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Investment in Gambling Projects: a Profitable Business With Smart Money


The global gambling market grows rapidly: from 2009 to 2018, the industry’s turnover grew from 17 billion to 45 billion euros. According to the reports of Grand View Research, by 2025, the revenue of the gambling business will reach 102 billion (an annual increase of approximately 11.5%). Given the situation, investment in gambling projects is the most promising and fast-payback type of capital spending.

Investing in gambling projects: benefits

Contact the Smart Money team of specialists, and we will show you how to open an online casino, and which projects will bring the highest profit in 2020.

The Business Plan for a Casino: A Guide for Beginning Investors

When planning to open their own gambling startup, operators must draw up detailed step-by-step instructions. The business plan for a casino should contain both the basic steps for the organisation of an online platform and possible options for the business development, as well as the estimated amount of investment in the casino at different stages of the project implementation.

The Smart Money guide: how to launch an online casino from scratch


The description

Legal issues

Investment in a casino business begins with the registration of legal status, collection of documents for licensing of the website, and conclusion of agreements with suppliers.

The founder of the company must have a charter capital — a reserve fund that is kept in a bank and can be used only for large payouts

Casino licensing

The acquisition of a permit is a mandatory procedure that opens the following prospects for casino operators:

  • cooperation with reliable partners;
  • access to the developments of the world’s leading gambling providers;
  • customer loyalty;
  • the legal implementation of services on the world stage


If you are counting on the fast return on investment, it will be worth investing money in proven solutions that have managed to win international recognition.

The perfect option is to launch an online casino with a wide range of live content, 3D slots, slot machines with elements of the augmented reality, and skill games

The gaming site

The visual design of the platform should immediately attract attention and distinguish the project from hundreds of similar offers.

We recommend you to give preference to neutral colours

Inner workings

The business plan for a casino includes not only the design and content of the gaming site. To provide the full-fledged operation of the platform, you will need a reliable back office with a wide range of the following options:

  • analytical reports and statistics;
  • data protection system;
  • tools for debugging;
  • support for relevant payment services


Those operators who expect a persistently high profit should be prepared for the fact that investment in a casino business will cost almost half of the estimated revenue. Only in this case, the website will show good traffic and fast payback

Investment in gambling projects of the future: Trends of 2020

The trend of online gambling: virtual reality

Those entrepreneurs who want to invest in the gambling business should pay attention to the most popular formats of games for money:

Mobile Gambling

Only in 2017-2018, the growth in the share of gamblers who visit gaming sites via personal gadgets has reached 117%. Moreover, investment in gambling projects is reaching a new level since the market is being actively modernised, adapting to the wave of mass popularisation of smartwatches. By the end of 2020, the smartwatch industry will reach a turnover of 19.62 billion dollars.

An interesting fact is that the first game adapted for the smartwatch was released back in 2015 by the Microgaming company.

VR Technology

According to some experts, by the end of this year, more than 100 million Internet users will take advantage of the augmented and virtual reality systems to make online purchases.

It is almost impossible to predict a figure for the gambling industry. We can only say that VR games have every chance of completely out-competing land-based casinos and three-dimensional slots in the coming years.

Games With Artificial Intelligence

The development of AI programs is one of the most promising areas of investment in casinos.

Unique neural networks are used in the gambling industry to achieve the following goals:

  1. Personalisation of services. The AI ​​algorithm studies any behavioural metrics and, on the basis of the collected data, predicts the most effective options for building customer relationships.
  2. Fight against fraud. The system is constantly self-learning and can use methods that was previously successfully implemented in the line of smartphones — a biometric identity document (scanning of the face and fingerprints).
  3. Automation of processes of interaction with the audience. Trained bots do a great job resolving typical issues and minimising the cost of human resources.
  4. Improvement of gaming skills. AI systems may well act as opposing parties at the poker table, allowing you to develop personal skills and create unique strategies.
  5. Retention of customers. Instant analysis of the expected behaviour allows you to offer each particular gambler the very solution that will retain them on the gaming site.


Investment in gambling projects is the most convenient way to get a stable source of passive income with the highest possible return on investment. Moreover, to achieve this goal, you can use several options:

  • launch of the project from scratch (long and expensive);
  • purchase of a script (cheap but there is no guarantee of success);
  • franchise (guarantees a quick launch of a typical project);
  • turnkey startup (an exclusive development that was created according to your wishes).

Investment in casinos with Smart Money is an individual approach, complete confidentiality, access to the best products of the world’s leading suppliers, a flexible discount system for regular customers, and the impeccable quality of all the offered solutions.

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