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How the Online Casino Web Design Affects Your Earnings


After glancing over about ten or twenty different casino websites, a persistent sensation that many of them were to strain users' eyes appear. Everything gleams, shines, explodes, and fusses around.

However, against the background of such websites, it is possible to find others – more professional, a little bit strict but also colourful and attractive. And if you can notice it, then your clients will notice that as well. Let us analyse what should the online casino web design to leave a positive impression among players, to increase the level of loyalty, and, in the end, to bring more money.

The team of the Smart Money company can develop such an online casino, which will stand out against the background of the rest of the gambling establishments.

We know exactly:

  • which buttons work and which ones do not;
  • why one zone should be located in the corner and another one – at the side;
  • how to choose a successful colour gamma from dozens of options;
  • what makes the gamble design spectacular.

There is much more. Just contact us and assure yourself of the professionalism of our designers.

A Good Online Casino Web Design

It is possible to argue endlessly whether the design of a gaming club should be extravagant or not.

A rule of thumb states that there is an audience both on websites with a very unusual interface and with the traditional, even a template one. Indeed, many gamblers understand that under-the-hood of the website is the same on different portals, and they are looking for a familiar casino design exactly because they know how everything works there.

Only owners of gambling establishments decide whether to use a template or to develop a unique online casino web design. It is worth noting that there are fans of both options. But the common denominator is the following: players will choose the website that is more convenient for them.

Online Casino Web Design: Important Aspects

1. Visual comprehension

Keep the aggressiveness of pages at a low level. The creation of a large number of banners on your platform, as well as the advertising and pictures with promotions, is a true stride but it can often be too much, and the visitor of the website can simply become confused. The casino design should be bright but accessible.

2. Important buttons

There are two most important buttons: the registration and the replenishment of the deposit. Make sure that they are clearly visible from any page. These elements should always be at hand, whenever users decide to sign up or deposit funds.

3. The login process

Make it simple, with minimum fill-in fields. The sooner gamblers start to play, the faster they start producing a profit. The same principle can be applied to the replenishment process.

4. Search for games

Experienced players know exactly what kind of slot machines they are looking for. Make sure that any game is available to them after just a couple of clicks. You can divide slots according to their categories, themes, the volatility level, etc.

5. A live casino

Customise widgets of a growing jackpot, a table with ratings, and a list of recent winnings. It will help to heighten the users' interest in gambling and feel the affiliation with a large community right now. It is another exciting feature that can appear because of a successful online casino web design.

6. Mobile phones

Even if we will not mention that search systems downplay the ratings of websites without a mobile version, there is still such an aspect as the convenience for gamblers. Playing on portable devices should be as comfortable as on computers or laptops.

7. Licenses and certificates

Post information on the qualifications of your casino on the main page. It will increase the level of loyalty and trust of users.

8. Speed

Gamblers do not like to wait. Zoom out images, optimise the loading of pages. The website should work as quickly as a flash. Let the pages and slot machines be downloaded as fast as possible.

The Design of Slot Machines

Attractive design of slot machines

Beginning entrepreneurs have a big task to perform: to create and launch the business on the Internet. Sometimes, they do not have enough time to think about what the casino design should look like. But it is better to open a new gaming club with a well thought-out concept.

So we are now turning to the subject of the interface of slot machines. It is great that today you can purchase a slot game, integrate it into the website, and continue to deal only with technical support. But imagine: players visit your site, which looks very attractive, opens the first game and... all the magic that the design studio tried to create disappears.

It would be wrong to try to make you install only original video slots, which were developed specifically for your casino. But on a long-term horizon, it will definitely pay off.

The more unique games are on your website – with high-quality gameplay, animation, and sound – the more interest the audience shows (experienced players mostly). Just imagine how tired they are to see the same slot machines on each site. Offer them unusual games and this is how you will win their hearts.

Order the Online Casino Web Design

Development of the online casino website design template

The good casino design allows gamblers to feel like in a real gaming club, wherever they are. To attract more visitors, owners of the gambling business need to try and create such an exciting space.

Work on the design together with partners. Thus, in successful companies that make excellent gaming solutions and products for casinos, in addition to a standard team of specialists, there are UI/UX designers and psychologists. It is with their help that projects turn out to be long-lived and interesting to players.

Contact Smart Money and you will have its team of specialists as the best partners!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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