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Telegram Casino: Useful Information On The New Trend Of The Gaming World

Updated 29.04.2020

The rapid development of new technologies has provided a lot of tools that help people to conduct a successful business. And the gaming world, as you know, has always been open for innovations. So, with the appearance of instant messengers, Telegram-casino became a new schtick in the gambling sphere.

It has rapidly acquired popularity three years ago, and the capabilities of this kind of apps are significantly expanding day by day.

Experts of the Smart Money company have collected comprehensive information on such a phenomenon as Telegram-casino. In this article, we will talk about the most popular messengers, explain what a bot is, and describe all the nuances of their work. For more detailed consultation and to order our services you can always contact our managers by filling out the special form.

Gambling in a Messenger: Historical Background

According to statistics, already in 2016, many messengers became much more popular than most social networks with much more active users.

The most popular solutions are:

  • WhatsApp;
  • Viber;
  • Telegram;
  • Skype;
  • Facebook Messenger.

Two largest platforms have decided to compete in the development of the trend — Telegram and Facebook. They both were telling about their plans to create tools for chatbots almost at the same time. But while the last brand was just getting ready to launch a platform, the first one has not only introduced a new product but also managed to release a second version of the program. The general audience saw an innovative cross-platform solution in the summer of 2013. The first messenger had very limited capabilities and allowed users to exchange text messages and various files.

Due to the strict competition in the market, Telegram did not focus on functionality or design but mostly on the anonymity of users. And the developers have perfectly coped with their task — so far, nobody has managed to decrypt the source of the site’s traffic.

A modern product is becoming more ambitious and functional. Today, people can search for information, watch broadcasts, purchase goods, get answers to their questions, play virtual games, transfer files of any format, and much more. In addition to many interesting features, Telegram Messenger has another undeniable advantage — there is no need to download and install any plug-in services, so there will be more memory on the devices.

A few statistics

Telegram-casino demonstrates a rapid growth and a high speed of the development. According to the calculations of the company at the time when the project was starting, about one hundred thousand active visitors were using the messenger. In February 2016, the number of users has reached one million people.

This boost had a tremendous impact on the gambling industry. Online casinos have not only become more popular than land-based gambling locations but also began to gradually become one of the largest and most in-demand business markets worldwide. Already at the end of the last year, the industry's turnover was more than three billion nine million euro. In 2019, analysts predict that it will grow even more, and the turnover will reach four billion three million euro.

The so-called “white” casinos have also grown significantly. According to experts, in four years, the “shadow sector” will almost disappear, taking up no more than 10% of the industry’s total turnover.

Despite the colossal rates of growth, Telegram’s marketing policy remains virtually unchanged. For example, not only excellent functionality and a guarantee of anonymity but also a complete lack of advertising are among the reasons for the significant expansion of the audience.

Telegram Casino: the Operation Principle of the Platform

The future has already come — today, almost all interaction with customers is done by virtual assistants. The work of instant messengers, including the one that we are discussing in this article, is based on a special script — a bot.

Telegram-casino bot script

If players launch it, they will be connected to the server of the site immediately. It is possible to manage games via bots (keystrokes, text commands, replenishment of accounts, placement of bets, and withdrawal of prizes).

A term “bot” can be described as a kind of emulator, an “intermediary” and a communication channel between gamblers and the online gaming software.

Currently, there are two Telegram-casino versions on the market:

  1. An application that requires to enter commands manually (chat).
  2. A software solution with the full user interface.

As practice shows, the second option is considered to be the most convenient and attractive for users.

Types of Telegram Bots and the Description of Their Functionality

Among the most popular solutions of the Telegram platform, we can name the following bots:

  • RubBot — analytical and informational reports with the current exchange rate;
  • HangBot — a virtual assistant for the Hangman game;
  • GetMusicBot — a program that can find music tracks in the SoundCloud archive and video clips on the YouTube platform;
  • GlobalWeather — a weather forecast;
  • TelfBot is the software, which was created to help people to learn English.

Virtual “employees” are massively used by customer support services, large companies, medical establishments, and taxi companies. If you have your own bot, it means that your brand is competitive, and you have a clear understanding of new trends and a desire to “be on the same page” with customers.

A bot can perform one of the following functions:

  1. Automatic distribution of commercial information (business offers, contracts, price lists, etc.).
  2. Notification of clients about the new data and correspondence with an ability to follow a direct link.
  3. Consultation of users on various issues (selection of solutions, description of specification data, and much more).
  4. Service information search (it can be in the touristic or logistical or other fields).
  5. Offering goods for sale (acceptance of orders, distribution of relevant offers).

