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Casino Traffic: Effective Ways of Attracting Users

Updated 29.04.2020

Online casino arbitration is one of the most profitable ways to make money on the Internet, especially for professional webmasters. Gaming sites also receive a good profit in the form of an ever-growing conversion of customers.

Casino Traffic Arbitrage

Casino traffic arbitrage

For a start, let us come to grips with a few basic concepts:

  • Casino traffic is the number of people who visit the website to obtain the necessary information and perform certain actions. It is necessary to take into account page views, registration, payment of the first deposit, played slots, and other specific gambling indicators.
  • Casino traffic is always considered in the context of a certain time frame, i.e. calculations are made per day, week, month, quarter, and year. The achieved results are analysed in order to develop an effective strategy for the attraction and retention of customers.
  • Casino arbitration is the income that the contractor receives after the resale of online traffic.

Contractors are private webmasters or companies that work directly with affiliate programs, CPA networks or advertisers (in our case, online casinos). There is only one goal — to make money by reselling and pouring traffic to the casino.

Portrait of the Target Audience

Since casino arbitration is, first of all, the interaction with people, it is important to understand the concept of the target audience of online gambling resources.

A distinctive feature of the audience is the desire to play casino games in order to have a good time and, if possible, hit a big jackpot.

Do not focus on those people for whom an online casino is the main source of online income. Such gamblers simply cannot place big bets, and they think about each step several times before they take it. For operators, this can end in the loss of profit.

The target audience, on which you should pour when you are working with an affiliate program, can be divided into two categories:

  • Smooth-tempered and self-sufficient gamblers who are playing mostly for fun. Their main goal is to have a good time. They earn little money but it is enough for everyday spending and enjoying their favourite types of entertainment (movies, shopping, and online casinos). It is more difficult to make such an audience interested. You can, for example, present the information on licensed scripts and convenient methods for depositing or withdrawing funds.
  • Impulsive and gambling men. The government wants to limit access to online casinos for this group since it has a clear proclivity for ludomania. Therefore, the identification of minors is extremely important. It is rather easy to attract this audience: just offer such players a minimum bonus for each deposit.

The indicators of the best target audience for a profitable offer look like this. These are men from 25 to 55 years old, with steady jobs, and the upper-middle-income. They are interested in good cars, cinema, social networks, entertainment, travel, dating, and other attributes of a wealthy life.

As for the geolocation, it is worth paying attention to the European market and the CIS countries. The most profitable casino traffic arbitrage is in Russia. Then go Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Belarus. When promoting a gaming site in Europe, you need to take into account the cultural characteristics and legislation of each country.

Popular Sources of Traffic

Popular sources of traffic

Casino arbitration involves the use of various sources of Internet traffic. So and in no other way operators can receive the maximum profit, and the webmaster — a lucrative compensation for his work.

At the end of 2019, the information portal held an opinion poll on what sources are most often used for the conversion of players.

The results are the following:


Percentage ratio

Targeted advertising in social networks


Teaser networks


Advertising in search engines


Advertising in push-notification


Promotion Through Social Networking Websites

Casino traffic with the use of social networks has become one of the most profitable promotional methods over the past few years.

Its advantages are:

  1. The broad reach of solvent audience.
  2. The low cost of the case.

The main disadvantage is the problem with the administration of resources, which closely monitors the published content. To pass moderation, arbitrators use cloaking. The essence of this SEO method is to demonstrate different options for the same page to search engines and websites.


One of the most effective ways of pouring traffic to the casino is to work with opinion leaders. On Instagram, these are popular bloggers with a huge number of followers. They will write a beautiful post about an online casino on their page, give good recommendations, and will be happy to answer any questions in comments.

The services of opinion leaders, especially famous ones, are quite expensive. But the volumes of the obtained traffic will cover all costs.


The casino traffic arbitrage in Telegram allows you to merge the conversion by purchasing advertising both in this social network and in other sources. It is important to post relevant and catchy information every day. Here, schemes of earnings, stories about big wins, and press releases of new slots can be used.

As in the case of Instagram, the Telegram audience prefers high-quality content with a minimum of “water” and reliable data.


Casino traffic in VKontakte is considered the most expensive one. To reach high conversion rates, you will need a dozen trust VK accounts, special software, and fresh proxy addresses.

If you adhere to these conditions and use the original content, you will be able to count on ROI (return on investment) in the range of 100—120%.

Teaser Networks

This is one of the most effective sources of Internet traffic. A significant contribution to the success of advertising is made by the pre-landing — a landing page to which visitors come before going to the casino website and making the first deposit.

A popular topic of pre-landing is the “luxurious life”; images of ATMs, banknotes, and premium cars are also in-demand.

However, casino traffic with the use of teaser networks gives an aggregate figure of ROI. Even if everything is done correctly, you will only be able to rely on 70—90% of the return on investment.

Search Engines

This is an old and proven conversion method, which has more than once proven its viability and effectiveness. To set up arbitration with the help of search engines, you will need to have the initial capital, which includes a payment for hosting and a website and services of designers and copywriters. With the right promotion, all the expenses will be covered in the shortest possible time.

Among the disadvantages, we can name the high probability of being banned by the administration of search engines. It is rather difficult to promoting the right key queries since gambling is banned in many jurisdictions. However, if you use cloaking correctly, you will achieve good results in a short time.

The Use of Push-Notifications

Advertising in push-notifications has become one of the main trends of 2018, which smoothly moved to 2019 and 2020. What are they? These are short but informative messages aimed at a specific segment of Central Asia.

There are proven platforms that offer advertising. The technology increases the number of users all over the world, gradually replacing the traditional methods of arbitration in iGaming.

Types of Deductions in Gambling Affiliate Programs

Deductions in gambling affiliate programs

Arbitration is mutually beneficial cooperation between two parties. Operators receive a conversion increase on the gaming site, which brings a higher profit.

The question of how much money the arbitrator will receive depends on the chosen interaction scheme.

  • CPA (Cost Per Action) provides for a fixed payment for each verified gambler. The task of the webmaster is to attract as many players who register on the website as possible. With this option for cooperation, the operator will never go into the red.
  • The percentage of deposits consists of the deductions from each deposit made on the casino website. The cooperation scheme is beneficial for operators since they pay for the inflow of real money to their sites.
  • RevShare deductions (from the English word combination “revenue share”) involve the necessity to pay the webmaster a certain percentage of the income that was brought to the casino by a gambler. This method is beneficial both for the owner of the service and for the arbitrator since it motivates to work only with a solvent audience. On the other hand, a webmaster can easily go into the red if his customers will constantly lose.


Casino traffic is an important element of a prosperous gambling resource with a high profit. To attract players, a variety of sources should be used. Teaser networks, popular search engines, and social networks are also suitable.

Both sole proprietors and large firms that offer multi-level affiliate programs are involved in the arbitration. Which cooperation scheme to choose depends only on the operator, the specifics of his business, and the size of the budget for advertising.

The Smart Money company offers an effective promotion of your gambling project. We will develop an original marketing strategy that will definitely bring the desired result. We guarantee that the number of active visitors and the level of profitability of the business will increase.

From Smart Money, you can order a ready-made turnkey online casino. The solution already has the built-in affiliate programs that will provide sufficient traffic in the future and become a “plum” of your gambling establishment.

To place an order, you can contact us:

  • by e-mail:;
  • on Skype:;
  • via the feedback form.
Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

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