuances and Principles of Equipping Modern Slot Machines

Updated 29.04.2020

Many fans of excitement still have recent memories of the massive “one-armed bandits” that were available in almost every amusement park and a small cafe. Everyone could throw a coin into the slot and try his luck.

The operation algorithm of slot machines has changed considerably since then. Due to the steady development of technological progress and a variety of virtual entertainment, many players have switched their attention from land-based locations to online platforms. At the same time, gamers are not well versed in the basic principles of slots, moreover, they also spread just amazing myths about the possibilities of easy money and schemes of cheating “smart machines”.

The experts from Smart Money are ready to dispel the established stereotypes and shed light on the basic operation principle of slot machines. In this article, we will tell you how slot machines are programmed, describe in detail the principle of the random number generator operation and debunk the most famous and popular myths that exist among the modern fans of excitement.

From the Smart Money managers, you can always get detailed information on any issues related to the nuances of the development and promotion of online casinos of any format. We are ready to offer a full range of services for the implementation and subsequent support of gambling projects. The only thing you should do is to leave a request to our specialists.

How Slot Machines Are Programmed: Introduction on the Origins

Before you understand the operation principle of modern-type slot machines, it is worth pointing to gain experience in the features and technical nuances of the modern slots’ “progenitors”.

The first “one-armed bandits” were an electromechanical device. Those who wanted to try their luck had to throw a coin and pull the lever. The reels spun for a few seconds, then the braking system was activated, stopping the movement. Built-in sensors analysed the combination and gave the winning.

The slot machine device was a complex mechanism consisting of the following elements:

  • analysis transmitter;
  • a counter for receiving payment and issuing of winnings;
  • accumulative system for large cash awards and jackpots;
  • the inner core — an algorithm that produces a win.

With the development of the technical process, “one-armed bandits” have undergone changes. After electromechanical machines, electric apparatuses have appeared (the reels began to be set in motion by a special engine).

Modern machines that have superseded outdated versions are equipped with a built-in processor with a broached random number generator (on how the random number generator works you can learn further in the article).

Nowadays, the operation algorithm of slot machines is controlled by the chip. Massive levers to start the reels have turned into buttons, and a glass showcase has become the image on the screen.

How Does the Random Number Generator Work?

Random number generator in online slot machines

The random number generator system was developed by a professor of the University of technology in Massachusetts. The principle was discovered more than twenty years ago and now is used almost unchanged.

The only innovation of modern developers is multi-level script protection. The modern RNG device of the slot machine is protected by the complex cryptosecure 128-bit MD5 algorithm. 32 hexadecimal characters are used to record the code.

The technology has gained so wide popularity that it began to be used not only for the development of gambling but also as an element of personal computing devices and electronic security systems.

Despite the “considerable age” of this system, it remains almost unchanged — developers improve the code by means of special add-ons without changing the internal parameters.

The slot machine device completely eliminates the possibility of reprogramming the processor. The possibility of break-in the unit is equal to zero. It should be remembered that electronic slots are protected from any outside influence — even the owners of establishments that have installed software on their site cannot affect the result of the game.

Is It Possible to Cheat the RNG?

The main operating principle of the random number generator is absolute randomness. Many players try to analyse the system by means of mathematical theories and calculations in the hope of creating a “perfect formula” for guaranteed winnings. But the principle of the system makes any strategy irrelevant. Every time after the jackpot is awarded, the RNG launches a completely new algorithm, making it impossible to apply any calculations.

However, visitors to gambling locations have come up with several ways to increase the chances of success.

Secrets of making a profit on slots

  1. A detailed review of the characteristics and selection of games with the highest percentage of return (from 96% and above).
  2. The game with the maximum number of active lines.
  3. Double bets after each loss.
  4. After receiving the money for the spin, gamblers recommend returning to the initial rates.
  5. Maximum use of the “Risk game” option after each small win.

The above tips do not guarantee one-way bet, but, according to professional players, are able to minimize financial losses and become the owner of fairly solid awards.

Varieties of Slot Machines

Modern gambling industry annually produces a huge amount of gambling entertainment that can win the heart of the most sophisticated players.

Today, along with the classic fruit “one-armed bandits”, unusual thematic and story slots, cards, roulette and dice (both in the format of virtual entertainment and games with a live dealer) are popular.

Frequently, slots not only deviate from the standard theme with fruits but are also equipped with a different number of reels, which can display from 10 to 50 a variety of symbols.

Also, a very popular move is the use of symbols with advanced functionality. In many modern slots from world producers, you can find such elements as Wild, Scatter, Bonus and much more. In addition, do not forget about the possibility to hit the progressive jackpot.

Smart Money is ready to offer the best solutions from leading providers. Our catalogue contains the latest products from Microgaming, Playtech, Amatic, Novomatic, NetEnt.

