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What Online Casino Operators Should Know before Entering International Markets?

Updated 29.04.2020

Casino entry to foreign markets, especially in Europe, is an indicator of success. That is why the owners of gambling websites strive to cover as many countries as possible. However, not all operators manage to expand their businesses, because they have to face not only serious competition but also some legislative difficulties.

Casino entry to foreign markets: specific steps

The Smart Money team will help you understand what online casino operators should know before entering international markets. You will find out what specific steps should be taken to bring your project to the international level.

Casino Entry to Foreign Markets: The Selection of Countries

You should start your path by analysing the situation on the gambling market in target regions.

Gambling Policy of Different States

All countries can be divided into four groups depending on the specifics of the legislation.

Government regulation

Nuances to be considered by operators

Examples of states

Complete ban

Gambling activities are completely prohibited in such territories. The violation of the law can lead to severe punishment (up to imprisonment)

Middle East, Indonesia, Thailand, and some Muslim countries


Businessmen can work and make good money in these states. However, they should focus on the zones allowing land-based gambling establishments

Russia, China

The gaming business is allowed but there are some difficulties with obtaining a licence

Casino entry to foreign markets may be accompanied by a complex and expensive legalisation procedure.

Some gambling industries (as a rule, sports betting and lottery fields) can be completely monopolised by the state

European countries

Casinos are legalised. There are no problems with launching projects

Fast casino entry to foreign markets is possible when registering a company in an offshore jurisdiction.

Additional advantages include a balanced tax policy, minimum deductions, and relatively simple legalisation

Belize, Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, Costa Rica

You should not focus on states prohibiting gambling by law. In this case, you will have to face difficulties that will prevent you from realising your ambitions. The collapse of the project is guaranteed.

Pay attention to the territories allowing gamblers to play games of chance. Consider states that do not prosecute operators by controlling bodies.

Demand for Gambling Services: A Brief Analysis

The entry of casinos to foreign markets is beneficial in territories with wide audiences of solvent players.

Before starting your business, study these nuances:

  • culture (pay attention to countries with a long history of the gambling industry);
  • social characteristics (create an accurate target audience profile);
  • local trends (this necessary step will help you avoid mistakes when choosing the gaming content).

Such an analysis is mandatory because the mentality of different countries have significant differences. They can affect the success of your project. The fact is that games demanded in Europe may not interest Asians or residents of post-Soviet states. Entertainment software solutions need to be selected and tested very carefully.

The Peculiarities of Project Launching Process

Business launching in the international market

Before starting your business project, analyse the following aspects:

  1. The attitude of the gambling regulator towards foreign entrepreneurs. Many countries welcome foreign investment in the gaming industry. Focus on them.
  2. The presence of tax incentives for non-residents. It is easier and more profitable to work in some particular offshore jurisdictions than in others. Try to select territories and governments that encourage and support the casino business.
  3. The cost of licensing. Specify the price of the desired licence, the minimum sum required to open a business (start-up capital, the amount in the bank account), and the salary level for hired personnel.

A tip from Smart Money: do not try to work in the international market illegally. Such an approach will bring a lot of problems, complicate cooperation with good providers and reputable financial institutions.

The Main Things about Entering the International Arena

Casino entry to foreign markets is a complex process that requires serious legal preparation. It is almost impossible to understand all the nuances of different countries’ gambling legislation independently. Some difficulties with the promotion of your brand may occur too. Smart Money offers you its support.

Our experts will help you analyse the markets’ specifics and choose the most suitable one for your business. We will inform you what licences are required to expand the project and how to obtain them with the greatest benefit. The company's marketers will develop a competent promotion strategy and take responsibility for its implementation.

Rely on our experience!

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Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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