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The Honesty of Casino Business in 2021: New Algorithms and Their Features

Updated 14.05.2021

All casino visitors want to know how to choose an honest casino. In land-based establishments, the session can be observed personally, while in online locations, the game is played in the virtual format. It is worth noting that both types of sessions have their nuances.

The honesty of casino business in 2021

Naturally, gamblers want to know how combinations are generated and whether they are really random. The task of operators is to make sure that their clients are calm and not afraid to place big bets.

Today, Smart Money experts will tell you how gaming sites provide user protection and guarantee transparent play.

Gambling Licences and Certificates

The security and transparency of the game session can be ensured in several ways, and the operation under a licence is one of them.

To establish a gambling business, it is possible to obtain a permit in several countries. The most popular offshore jurisdictions are:

For each game, a separate certificate is being issued. Its cost reaches several thousand dollars. If casino owners are ready to spend money on the legalisation and acquisition of licenses, this option will be one of the best proof of the good reputation and reliability of their business.

The number of a permit, its validity period, and the name of the regulator that issued the document can be found on the company’s website. The information must be publicly available so that users can easily check it.

Statistics of the Session and Tools that Help Operators to Control It

Statistics of the casino session: tools

Detailed game statistics is a multifunctional tool that allows gamblers to monitor the main aspects of the drawing:

  • a time when the game was started;
  • duration of the drawing;
  • betting limits;
  • frequency of the appearance of bonuses;
  • frequency of prize payments, etc.

Analytical tools can be customised so that you can view data in real-time or over a particular period of time. Thus, users get an opportunity not only to control the session but also to develop new mechanics and strategies that will help them to increase winnings.

One of the popular innovations of 2020–2021 is game control systems. For the period of the pandemic, many regulators have introduced restrictions on the time of the game and the size of daily bets. For example, UK gamblers can spend no more than 50 euros per day at a casino.

In the new realities, the main task of operators is to provide their clients with an opportunity to independently monitor the session, its duration, and the size of bets. For this, the following tools can be used:

  1. Clock icons. In the latest releases from Microgaming, Novomatic, NetEnt, and other developers, you can see an electronic clock on the panel near the control keys. The image does not disappear in portrait or full-screen mode and allows casino visitors to independently control the duration of the game session.
  2. Limitations on bets. Gamblers can set a limit of money that they are willing to spend on particular entertainment. A set of relevant options can be found in user accounts or the casino’s catalogue, as an addition to each slot.
  3. Duration of the visit. This parameter can be set both by operators (in accordance with the updated norms of foreign laws from 2020) and by casino visitors. When the time is up, the session is terminated (all the results will be saved) and can be launched again after some time.

Audit and Independent Regulators

Not only gamblers are interested in controlling the fairness of the game but also casino owners. To sustain a positive brand image and increase the percentage of loyal audience, operators can make use of the following options:

  1. eCOGRA. The task of this independent organisation is to make sure that entrepreneurs comply with regional and international legal norms.
  2. eGaming. A specialised gambling commission that controls the legality of the work of operators who hold a Curacao licence.
  3. iTech labs. An independent certification body that conducts testing and accreditation of gaming products with built-in RNG systems.
  4. An audit from the licensor. It is possible to file an application for the verification of compliance to an authorised agency that issues gambling permits. The jurisdiction provides a list of documents and information on the number of claims against the casino.
  5. Monitoring services from software vendors. Companies that create gambling software are interested in maintaining their reputation and working with honest brands. However, before the beginning of cooperation, potential buyers must undergo a test carried out by the supplier's auditors.

Cryptographic MD5 Algorithms

The electronic verification system was developed back in 1991 and has not changed much since then. The program was originally used to control the integrity of electronic fingerprints.

In the field of online casinos, MD5 algorithms were first used in 2000 only to check the consistency between roulette drawings and cuts of cards. Today, the technology is relevant for all types of gambling, including video slots.

Currently, there are many analogues on the market (MD2, SHA-1, etc.) but all programs work under a single scheme based on automated cryptographic services.

Operating principles of MD5 tools

Generation of the fingerprint

Casinos create a sequence of combinations that gamblers will get during the session. The code is generated even before the game is started, is encrypted by the system, and looks like a random set of letters and numbers

Transmission of the fingerprint

After the end of the session, users enter their passwords and receive an already decrypted code, which lists all the combinations that have appeared on the panel

Reconciliation of the result

There are 2 ways to assess the code’s compliance:

  • manually, by checking the numbers of sequences with the history of the game session;
  • by using any external services (just copy the acquired record and paste it into the processing form on a third-party website)

Advantages of Using the Tools for Controlling the Honesty

Modern control methods allow casino visitors to independently take part in the formation of random sequences and personally make sure of the transparency of the outcome of each game session.

Features and benefits of MD5 cryptographic technology:

  1. Multilevel data protection. The program not only encrypts the specified combination but also provides reliable protection against any external interference. Once the code is generated, it cannot be changed or even viewed until the end of the session. Moreover, to receive the decryption, users must enter a special personal password.
  2. Independent verification. Managers of the gambling establishment cannot interfere with the process of reading and checking the code. To control the compliance of the winning combination, casino visitors can use third-party resources.
  3. Protection of personal data. The only task of the algorithm is to capture and encrypt data. The system does not analyse the placed bets or the game strategy. To work with the service, you do not need to provide personal information, except for the access code.

The Main Things about Assessing the Quality and Reliability of Casinos in 2021

Assessing quality and reliability of casinos in 2021

There are several ways to objectively assess and control the honesty of a gambling establishment. The most common and convenient ones are the following:

  • Possession of a gambling licence. Its number and its validity period must be indicated on the company's website. The information should be publicly available and easily found by every visitor.
  • Independent verification. Both gamblers and operators are interested in quality control. Owners of gaming sites can order audit services from the licensor, software vendors or such independent laboratories as eCOGRA and iTech Labs.
  • Cryptographic MD5 algorithms. An interactive program for monitoring the compliance of the outcome of the game using third-party resources. The service makes it possible not only to conduct an independent assessment of the drawings but also excludes any influence on the outcome of the game for the part of administrators or third parties.
You can learn more about the tools for controlling the transparency of casino games from the specialists of Smart Money. Our catalogue contains cutting-edge gambling solutions from the best providers in the industry.

From us, you can buy software for gambling projects of any format:

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Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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