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Online Gambling Advertising: The Advertising Strategies for Gambling Projects

Updated 29.04.2020

The gambling industry is not only a very profitable branch of the modern economy but also one of the most competitive areas of business. Every day hundreds, if not thousands, of new entertainment sites are opened, but the main traffic is still “delayed” by the giants of the industry.

Online gambling advertising: all the nuances of casino promotion on the Internet

Smart Money experts have prepared comprehensive information about the nuances of launching gambling projects and the peculiarities of their promotion. In this article we will talk about the following aspects:

  • what are an online gambling advertising and the main methods of its implementation;
  • the main characteristics of a quality promotion strategy;
  • “pitfalls” in casino advertising;
  • the most commonly used tools to promote gambling sites.

You will learn about competition in advertising programs and the most effective ways to promote gambling projects on the Internet. For additional piece of advice and ordering marketing services, you can always contact our specialists (contact information is presented at the end of the article).

Online Casino Promotion: The Essence of Marketing

Novice operators usually try to shift the issues of advertising on the shoulders of the project administrator or to study the issue themselves. However, after visiting several training sessions and the first acquaintance with analytical traffic tracking systems, it becomes clear that in this matter cannot do without professional assistance.

In the case of gambling sites, the situation is exacerbated by numerous restrictions and prohibitions on direct advertising of entertainment resources. In addition, the largest advertising platforms quite often refuse to advertise any gambling projects. Consequently, online casino advertising requires a completely new approach and the search for all sorts of “black alleys”.

Marketing of a gambling establishment is not just an introduction of a resource to the search engines’ top. Casino advertising strategies involve the development and use of the maximum quantity of tools and third-party resources (a detailed description of the most promising techniques and components is further in the article).

Casino Advertising on the Internet: About the Restrictions and Shortcuts

In many countries of the CIS, Europe and the USA there are laws prohibiting the activities of gambling sites. According to this, the casino advert is forbidden there.

In the case of land-based locations, promotion using standard methods (radio, television commercials, media advertisements) is impossible. The established regulations allow the owners of entertainment sites to use advertising solely within the gaming zones.

For the promotion of virtual resources, the situation is different. In the summary of rules from AdWords in Google search engine clearly spelt out the prohibition on gambling advertising. Therefore, marketers are constantly in search of reliable shortcuts and loopholes.

As a rule, online casino advertising bypassing the requirements of the search engine in these ways:

  • Prerolls (spots in the videos). According to statistics, sites with TV series and feature films bring the greatest traffic;
  • Banner advertising. This scheme involves the creation of a third-party resource that carries only the information load. The portal should constantly update the content with useful and interesting information for potential users. It is this resource that participates in the advertising campaign and is displayed in the top. The pages should not contain direct offers to start the game, but the text will contain links to the online casino.

Online Casino Promotion: The Main Methods of Attracting an Audience

Casino advertising strategies are the multi-structure systems that involve the simultaneous use of several tools and techniques.

Smart Money specialists have prepared a list of the most popular programs that can bring a positive result:

SEO-promotion of a gambling resource

Search engine optimization is one of the main tactics of promotion. A set of basic SEO components is available on a free basis (with the exception of highly specialized software). It is only necessary to pay for the services of a specialist, and even better — to order the “turnkey” service from a competent agency.

SEO-promotion is necessary for:

  • Indexing settings. The recently launched site is simply located on a certain domain — you can visit the resource only via the direct links. The indexing process makes the site available for search engines, automatically adding text content, images and other components to the common database. Search by key queries is relevant only for pages that have been indexed.
  • Site preparation. This refers to the configuration of components such as tags, headers, external links and descriptions. For example, the quality of traffic is affected by the simplicity of the URL. According to statistics, the presence of complex symbols in the link has a very negative impact on the site ranking in the search.
  • Choosing of keys. The rapid spread of a variety of visual elements had no impact on the functioning of search engines. The largest systems continue to provide resources not by images, but by text requests. SEO experts are engaged in monitoring and selection of requests on the subject of the site. Also, a set of keywords can significantly simplify the task of selecting content.

The list of tasks for SEO-promotion includes the following aspects: creating a site map with a competent relinking, distribution of links to the game location on external sources, regular check for errors and their elimination.

Casino promotion in social networks

Marketing on social media pages (SMM) is a rather promising format of promotion that allows you to create and maintain daily communication with the target audience.

The main aims of the campaign: work on the image of the establishment and the level of brand awareness, gaining confidence to the service provider, familiarizing users with special offers and promotions of the site, expanding the customer base.

The SMM-casino promotion has the following advantages:

  • Greatest possible coverage of its audience. The popularity of social networks greatly outnumbers any of the existing information or entertainment platforms.
  • Little financial expenses. Online casino advertising on the public page of popular social networks is much cheaper than launching a third-party information portal or regular updating of mirror sites.
  • Operational interaction with the audience. This is one of the main advantages of social platforms. The owner of a public or personal or page can maintain a trusting relationship with users in a pleasant, informal atmosphere.

Email marketing

This tool you should use with extreme caution because the newsletter can turn into obsessive spam.

One of the advantages of Email marketing is the interaction with the already interested audience, which gave voluntary consent to receive the newsletter. The effectiveness of this method has been proved by the study of American marketers. In 2018, a group of scientists conducted a survey, according to its results it became clear that about 59% of sales are carried out through mailing. Moreover, this parameter is relevant to any field.

Mailing is a multi-faceted tool that includes such stages as preparation of advertising campaigns, preparation of “catchy” information content, scheduling of mailings and subsequent sending of messages, preparation of exclusive offers for VIP-users and notifications about certain events.

