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Chatbots in Casinos: Main Advantages of an AI Product

Updated 11.08.2022

A chatbot is a prime example of the use of artificial intelligence in the iGaming industry.

Programmers create smart assistants that perform a wide range of operational tasks based on AI. These are communication with customers, technical support, game management and much more.

Casino with a chatbot: general info

At Smart Money, you can purchase a turnkey casino with a built-in chatbot. We offer a profitable gaming platform for opening start-ups in any jurisdiction.

History of AI Programs Creation and Their Features

It is hard to imagine launching a casino business on the Web without a built-in chatbot.

The virtual assistant:

  • advises punters;
  • resolves technical issues;
  • helps to play the game and bypass blocking.

The author of the development is Michael Mauldin from the United States. The programmer introduced the first Julia web bot in 1994. The solution supported live communication between charters — a person and a virtual program.

In the early 2000s, with the advent of the internet boom, many large companies began to connect AI assistants. The first to appreciate the benefits of web bots were representatives of the financial sector — banks, credit institutions, and stock exchanges. Over time, multifunctional chat services came to e-commerce, insurance, and the gambling business.

Virtual assistants are based on machine learning and artificial neural networks. The AI ​​program remembers the interlocutor's answers and issues suggestions generated based on user preferences.

What Services Are Used in the Gambling Industry

Depending on the basic functions and type of platform, there are two types of robotic assistants:

Programs on the casino website

These are products similar to chat applications in the banking industry.

The dialogue box usually opens in the lower right corner of the screen. It has a laconic design and contains a context menu to confirm the player's actions.

The main tasks of chatbots built into casino software are:

  • advising the clients of a gambling site;
  • informing about promotions, bonus offers, and new slots;
  • solving technical issues (updating the game, paying prize money);
  • collecting data about user preferences

Chatbots in messengers

Programs are created on the basis of popular social networks: Facebook, Telegram, Viber, and WhatsApp. Entrepreneurs often use these sites to open mobile casinos.

Such platforms become intermediaries between gamblers and operator servers, performing a wide range of tasks.

Key functions of bots in messengers:

  • simulation of the gameplay (rotation of slot reels, generation of numbers in the lotto);
  • distribution of bonuses, free spins, and one-time gifts;
  • support for financial transactions;
  • communication with players;
  • technical assistance

Benefits of Robotic Assistants

Casino chatbot: benefits

The main advantages of the product are:

  1. Cost optimisation. To open an online casino, an entrepreneur does not need to hire managers, programmers, or technical support specialists. It is enough to limit yourself to one employee who will monitor the activity in the chat. The bot will independently perform the key tasks of supporting and advising customers, accepting payments and distributing bonuses.
  2. Good level of protection. All information is transmitted over encrypted SSL channels. The personal data of gamers, their credit histories, geolocations and other valuable information will remain inaccessible to attackers. Information cannot be stolen, altered, forged or made public.
  3. Effective promotion of iGaming resources. The solution attracts a solvent audience through e-mail newsletters, push notifications, and SEO activities. The key advantage of advertising through chatbots is interaction only with the targeted customers. The program calculates potential gamblers using AI and machine learning technology.
  4. The flexibility of settings. Business owners can buy a casino with a built-in web service or create an independent application. As a rule, operators refine the dialogue box, introduce new options into the chat, and connect communication with external sites, for example, with a financial aggregator or an affiliated network.
  5. Improving the quality of service. A real person will not physically have time to answer all the questions of gamblers and give each player enough attention. However, AI programs process 2+ thousand requests per minute, while maintaining a high level of service.
  6. Positive image. Virtual bots have appeared on many gambling sites. The assistance modules make these projects more interesting and in demand.

Which Chat Program Is More Profitable to Install

AI products created on mobile messenger platforms are very popular.

Benefits of gambling chats in social networks:

  • improved functionality (you can not only solve routine technical problems but also configure and automate the game);
  • extended geography (chat allows to attract a target audience even from those countries where gambling is prohibited by law);
  • an additional promotion channel (user play in the messenger, and then go to the casino site, where they continue to spin the slot reels);
  • attracting a young audience (in social networks you can find the iGaming TA — punters aged 18–35 with stable incomes, and diverse interests).

However, the gambling business in instant messengers is associated with some restrictions.

The main points that you should pay attention to when launching a virtual assistant in social networks:

  1. Company size. Such well-known sites as Facebook, Telegram, and VKontakte prefer to cooperate with large and medium-sized businesses.
  2. Field of activity. To avoid blocking the virtual assistant and work legally, an operator needs to obtain written permission from the administration of the social platform.
  3. Internal rules of messengers. Direct advertising of gambling entertainment is prohibited here. However, chatbots can inform about available slots and card games, give bonus spins, and offer demo versions.

Smart Money recommends hybrid AI services. Such programs can be installed both on a gambling website and on a mobile platform with automatic connection to instant messengers.

Virtual Assistant from Smart Money: Benefits of Connection

The studio supplies casino software with a built-in chat service. In addition, entrepreneurs can order an individual development of a program for communicating with clients.

Key advantages of the solution from Smart Money:

  1. Cross-platform capabilities. The chatbot is easily installed in social messengers and iGaming projects. The finished product is compatible with all browsers and operating systems, and it works great on mobile and desktop devices.
  2. Effective marketing tools. The solution contains options for generating lead links, sending push notifications via e-mail, and customisation settings. The results of the work done are presented in the form of convenient reports, charts, tables and diagrams.
  3. Free demo. You can get acquainted with the advantages of the chatbot before ordering by trying out a 10-day test mode. The operator does not pay anything for the use of the product and only after the expiration of the term makes the final decision on its purchase.
  4. Connecting a financial aggregator. The gaming account can be replenished and money can be withdrawn directly in the chat, without going to the casino site or the page of the payment company. The solution supports different currencies and works with a minimum commission.
  5. Additional features and custom design. Smart Money specialists can integrate a multilingual panel, change the basic settings of the service and its design, and implement options for duplicating the product in different social networks.

The Main Things about the Use of Chatbots in the Gambling Industry

Chatbots in the gambling business: key notions

At Smart Money, you can connect an online casino with an already built-in AI service. A virtual assistant optimises the cost of technical support and marketing promotion of a gambling site.

  • Chatbots are based on artificial intelligence algorithms. The AI ​​program replaces live communication with a specialist. The virtual assistant advises users, informs them about current promotions, leads the game, and resolves issues with registration and payment of prize money.
  • Operators can implement a chatbot into a casino site or use the platforms of well-known messengers. These are Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks with a solvent audience.
  • The advantages of installing a chatbot include reducing the cost of advertising and technical support for projects, improving the operator image, and boosting the quality of customer service.

At Smart Money, you can order games, payment systems, and security software from leading manufacturers in the industry.

To get free product demos, contact the manager.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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