How to Make a Slot Machine on Your Own?

Many owners of the gambling establishments are interested in the question “how to make a slot machine?”. The basic principle of slots operation is clear, thus, what can be the difficulties in the independent development of games?

Nevertheless, the process of creating a completely new product is a complex and expensive solution that requires a huge amount of special knowledge and skills.

The Main Stages of the Slot Development

  • The process of creating the concept

This stage involves a thorough study of all aspects of the future project. In the process of creating an actual concept, it is necessary to approve the plot, choose the theme of the machine, prepare the first design sketches. Also, in the first stage is determined by the number of reels and active lines, the presence of bonuses, jackpots and the numerous other elements.

All the provisions must necessarily be documented.

  • Installation of the prototype

The prototype is necessary for the formation of an overall project assessment. During the development process, the game mechanics are tested, all possible hypotheses and theoretical calculations, key technical points are checked.

The prototype of the slot contains only those elements that need an urgent verification. This is the main base for the future game.

  • Vertical Slice

This is an intermediate stage of work, in which a primary version of the future game is created with the full implementation of the basic processes. Also, the elements that have the maximum impact on the perception of the product are being drafted.

  • Working on content

This is the longest stage. As a rule, in the process of software development, the maximum number of specialists has involved: artists, designers, sound engineers, programmers and testers.

The final procedure is to work on optimization and refinement of settings.

  • Testing

This is a constant stage of work, aimed at identifying faults and errors of the software. Testing allows you to detect any problems with visual design and gameplay.

As a rule, experienced players, who are able to draw an analogy with existing products and identify any hidden defects, are involved in this stage.

  • Launching of the product

This is the final stage of the work, which includes the integration of software on the site, release, advertising campaign, and a lot of other procedures to attract the audience.

Creating a slot machine is a long painstaking process, work on which requires the attention of a fully dedicated core specialist staff. It is almost impossible to launch a project of this level of complexity on your own. We recommend you to contact a professional team that can realize your any unprecedented requirements.

How Do Slot Machines Work: The Most Popular Myths

Popular myths about slot machines

Most visitors to gambling establishments are susceptible to very diverse superstitions.

We call your attention to the most common myths and their countering:

  • A sharp push the button immediately leads to the win

This is a quite unusual misconception, that is not supported by facts. Pay-outs are randomly generated and the force of pressure, as well as the speed of pressing the button,  does not give any results — the chances of winning remain unchanged in accordance with the determinate algorithms.

  • Slot machines that have not given winnings for a long time are guaranteed to bring money

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions. As mentioned above, the winnings are randomly generated. Consequently, the chances for two large prizes one after another are approximately equal to permanent losses for a very long time.

  • You can calculate the pattern of machine operation

And we are back to the RNG system — it is impossible to predict the next step of the device, no matter how much time the player spent on the device.

  • The casino introduces special settings to the slots to control the winnings

The percentage of payments for each particular game is set by the producer. The establishment does not have the ability to independently adjust this parameter or to influence the results of the drawings in any other way.

  • If the jackpot symbols start frequently appearing on the reels, the main prize is already very close

This is another delusion. Any spin has nothing to do with the subsequent arrangement of icons.

  • After receiving a big win, you should switch to another game for a while

The chances to win again are exactly the same as they were before the first victory.

  • When you play on several slots at once, it can increase the chance of winning

Simultaneous rotation of several reels does not give any guarantee of success — the chance of both a big win and a loss remain equal regardless of the type of the machine.

  • The victory depends on the type of replenishment of the game account

It has been argued that after the funds are credited by the operator’s key, the chances of winning significantly increase. However, the machine generates the award, regardless of the ways of the loan replenishment.

  • You can buy a “collection of secrets” and always stay in the black

You are strongly advised not to turn to the supposedly omniscient professionals claiming to have found the “key to success” and are willing to share it for a fee. You can assuredly win only in the case of internal changes in the program by mean of the virus code (besides, it is an illegal and sanctionable activity).

The Best Slot Machines from Smart Money

Despite the seeming simplicity of the random number generation system, the development of high-quality gaming software requires a lot of financial and time costs. We have tried to provide a detailed outline of how slot machines work, but it is better to entrust the work on creating new products for online casinos to qualified specialists with positive long-time experience.

By requesting the Smart Money, you get the opportunity to order a full range of services and products for your establishment on the most favourable terms.

We are ready to offer a large selection of ready-made content, services for the development of online casino turnkey and integration of software on ready-made platforms. The range of the best-licensed content, affiliate programs, payment systems and so much more.

The Smart Money company provides “HTML5 games development” service based on your personal sketches. You can also order full legal support of the project and an ambitious marketing campaign.

To order consultations, see the exact cost of services and registration of purchase or rental of software, please contact:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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