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How to Choose a Casino Hosting: the Main Features of the Solution in 2020

Updated 29.04.2020

The issue related to the correct functioning of a gaming site is directly connected with its hosting. The stable, safe, and cost-effective operation of a casino depend on it. In this article, the Smart Money company will tell you how to choose the right server.

Casino hosting: choosing a server

It is possible to order hosting from the world’s leading providers. Smart Money provides technical support at all stages of cooperation, and we are always aimed only at the 100% result.

What is a Casino Hosting

A server for an online casino (hosting) is the remote technical equipment, on which a gambling resource is stored. On the surface, it resembles a multifunctional and properly sized unit. It consists of memory modules, monitors, network cards, power sources, and other computer components.

It is hard to imagine a stable hosting for a casino without the special software. As a rule, it comes fitted with equipment and guarantees its uninterrupted operation. Also, round-the-clock access to the Internet and uninterrupted electrical supply is necessary. Large data centres have to think-through fire safety and provide for an air-cooling system.

As for the operators of gambling platforms, it is not necessary for them to equip separate server rooms. It is enough to connect the casino hosting by signing an agreement with one of the providers.

How to Connect an Online Casino Hosting: Available Options

There are 2 types of companies on the market that provide good hosting for gaming sites:

  • Hosters — firms that specialise exclusively in the selling of hosting or offering it for rent.
  • Major providers of information services that can provide a server for an online casino to a third party. Among such companies, we can name Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other giants of the IT industry.

Most hosters offer not only to connect a hosting for a casino but also order a number of additional services. This may be the registration of a domain name, the creation of a website for an online casino, and the installation of special software. This approach is very beneficial for operators since it allows them to optimise financial costs.

Online casino hosting: databases

The casino Internet server can provide a place to store files of the website, databases, mail, and the domain name system. It is better for business owners to order the service in the package since the functioning of the gambling resource itself involves working with different types of information. Thus, for example, client files, videos, and file storage databases are used.

To support SSL security certificates, you will also need to have a reserved space on the hard disk.

Options for Cooperation

When operators decide to connect hosting for the casino, they have a choice — to use a free server for an online casino or order a paid service. The difference is significant:

  • Free hosting providers make money by placing ads on their websites. To cancel it, operators will have to pay from 20 to 30 dollars per month. Another source of income for such providers is the provision of additional paid services. Despite the obvious advantage of the lack of expenditures for online casino hosting, this approach has a lot of significant disadvantages. The most important of them are issues related to security and timely technical maintenance.
  • Paid hosting for a casino is very in-demand in the modern iGaming sphere. Hosters charge a fee for the initial connection, as well as monthly deductions for the use of server capacities. The tariff rate, like any other conditions of cooperation, is discussed with customers individually.

Many providers offer clients to independently test the hosting of a website. In practice, it means the temporary connection to the resource on more favourable terms.

The test period, as a rule, lasts 30 days and can be applied only to certain tariffs. During this time, customers will be able to evaluate the hosting speed and a control panel and understand whether the product is suitable for them.

The Advantages of Stable Hosting for a Casino

We have already figured out what features do reliable online casinos have: hosting in this case simply cannot be provided for free. Therefore, below, we offer you to consider the advantages of exclusively paid products.

100% Security

The gambling industry belongs to the high-margin business, which is focused mostly on the Web. Therefore, the risk of hacking or DDoS attacks is increased significantly. To prevent this from happening, all security issues must be closely monitored.

The developers that provide server capacities use a whole range of solutions that can protect against unauthorised access by third parties. As a rule, hosting for online casinos is equipped with the following tools:


Its use


Prevents possible hacking and leakage of information from hard drives. To do this, the system is backed up with a certain frequency that is set by the administrator.

In case of hacking, damaged files are blocked, and subsequent work is carried out from previously made copies


These are various software filters that serve as a kind of a screen between the Internet and local file storages. An IT specialist has the right to independently provide access to certain external ports, registering them in the Firewall


Special systems the work of which is aimed at the prevention of DDoS attacks. They track potential intrusions in real-time and automatically destroy the files of outsiders.

