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Online Casino Affiliate Programs: Attractive Offers from Smart Money

The owners of gambling platforms aimed at stable traffic and good profits will undoubtedly be interested in high-quality marketing tools. Affiliate programs are the most popular instruments among all the systems existing today. Many people who are not familiar with the field of modern promotion technologies well enough often ask: "Who are the affiliates and how to work with them?"

The Smart Money team will help you understand the essence of affiliate marketing and its principle of work. Check out what benefits it may give to the operator. Moreover, we have prepared the casino affiliate programs overview. Consider the systems that have earned recognition from the largest companies in the gaming industry.

Principles of Affiliate Marketing

Principles of affiliate marketing

The main goal of casino affiliate programs is to provide maximum traffic for the advertised websites.

The system works according to the following principles:

  1. The advertiser (the owner of the gaming website) provides the agents of the system with a set of links.
  2. Program participants post links on their resources.
  3. Interested users see an advertisement, go to the gambling platform and perform a particular set of actions (registration, depositing, participation in a specific game, etc.).
  4. The casino affiliate receives a cash reward for the clients attracted to the gaming website.

Online casino affiliate programs can offer their participants several variants of rewards:

Types of earnings in the affiliate system

Short description

CPA model (rewards for active actions)

The platform pay participants a fixed sum for specific actions of a new player on the advertiser's website:

  • casino affiliate programs with registration fees;
  • standard percentage of the number of replenished deposits;
  • deductions from losing bets of attracted audience

Percentage of the net revenue of the gaming resource

These casino affiliate programs are designed for long-term cooperation and personal interest of participants in attracting active customers. Such services offer a certain percentage of online establishments' income received from new users

Hybrid calculations

This model combines the above options for interaction with affiliates.

The advantages of this solution are as follows: quick adjustment of the system to individual requests of investor and the possibility to increase the rate in proportion to the growth in the number of loyal players

Affiliate Marketing Tools

The main tools of the gambling platform affiliate are proper advertising materials. Modern online casino affiliate programs are always expanding their assortment and offer new modifications to existing solutions.

The arsenal of large platforms should include:

  • traditional banners;
  • links for publication in text content;
  • photo and video products, animations;
  • exclusive solutions (thematic announcements, top lists, mini-games, more).

Who Are the Affiliates and How to Work With Them

Affiliate marketing of a casino

The task of affiliate marketing is obvious. This is the supply of "useful" traffic (active players) to the casino website.

It is time to figure out who the casino affiliates are. First of all, these are the gamblers who have great gaming experience and want to share it with novice users. In general, an entertainment site partner is a person who publishes advertising links on his or her resource and makes a profit for each new player.

The following categories of Internet users can become affiliates of gambling websites:

  • bloggers;
  • webmasters;
  • game testers;
  • the owners of thematic sites, blogs, YouTube channels;
  • streamers (users conducting live broadcasts on YouTube and other video platforms or social networks);
  • participants of specialized forums, conferences, exhibitions;
  • active users of social networks (the user must have his or her own page or group to publish promotional materials).

Casino Affiliate Program: The Benefits of the System

No other promotion option gives the casino operator as many benefits as an affiliate program does:

  1. Paying for guaranteed results. Money is transferred to the participants of the system only after the completion of the agreed action (registration of a new user, depositing, participation in a certain number of games).
  2. Effective analytics. Built-in statistical modules allow the advertiser to evaluate the effectiveness of investments, determine the most promising sources of traffic, and select the most effective advertising materials accurately.
  3. Saving of time. The casino operators do not participate in the promotion of the project directly. This is the task of affiliate programs. An investor needs just to select relevant advertising tools and set a rate for the participants.
  4. The popularization of the website. The recognizable service arouses trust among users at a subconscious level because such a platform looks much more attractive compared with little-known sites.

Casino Affiliate Programs Overview

Casino affiliate programs overview

Here are the best affiliate services, according to Smart Money:

Lucky Partners

The casino affiliate may get income according to the hybrid scheme:

  • up to 50% — a percentage of the establishment's net revenue;
  • up to $150 — a one-time registration fee;
  • up to 30% of the deposit amount — profit from each replenishment of the gaming account.


The service offers the following payments to participants:

  • up to 50% — commission on the total amount of losing bets;
  • up to $100 — a fixed fee for registration;
  • up to 5% — payouts for the use of referral links.

Game Partner

A unique feature of the platform is in the fact that players attracted by an agent are linked to his or her account forever. A participant of the system can count on up to 70% of casino revenue.

Partner Earning

The service makes payments for every loss in the casino. Besides, you can receive a one-time profit for registration and participation in a referral program.


The platform works according to a hybrid scheme:

  • up to $500 according to the CPA model;
  • from 40 to 60% of the net profit of the gaming website.


The casino affiliate program is the most promising and fast-payback marketing tool. The system works almost without the participation of the customer and is designed to provide stable, high-quality traffic because the casino affiliates themselves are interested in it.

The Smart Money team is always ready to help you with the selection of relevant services for gambling projects of any format. We will provide not only professional counselling but also full technical support for your business.

You can order ready-made solutions from leading suppliers or exclusive developments according to your sketches.

Evaluate the quality of the proposed solutions trying a free test version of the gaming platform.

Your start-up will be doomed to success with the help of the Smart Money team:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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