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A Reliable Casino Platform: How to Make the Right Choice

Updated 30.04.2020

In order for a gaming site to work stable and bring a decent profit, operators need a reliable and multifunctional platform. It is the basis that determines the number of the offered games, how they will work, and how convenient it will be for customers to stay on the resource.

Online casino platform: benefits

Smart Money experts will tell you what to pay attention to when buying a platform. From us, you can purchase a reliable gambling system and slot machines from the world's leading manufacturers or order the development of unique games based on your sketches.

What Do Entrepreneurs Need Online Casino Platforms for?

Gambling sites are basic systems into which games and external software modules are integrated. It is used to manage the platform and monitor and correct all the processes on it. To create this software, such advanced technology as Flash or HTML5 is used. That is why it is possible to launch casino games on any device.

Via computers and gadgets, users have access to the website at any time of the day and night. Moreover, it supports major browsers and does not overload the RAM of devices.

Among the features of casino platforms, we can name:

  1. Administration modules. With their help, entrepreneurs can fully control the processes on the gaming site: block accounts and deposits of clients who perform suspicious actions, track multi-accounts, and prevent fraud and violation of paragraphs of user agreements.
  2. Content management program. Business owners can connect any number of slots and organise tournaments.
  3. Payment services. The more payment options a website provides, and the more convenient they are, the more regular customers visit the platform and bet a lot of money. Ideally, payment systems should also support cryptocurrency transfers.
  4. Built-in marketing tools and affiliate programs. They help administrators to promote their projects, connect various bonuses, and launch special offers.
  5. Systems for collecting statistical data and analysis. High-quality platforms generate reports, which allow operators to track the costs and income, KPI, and information on the average time of the game session. These systems also collect data about the preferences of users and find out which slots are most in-demand and which ones are not so popular anymore.

All casino gaming platforms are usually equipped with a back-office and have different levels of access: for customers, employees, and administrators.

Software Quality Criteria

Casino software: quality criteria

Such a task as a choice of platform for a casino is not an easy one since there are too many software products, and each of them has its advantages.

Important Aspects

It is worth focusing on such elements as:

  • Permits and certificates. Administrators should avoid using illegal products. It might be cheaper but its security is in serious doubt. The approved solution will never contain malicious components. Moreover, many jurisdictions consider the presence of good software the main reason for granting a permit.
  • Level of adaptability. Some gamblers use not only desktop PCs but also mobile gadgets to play their favourite slot machine. Make sure that your casino works properly on devices of any type and supports Windows, Android, iOS, and other operating systems.
  • Quality of graphics. This is an important criterion since the old-fashioned picture is no longer able to attract gamblers. The future belongs to 3D and VR/AR technologies.
  • Stability. The website must work smoothly. Even a single error during the withdrawal of funds is enough to cause customer attrition — they will prefer to visit more reliable casinos. Users do not make deposits or place big bets on gaming sites if they see the risk of losing money.
  • Security. Gambling is a profitable niche, which attracts many fraudsters. It is worth choosing software with powerful systems that can prevent any third-party interference in the work of a website and protect user accounts against any type of fraud.

In such a matter as the acquisition of a platform, it is worth paying attention to the number of languages ​​and currencies that the software supports. Even if at the time of the project launch you do not have any special ambitions, and the territory from which you are planning to drive traffic comes from 1 or 2 countries, it will be necessary to make sure that the software provides options for business scaling.

What Else is Worth Considering

Smart Money experts are glad to explain how you can determine the feasibility of purchasing the selected system.


Brief description

The vendor’s reputation

Entrepreneurs should find out whether the manufacturer has vast experience and what buyers think about his products.

Operators must not purchase software from newly established firms since they cannot be considered reliable

Feedback from project owners

It looks strange if the company has only good reviews because real buyers write not only about the pros of products but also their cons.

It is worth choosing a vendor that received mostly positive feedback but some negative reviews as well

Opinion of gamblers

This aspect is extremely since it helps you to understand whether gamers like the software or not and therefore predict their behaviour

The range of content offered on the website

The more titles are included in the catalogue, the more popular with punters it usually is.

It is worth buying a system that makes it possible to add new games quickly and on time

The Main Things about Choosing a Basis for Your Gambling Location

The selection of a gaming platform is essential when launching a website.

We recommend that administrators cooperate with trusted partners that offer after-sales service as well. It guarantees the fact that the solution is updated promptly, and in case of any failures, technical specialists will quickly fix them.

From Smart Money, you can buy or rent software for both offline and online gambling establishments, purchase a ready-made project, and order the development of unique games and mobile applications.

For all questions, please contact our managers!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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