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The Nuances of Getting Online Casino Licences in Different States

Updated 30.04.2020

The availability of a permit is a guarantee of reliability and a positive image of a gaming site. The presence of this document causes subconscious loyalty among the audience. A player will more likely entrust his or her money to an official operator than take risks on unverified sites, even if they promise huge winnings and bonuses.

Online casino licence: nuances of getting a permit

Contact Smart Money managers, and we will help you find out how to get a casino licence with minimal time costs. Our team provides not only consultations — you can always order complex assistance for your project.

Casino Licensing: Why do You Need a Gambling Permission Document?

A work permit in the iGaming sector is an official certificate that allows a casino operator to organise the activity without fear of penalties, blocking, and other obstacles to working in the selected market.

The legitimation process is an obligatory stage for any entrepreneurial activity. The iGaming industry is not an exception here. Moreover, this industry implies special restrictions and rules. Besides, there is no single permitting system.

Four formats for gaming business regulation are provided:

  1. State monopoly.
  2. The prohibition to organise and distribute gaming services.
  3. The regulation of gambling facilities only within a certain state.
  4. The lack of control over the field.

There are two types of online casino licences:

  1. International authorisation (this certificate brings the right to attract foreign audiences and partners).
  2. Internal permission (it gives access to work in the territory of the licensor state).

Why is it Recommended to Order a Licence?

The legitimation of a project is a long and complicated procedure that requires preparation. However, the presence of an official work permit opens up lots of prospects for an operator:

  1. Loyal audience. A site with open information about the number and status of gambling certificates inspires subconscious trust among users. Besides, a legal product can provide a client with the most comfortable conditions during the session and fair payments.
  2. Reliable partners. Official casino licensing allows you to count on cooperation with leading banking institutions and verified investors.
  3. International market. This is an opportunity to provide services without territorial restrictions. Besides, it is a good chance to expand the affiliate network substantially (the online industry is considered a legal type of work in 75 countries of the world).
  4. The best suppliers. The largest software developers cooperate only with official sites. Moreover, there is a nuance: some brands provide their program products only for online casinos with licences of a certain jurisdiction.
  5. VIP audience. Fans of games with large bets prefer legal establishments. They will not be seduced by the promises of untold riches from sites with a complete lack of security guarantees.

How to Get a Casino Licence: Legal Preparation

Casino licence: legal preparation

There is no single international format for the legalisation and control of the gambling sphere. Each offshore zone reserves the right to put forward unique requirements for candidates and refuse to consider applications without specifying a reason.

The Smart Money team has prepared a list of standard documents that can be requested from an entrepreneur, regardless of the chosen jurisdiction:

  • the certificate of opening a legal entity;
  • the evidence of the physical address’ presence (telephone and utility bills);
  • the original and a notarised copy of the agreement with the bank and a certificate of availability of a reserve fund (the amount is set by an authorised representative of the certification commission);
  • documents confirming no offence before the law;
  • copies of documents proving the identity of an applicant and a project’s founders;
  • the certificates of sufficient work experience in managerial positions.

To buy a casino licence, an operator may need to open a local representative office on the territory of the desired offshore. In addition, a requirement for the mandatory storage of reserve capital in the account of the domestic bank is often put forward.

It takes from a week to six months to consider an application. Moreover, no one will guarantee the successful completion of the procedure. Pitfalls can occur literally at every step (from the lack of some documents to the incorrect translation of notarised certificates or delays in financial transactions).

A great alternative is a turnkey online casino with a licence. The Smart Money team is ready to start implementing a start-up at any stage — from developing step-by-step instructions to organising an affiliate network and resolving disputes with a website’s users. You can also order the promotion of your project with a guarantee of payback in 2–6 months.

How Much is a Casino Licence: Top 5 Offshore Zones

Casino licensing in a foreign jurisdiction is the most practical way to enter the international arena.

How Much is a Casino Licence: The Top List of the Most Popular Offshores


The prices for services

The Isle of Man

To buy a casino licence, an applicant must be ready to pay the following amounts:

  • £5,000 (a fee for consideration of the application);
  • 35,000 (the cost of annual support);
  • 0.1–1.5% (annual tax rate)


A gaming project with a Maltese online casino licence will cost:

  • $2,230 (application fee);
  • $8,500 (annual maintenance);
  • $4,600–$7,000 (tax contributions).

The sum of the mandatory reserve capital starts from $100 thousand

Antigua and Barbuda

The prices for opening an online casino with a licence are as follows:

  • 100,000 (non-refundable contribution for consideration of a request);
  • 25,000 (the maintenance of an online casino licence per year)


The cost of legalising an online start-up includes:

  • €2,000 (initial fee before application);
  • 1,500 (maintenance of a licence per month);
  • 2% (tax rate for remote operators whose representative offices are registered outside the offshore)


An online casino with a licence will cost:

  • €25,000 (comprehensive maintenance of a permit during the first year of operation);
  • 15,000 (the provision of a certificate in the second and subsequent years);
  • 9% (fixed tax rate)

How to Check if a Casino Has a Permission Document?

Legal online casino: check-up

Information about the number and status of a work permit should be publicly available. This is one of the main criteria for evaluating the reliability and security of a gaming portal. In addition, data on certificates of software providers and mentions of a brand's participation in various exhibitions, conferences, thematic events, and top lists will be useful to gamblers.

How to check a casino for a licence? An additional safety net is the possibility to verify the relevance of published information in the corresponding authorities.

The service of remote licence status check is provided in such offshore jurisdictions:

The Main Things about Obtaining iGaming Permits

If an operator is aimed at the success and quick payback of a project, he or she must know how to get a casino licence, what its cost is, how long the procedure will take, etc. A detailed study of these issues will help entrepreneurs avoid unnecessary time and financial costs.

The turnkey online casino with a licence is an ideal option for businessmen who want to protect their projects from pitfalls as much as possible.

Cooperation with the Smart Money team is a guarantee of confidentiality, pleasant discounts for regular customers, and free updates. It also gives access to market novelties and the opportunity to test the gambling system by downloading a free trial version.

Launch your iGaming start-up with Smart Money right now!

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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