With the right approach Email marketing gives the following results:

  • Increased traffic. Mailing can be compared to “word of mouth”. According to statistics, the casino receives about 30% of new users who came on the recommendation of customers subscribed to the notification.
  • Customer awareness of key events and new features of the resource.
  • Return of users. Quality Email marketing can increase the number of resales to 63%.

Casino Promotion: The Interaction with Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs for online casino advertising

Modern gambling market offers a wide variety of affiliate programs for gambling projects of any format. The affiliate system can be described as an extensive affiliate network created for the purpose of placing advertising materials on a variety of external sources.

This is quite a profitable option to promote a business, in which the partner is paid a fee for a set of predefined and coherent actions.

An affiliate program script is ideal for managing all aspects of an affiliate-advertiser relationship. Specialized software allows you to configure the most promising and profitable type of cooperation.

The affiliate network includes the following set of tools:

  • PPV — advertising impressions. Affiliate services broadcast information about the service provider, with sales fading into the background. Today, this feature has almost lost its original popularity but can be used to support the company's image.
  • PPA — the customer pays for a certain set of user actions (for example, a visitor to the resource fills out a form, agrees to an Email newsletter or clicks on a link).
  • PPS — purchase stimulation. The affiliate is paid a fixed percentage for each purchase.
  • PR — promotion of the platform in text format (news, useful information, product reviews, etc.).
  • SMM — purchase of traffic for the entertainment area with the help of popular public and personal pages in social networks.


This is a relatively new idea, which has already confirmed its effectiveness. The process is broadcasting of the interaction with the promoted product.

The well-arranged stream provides the following benefits:

  • a comprehensive demonstration of the product with a detailed description of all the nuances and characteristics;
  • positioning of the entertainment facility as a modern and high-tech platform;
  • positive impact on public opinion on gambling;
  • ability to answer users’ questions in an unconstrained atmosphere.

Promotion by Means of Increasing Players’ Loyalty

The image of the establishment is very important for potential customers. To gain favour with users and expand the audience may be possible by demonstrating the quality of the product and the internal bonus systems of the establishment.

The most effective means of increasing customers’ loyalty:

Promotions and prize funds

The availability of original promotional offers, which are not presented on similar resources is an effective method not only to attract new visitors but also to keep players on the portal. Bonus programs and promotions should be a well-structured system with original components dedicated to any events (release of new content, the anniversary of the site, official celebration, etc.).

As a special offer of online casinos may act:

  • free spins;
  • cash incentives for the completion of the game account (gift for registration, doubling the first deposit);
  • return of winning percentage;
  • cash bonuses for activity on the resource.


This original tool allows users to significantly expand the gaming experience and switch attention to an extremely new sector. For example, fans of card games can be offered free games on slots or tournaments in live-broadcasts.

Bonuses for beginners

Cash incentives for registration on the portal and attracting a new user are the popular marketing hooks that resonated in the hearts of many fans of excitement. The system is found on most modern sites and demonstrates excellent efficiency.

Limited game time

Casino promotion, presented in the form of time limits, is aimed at keeping customers on the site. For example, the draws that continue from one hour to a day are very popular among users.

This hook encourages players to try their hand in the pursuit of a big jackpot and, consequently, elongate the session time.


This tool is a set of components for managing the seller-buyer relationship. The set of CRM-systems includes the following components:

  • automation of interaction processes between the visitor and the establishment;
  • creation of client base and constant updating of data;
  • sales analytics;
  • control over the stuff actions.

Push notifications

These are messages that are sent to the resource client. The notification should carry a positive message, without causing associations with a colourful and annoying ad unit.

Advertising Campaign Analytics

Casino promotion is impossible without web analytics. This marketing tool is aimed at monitoring the market, demonstrating the effectiveness of the applied strategy.

The multifunctional method allows you to monitor such parameters as:

  • user behaviour (number of clicks, time of the viewing certain sections of the resource, the place of transition to the portal);
  • correction of targeting in subsequent advertising campaigns;
  • tracking the most effective communication channels;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of affiliate networks;
  • analysis of social media activities;
  • the overall effectiveness of the budget for the marketing campaign.

Expenses for Promotion of a Gambling Project

Before calculating the possible costs, it is necessary to consider two main items of expenses:

Time expenses

Each of the above methods operates in its temporary attachment. For example, the results of banner advertising can be pre-evaluated within an hour after launch. At the same time, the quality and effectiveness of SEO-promotion will be noticeable not earlier than in three or four months of intensive work.

It should be remembered that no marketing strategy can bring instant results. Owners of gambling sites should have plenty of patience.

Financial investment

Both an independent promotion and cooperation with specialized agencies are always significantly expensive. According to statistics, the total value of the campaign will cost about half of the planned revenues of the resource. To clarify the prices for advertising services, you can leave a request to our managers.

Professional Casino Promotion with Smart Money

Smart Money offers the widest range of solutions for organizing gambling projects of any format.

There are ready-made platforms, mobile casinos, software solutions for bookmakers. We can offer reliable payment systems and profitable affiliate programs. Our catalogue contains the best games from Novomatic, NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Amatic.

You can order the development of online turnkey sites, equipment for registration of land-based locations, exchange terminals and a program for the bingo halls organization.

An additional advantage of cooperation with Smart Money is comprehensive legal support of the project, the organization of technical support of resource and a wide range of tools to promote your establishment. Using our services, you will not only significantly save your own time and money, but also get a guarantee of payback of the project in six months after the start.

Leave a request to our managers and start promotion of your own business today:

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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