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Slot Game Settings: Recommendations from Smart Money

Updated 29.04.2020

As in the case of land-based slot machines, virtual slots need minor regulation of the basic mechanisms. 

Of course, one can use the basic slot game settings proposed by the provider. However, to make the time spent in the online casino as enjoyable and productive as possible, users should make their adjustments.

Online Casino Setup: Key Parameters

Online casino setup: key parameters

The gaming process on any gambling website can be divided into two stages, the preparatory and the main ones. Slot game settings are performed at the first step, before the start of the rounds.

The user must make the following slot game settings as part of the preparatory phase:

Payout Lines

This is one of the key parameters that determine how often the user can win a significant prize.

The generally accepted rule is as follows: the more payouts a player wants to receive, the more active directions he or she needs to use.

Important nuances:

  1. In the case of classic slot machines, this indicator is fixed. Setting up slots in a casino of modern format allows you to manage the number of directions easily.
  2. Bonuses or special symbols are available on particular reels in many gaming products. When adjusting lines, it is essential to make sure that they pass through potentially winning reels.
  3. Whatever strategy the client chooses, he or she needs to remember about the fact that the increase in the number of elements leads to the growth of the video slot budget.


There are solutions in which prize chains are formed using the cluster method. In this case, there are no lines.

Pay your attention to the following characteristics:

  • Online casino setup involves adjusting the number of blocks used.
  • Slots of this type have over 200 options for creating winning combinations. Therefore, it is worth adjusting the clusters in tenfold size (for example, +10 clusters), but not in a singular one.

The Size of the Bet

This is the second important indicator, which is closely related to the total recoil from the "one-armed bandit." The size of the prize depends on the amount of the bet placed at the beginning of the spin.

The percentage of large winnings that were received due to low limits is negligible. Each big prize is always preceded by a considerable bet amount.

On the other hand, some categories of users act as safely as possible. Such users primarily seek to enjoy the gameplay, but not to win. They do not want to take financial risks, so the symbolic cost of the spin is their conscious choice.

The bulk of players prefer average bets. Such an online casino setup can increase the duration of the gameplay and minimize the expenses significantly.


Modern "one-armed bandits" allow gamblers to change the exchange rate. It is advisable to use this option when it is planned to withdraw money to a bank card in dollars, euros or other currencies.

Setting up slots in a casino will help you save on conversion, which is not always loyal to players.

Reel Spin Modes

Slot game settings

Slots imply at least two game formats that can be adjusted by gamers.

Adjustable options

Automatic mode

As a rule, setting up slots in a casino includes auto spins. You can set a certain number of rounds or run unlimited automatic spins. In the second case, the game will continue until the user collects the prize combination.

The options and interface of the automatic mode are primarily dependent on the developer. In some "one-armed bandits," this function is placed on the main user panel. In addition, this button may be localised in a special section of the menu

Standard mode

Despite the increased comfort of the automatic mode, many gamers prefer to spin the reels manually.

This option allows customers to participate in the gambling process directly (start and stop spins on their own)


The game may turn out to be too short and do not meet the user's expectations in case of irrational use of the budget or an insufficient number of active lines. To avoid such a situation, it is important to adjust all the parameters of video slots in advance.

Smart Money offers the service of creating slot machines according to the sketches and developments of the customer.

Turnkey solutions have a well-thought-out emulator, an attractive bonus system, and flexible settings. Such features can make gameplay as convenient and safe as possible. This characteristic is highly appreciated by solvent customers.

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