The Bingo Boom franchise: all nuances of the launch of a bookmaker’s office

The betting business is the most profitable and promising business area in the contemporary market. Bets on sports events and lotteries attract fans gambling no less than land-based gaming clubs and online casinos. And its main advantage is that it is an absolutely legal activity, which can’t be said about, for example, slot machines.

Why choose the franchise of the Bingo Boom bookmaker’s office?

The Bingo Boom company is one of the most famous leaders in the gaming segment of the Russian Federation. One of the main advantages of the Bingo Boom franchise is an opportunity to develop in such a direction as lotteries.

An unusual approach to betting allows the company not only to keep the interest of visitors and constantly warm it up but also to significantly fatten the profits.

How many franchise enterprises does Bingo Boom have?

In 2017, about six hundred land-based offices were launched in Russia. After that, the company has started to open new representative offices in the market of the CIS countries. Bookmaker’s offices got new customers on the territory of Kazakhstan and Lithuania.

The Bingo Boom franchise: all nuances of the network

One of the key differences of Bingo Boom is that the company does not specialise in usual kinds of the betting business. Even with an official license, the bookmaker’s office does not accept bets on sports events. In return, users are offered different games and bets based on the results of draws of lotteries. The use of the unique bookmaker software allows you to offer customers unique services that can’t be provided by other Russian bookmaker’s office.

Does Bingo Boom have a website?

Yes, there is a website. The combination of black colours and bright images instantly arrest sight – other bookmakers do not use this colour gamma. The whole central part of the website is a slide-bar, and links to the authorisation, rules for the acceptance of bets, and the information on bookmakers are located compactly in the website footer.

It is impossible not to note some features of the official website of Bingo Boom:

  • an informative character of the resource (it is impossible to make an online bet – users are offered to go to the Bingo Boom betting shop);
  • a slide-bar offers you to test top 10 games that never lose popularity. Among them, we can name Sea Battle, Keno Boom, the famous Gold of the Aztecs, and others;
  • there are not only descriptions and screenshots of game locations that are offered to users but also detailed instructional videos.

As you can see, the Bingo Boom website is designed for those who like to rattle their nerves, and also to attract new players.

For knowledgeable assistance in the design of the Bingo Boom franchise, it is better to contact Smart Money. We will provide you with the detailed information and offer the most loyal business arrangements.

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The Bingo Boom franchise of the bookmaker’s office: what do the participants get?

  • The right to use a recognisable corporate symbol of Bingo Boom.
  • Detailed consultations at each stage of the launch of a betting shop.
  • The supporting for business during the whole contracted period.
  • The designer's solution, the concept of a land-based bookmaker’s office based on the current corporate style.
  • The guideline for the conduct of business. The decision to purchase or rent the franchise of the Bingo Boom bookmaker's office will allow you to use proven standards and successful business processes.
  • Round-the-clock technical support.
  • The provision of advertising.
  • The legal support.
  • PR services (creation and maintenance of a positive image of the betting shop).

PR services by Bingo Boom

The Bingo Boom franchise: stages of the opening of a bookmaker’s office

Before starting active actions, the future owner of a bookmaker's office needs to find out from Bingo Boom the information on availability, characteristics of the locality where he is planning to open a gaming club.

Then he will have to familiarise himself with the terms of cooperation, to find the place, to discuss the terms of the purchase/rent with the owner of the franchise, and to purchase the necessary equipment.

What are the requirements for the location?

  • The premises must correspond to norms of the law (FZ-244).
  • The floor-space – eighty square meters or more.
  • The power of the electric grid should be at least three kilowatts.
  • The presence of utility lines (water supply, heating). The airing is also essential.
  • The location of the land-based bookmaker’s office must be no less than five hundred meters from another nearest betting shop.
  • The population size in the selected region – at least five thousand people.
  • It may be desired to have a parking zone.

The Bingo Boom franchise: how long does it take to open a bookmaker’s office?

The decision on a new land-based location is usually made in no more than two working days from the moment the franchisee files a full package of documents.

The process of registration of a new gaming club under the license usually takes about one month or one month and a half.

The Bingo Boom franchise – the bookmaker’s office is opened. What to do next?

Participants of the Bingo Boom network are provided with the following services:

  • the design of the gambling hall in accordance with the main design of the network (franchisee is not going to pay for the redecoration);
  • the provision of a full range of the software;
  • the remote training for the personnel for free;
  • the wheelbase of partners of the company who deal with the promotion, the supply of equipment and branded furniture, and much more.

The owner of a new gaming club can only adhere to the corporate style, follow the business strategy, and gain profit.

The franchise of the Bingo Boom bookmaker: what are the costs?

The distinctive feature of the cooperation with Bingo Boom is the absence of entrance fees. A network member will only have to pay for the license monthly. The amount of expenses varies within the sum of three thousand rubles (depending on the region).

How quickly does the Bingo Boom franchise pay off?

The index of the payback of a new bookmaker’s office depends on various factors. We would like to pay special attention to the location of the gambling establishment and the size of the initial capital. As a rule, within the territory of Russia, gaming clubs fully pay off the invested funds in three or six months from the moment of the launch. One of the determinative factors is that visitors will instantly recognise the corporate style of the company and subconsciously trust a well-known network.

Purchase of the Bingo Boom franchise with the Smart Money service

The Smart Money company offers a full range of services for the support and development of the gambling business. Our specialists are ready to offer full-fledged legal and technical support, assistance in buying and renting the Bingo Boom franchise, and also they can advise you on how to connect online casinos to payment systems.

Bingo Boom online casino slots for sale and rent

The range of services includes the sale of equipment and furniture for land-based bookmaker’s offices, the sale and rent of online casino slots. The development of unique video games is also provided.

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We can always find out the latest news from the gambling world and buy all products that are necessary for the development of both a land-based bookmaker’s office and an online casino.

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