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Facebook Casino Promotion: New Options

Updated 30.04.2020

User involvement is one of the most important tasks for the development of a gaming site, so operators invest half of their profits in advertising and are constantly looking for new platforms for successful promotion.

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the possibilities of Facebook casino advertising, and it is in vain. In this social network, those users who can become regular customers of the gambling resource communicate.

Facebook casino promotion: new options

Today, Smart Money experts will tell you whether Facebook casino promotion is beneficial or not and what tools can be used for it. We are ready to answer your questions related to all nuances of the gambling industry, as well as to develop and implement an effective marketing strategy.

Facebook Casino Advertising: 4 Key Benefits

By launching a campaign on Facebook for a casino, operators receive several undeniable advantages:

  1. Extensive core market. The described network is popular with men aged 25 and more with an above-average income, and these users are the target audience of gaming sites. These are people for whom winning is not as important as the feeling of excitement. They are not vulnerable to ludomania but these users place big bets and bring the greatest profit to resources.
  2. Ability to drive traffic to a website from other countries. FB for casinos opens up new perspectives because it is an international network. Users from different countries are registered here, and many of them will be happy to play on your platform if they find it attractive.
  3. Fast payback. Facebook casino advertisement is profitable even if you have to invest a lot of money in it. The result is worth the effort. If you have no experience in organising a promotional campaign, we would recommend you to turn to professional marketers from Smart Money.
  4. Following the trends. Facebook for a casino is a pot of gold. Businessmen have long appreciated the possibilities of social networks, so it is irrational to miss the chance to earn money with the help of an in-demand and effective tool.

What to Consider When Organising a Campaign

In general, Facebook online casino advertising is allowed but it is restricted in some countries. There are territories from which you should not drive traffic in order to avoid blocking: the USA, some Muslim countries, etc.

Those operators who make money on gambling need to coordinate their actions with the administration of the network. It means obtaining an official licence that allows them to start a campaign and place links and banners.

Online casino advertising: lucrative campaign

Despite some difficulties, Facebook casino advertising remains a relevant way to attract new players. Many of them open their account on personal gadgets, and it means that these people are potential clients of gambling applications created for mobile devices.

Important conditions for the promotion of gambling projects

The legitimacy of the activity

Facebook casino advertisement will be a good option only if the institution operates in accordance with the law and does not drive traffic from countries where gambling is strictly prohibited

Willingness to invest in the campaign

In theory, it is possible to promote a gambling project with minimal investment but in practice, effective marketing costs a lot of money.

Operators must provide unique advertising materials, create the scheme according to which they will drive traffic for a Facebook casino page, and estimate costs and expected profit

Professional staff

The main mistake of many casino owners is the decision to hire employees who do not understand the specifics of promotion on social networks

High-quality content

The provided materials must look attractive to the target audience. Accordingly, operators will need professional developers of content who know the peculiarities of the way of thinking of the target audience and are able to adapt ready-made products to it

The formation of large thematic communities with promoted profiles and mutually beneficial cooperation with influencers can attract new visitors to your casino and increase the level of loyalty and the pour of regular customers.

Push and Pull Strategy Scheme

It is easy to set up targeted Facebook casino ads since the social network has built-in tools designed for the business segment. Special attention must be paid to Facebook Ads Manager.

As a kind of an “appendix”, you can use Yandex.Metrika, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and SimilarWeb. These are excellent assistants in creating the right profile picture for the target audience and organising the promotion of your project.

Steps for Launching a Campaign

  • Collection of information about users. By registering on Facebook, people create profiles, and some data they enter may be useful for businessmen. From personal pages, you can learn about preferences, subscriptions, and communities that potential customers are interested in. Advertising should be targeted at people of the right age and gender who like gambling, luxury life attributes (expensive cars and branded accessories).
  • Creation of a marketing message. The information obtained as a result of the analysis allows you to create the most effective advertising materials that will definitely attract members of the core market and motivate users to click on the link to download the app or to visit the casino website.
  • Automatic adjustment. Facebook is a perfect social network for business purposes. By setting up targeting once, entrepreneurs can relax and never return to this issue without special need. Services of the platform will automatically send ads to users with interests that are typical for the selected target audience.

With built-in Facebook tools, casino owners can have an increase in customers of 20% and more without any extra effort.

Promotion Performance Indicators

Casino promotion on Facebook: performance indicators

It is important to evaluate the results of the campaign. To do this, it is worth paying attention to the following indicators:

  • Conversion (the Conversion Rate metric). This is the number of visitors to the gaming site who made deposits after the registration procedure is complete. The parameter shows the quality of the driven traffic. Thanks to it, operators can determine the solvency and readiness of customers to play for real money.
  • Size and type of deposits. Approximately 80% of users replenish their accounts with small amounts of money, focusing on the minimum limits, and 20% are high-rollers who immediately transfer large sums. If there are large deviations from these indicators in the field of deposit quality degradation, the terms of offers for partners should be reviewed.
  • User activity. The fewer one-time visitors to the casino who do not return to the resource, the better.
  • Reaction to e-mail newsletters. If 70% of users follow links sent by e-mail, it will mean that they are interested in the offers of the gambling club, i.e. Facebook casino traffic is profitable. This is its quality indicator.
  • Return on Investment (ROI). From 1 to 6 months after the registration of the client, it becomes clear how much profit he brings to the gambling establishment and how the funds invested in its promotion via Facebook pay off.

In addition to these indicators, there are other parameters that allow operators to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising. Appropriate metrics should be selected based on the business goals and objectives of each entrepreneur.

Paying for Facebook Traffic

When promoting a project, it makes sense to involve third-party specialists who are able to drive traffic to the gaming site. The size of payment should be determined by the result of the work. For this, the following schemes can be used:

  • CPL — payment upon confirmed registration of the customer on the website.
  • CPA — commissions for certain actions of users (the first replenishment of the deposit, new transactions).
  • RevShare — payment of a percentage of the profit of a gaming site from an attracted client.

The payment method should be agreed upon with the partner. At the same time, it is worth remembering that it is most beneficial for operators to cooperate under the RevShare scheme since it will transfer money only for gamblers who bring a profit. That is why the affiliate will be more interested in attracting a solvent audience.

The Main Things about Casino Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best platforms for online casino promotion. If you take full advantage of the capabilities of built-in services and entrust marketing to qualified specialists, you can easily scale your business. The Smart Money company will be glad to help you with this.

Our employees are ready to take care of all issues related to the establishment and promotion of gambling business. We offer ready-made solutions and the development of unique projects.

From Smart Money, you can buy or rent software and gaming content from such well-known providers as Microgaming, Amatic, NetEnt, IGT, Playtech, Novomatic, Evolution Gaming, and others.

We will offer you simple ways to launch and promote a gambling project of any format: a website where users can find a game to fit their taste, a bookmaker's office, a bitcoin platform or a Telegram casino.

For all questions, please contact our managers!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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