What do You Need for the Creation of a Telegram Casino?

This process is rather complicated. From the outside, it is a simple and intuitive interface but from the inside, it is a streamlined algorithm for interaction between the gaming platform and users. To be able to build this structure, you will need a store of knowledge, significant financial costs, and a lot of time.

The development of a Telegram-casino requires the resolution of several issues — ways to replenish a game account, an operability of bonus systems and the nuances of their introduction into the program, design of referral links, and correct provision of a mechanism of interaction between visitors and a gambling establishment. And there is much more. Therefore, the implementation of the project is better to be done by experienced professionals.

To make a Telegram online casino, you will have to pass several stages:

Approval of a project

During the formation of a concept, it is essential to pay attention to all wishes of clients and create effective strategies.

The invention of a bot

This tool will help you to build an effective interaction between a website and its visitors and provide you with an opportunity to enter completely new markets. Since gaming traffic is blocked in most countries, Telegram-casino is now a single opportunity for those who want to enjoy casino games.

Work on the back office

This multifunctional system has been developed for operators to provide them with the subsequent control and administration of the project. The software allows you to customise the interface and the visual design, update the content, and organise a newsletter.

Customisation of transactions

In other words, the provision of options that will allow gamblers to deposit and withdraw winnings. Moreover, at this stage, it is necessary to integrate into the platform a set of tools that will provide financial security to each of the parties to the interaction.

Selection of slots

A wide range of gambling solutions will help you to expand the audience and demonstrate the high status of a casino. The Smart Money catalogue consists of products of famous companies — Amatic, Microgaming, Playtech, Novomatic, and NetEnt.

Preparation of the desktop version

This unique solution allows you to build the process of interaction in such a way that the game will be observed on the computer screen, and commands will be given via the messenger on the mobile phone.

Poker Bots and Roulette

Poker bots as a new gambling solution

Those who create bots for the roulette and poker have invented algorithms of human behaviour that are as close to real ones as possible. Of course, there are plenty of primitive solutions that can imitate the game or win against the beginning players. But more modern products can adapt the “behaviour” in accordance with the opponent's tactics.

As one of the best examples, we can name the Libratus bot. It has not only independently defeated a team of professional gamblers but also bypassed it by a significant margin. The software not only calculates a huge amount of information on clients but also almost instantly adapts the collected information for the next move. The bot freely gives winning answers and is constantly learning — at the end of the game, the program can literally predict every action of the opponent.

If you want to buy the official Libratus model, it will cost you a couple of billion dollars but we are ready to offer you a decent equivalent at a very affordable price. Smart Money will provide you with comprehensive information on all new products on the gambling market and will be able to find relevant solutions for the platform of any format.

About the Positive Aspects of a Telegram Casino

In comparison with several similar solutions, Telegram-casino has the following advantages:

  1. Cross-platform. This application can be adapted to all kinds of mobile devices.
  2. Multi-level security system. As we have mentioned above, no one has yet been able to crack the traffic of the messenger. The software effectively prevents and automatically blocks any unauthorised action of third parties. Also, access to management systems of the chatbot is not possible for third parties.
  3. The lack of advertising. This platform does not make users exhausted with endless viral videos and banners.
  4. Good optimisation. An indisputable advantage of the service is the highest speed of operation and of processing a huge amount of data.
  5. Unlimited possibilities. Variability of the platform allows you to create the most unusual bots.

The Best Telegram Casino with Smart Money

The company’s catalogue consists of the best solutions from the most famous suppliers. We can offer you a large selection of ready-made platforms, game content for a wide audience, affiliate programs, and payment processors.

Our specialists have been working in the gambling sphere for many years, and for this reason, they are ready to provide you with full technical and legal support.

You can order from us a Telegram-casino, a turnkey online platform, and the creation of exclusive games, which are based on the HTML5 technology. All you need to do is to describe your wishes and trust our specialists.

An additional advantage of cooperation is a loyal price and a guarantee of an individual approach to each client. We are ready to offer favourable conditions for the purchase and rent of the content, the creation of gaming solutions from scratch, and large-scale marketing campaigns.

By using services of Smart Money, you get a guarantee that your project will become successful and all the chances to enter the international market.

For all questions, please contact us:

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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