Due to the similar principle of operation, IPS is often compared with the immune system of the body

VPN tunnels

These are secure communication channels through which Internet traffic is transmitted. To protect the information flow, the 128-bit encryption is often used

Most advanced providers use copyright features and developments, the specifics of which for obvious reasons were not disclosed. As a result, they offer safe and reliable online casinos: in this case, hostings have several levels of protection.

High Speed and Stability

These two concepts are inseparable. Any hosting for a casino will be able to provide continuous operation with minimal loads. But as soon as the traffic becomes widespread, the low-quality server hardware starts to fail, freeze, and work incorrectly in general.

This is the main difference between mediocre and professional hosting. The latter ensures an uninterrupted operation even at critical loads on the gaming site.

Stable hosting for a casino guarantees an instant response to absolutely all your questions. The amount of traffic is not important. The system easily copes with a large flow of visitors. It can accept more than 1,000 gamblers per minute and provide each of them with high-quality service.

Technical Support

Major providers offer high-quality support at all stages of partnership with operators. Specialists of the customer service not only pay back the technical debt in the work of the resource (sometimes they happen) but also offer detailed advice on all issues that make an entrepreneur concerned.

This approach gives operators a sense of stability and security. They know that if there is even the smallest problem, they will always have someone to turn to and ask for help.

VPS for Gambling: Varieties

VPS for gambling: varieties

Virtual Private Server is a service within the framework of which the so-called virtual server is given to operators. This is a specific disk space with a separate operating system.

At the same time, several VPSs for gambling can be physically located on the same unit of the server hardware.

The casino hosting that uses VPS has the following advantages:

  • Personal IP-address, unlike, for example, products with shared hosting.
  • Absolute control over the resources. The administrator independently manages the products, catalogues, and routing tables, and he also installs the necessary software.
  • Ability to integrate additional services and configurations. The operator receives the most flexible and customisable environment for the needs of a particular project.
  • Maximum powers. Actual loads on physical equipment do not affect the operation of the VPS for gambling. There are practically no restrictions related to its work.

Types of VPS Hosting

Depending on the visualisation method, there are 2 types of online casino hosting:

  1. The VPS software is based on the use of the core of the server in its work. Thanks to this, all operations are carried out in a matter of seconds. It is important to consider the planned casino traffic. If the platform is characterised by periodic leaps in load, then hosting may not cope with the dramatically increased number of visitors.
  2. The VPS hardware is distinguished by the increased isolation from server neighbours. For this reason, the website can withstand significant loads without losing the quality of operation. Also, if necessary, the equipment can be easily transferred to another node. In the case of software solutions, these actions require more time.

Which type of VPS to choose? It depends on your strategic objectives as an operator. If you are planning to scale the business, then it will be better to decide upon hardware products.

A Server for Online Casinos: the Localisation Matter

When choosing a provider, you should definitely pay attention to the country where the server equipment is located. As you know, iGaming is allowed not in all countries, so it will be impossible to locate the equipment in such jurisdictions.

Depending on their attitude to gambling, all countries can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Online casinos are strictly prohibited (USA, Asia, and the Middle East Region).
  • Gambling is allowed but in order to buy hosting, you will need to obtain a local license (Malta, Curacao).
  • Gambling is allowed, as well as hosting in all part of the world, regardless of the physical location of the equipment (Mexico, Panama).

Operators should focus on the last 2 categories. In this case, they will be able to easily sign an agreement with a local provider and launch their own gaming sites.


The server for the gambling website directly affects the success of the project in the future. Such parameters as reliability and performance of a casino depend on the hosting. To work legally in any international jurisdiction, operators will need a secure and certified server.

Today, the market has a huge number of providers offering their clients to purchase hosting. At the same time, only a small part of them have really high-quality and economical gambling solutions.

Smart Money recommends you to turn to professionals immediately. From us, you can buy hosting from the world’s leading providers. We will be happy to help you to resolve all issues related to iGaming and give valuable advice regarding the gambling industry.

Contact our manager and find out more detailed information about the most favourable offers:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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