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Gambling in the 21st Century: Promising Niche for Operators

Updated 03.11.2022

Gambling is one of the oldest activities that has been popular since ancient Greece. For two thousand years, the attitude towards the industry has changed more than once: from encouragement by states to a complete ban on any gaming establishments. Modern gambling business is a respectable direction with multimillion-dollar investments and quick payback of projects.

iGaming business in the 21st century

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The Key Advantages of the Gambling Business

The gaming industry is a promising area with good investment opportunities.

The following advantages of the sphere can be highlighted:

Fast Payback

A turnkey casino, a bookmaker or an online poker project are highly lucrative areas. The first profit from a large project can be obtained a month after its launch. The full return on investment can be received in about a year.

The modern gambling market also offers hundreds of small and medium-sized start-ups with a 6- or even 3-month payback. For example, you can open an online casino under a franchise agreement. The main thing is to find a reliable provider because many difficulties in the gaming business are associated with the purchase of low-quality software.

The Development of the Field

According to the analytic company SoftSwiss, the gambling market is growing by 10-15% annually. The cost of ongoing projects is also increasing.

It is like real estate in the centre of a large city. It will always carry a price, despite the nuances of tax policy, market changes, etc.

Access to the Best IT Tools

The future of the gambling industry is directly related to the use of innovative IT developments.

When creating casino software or betting script, developers use a whole range of technologies and instruments:

Programming languages and auxiliary components

To create high-quality casino software, providers utilise:

  • Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and other languages;
  • data libraries jQuery, Bootstrap, and Angular;
  • HTML5 technologies

VR and AR solutions

Virtual and augmented reality improve the user experience, motivating gamers to play in casinos more often and place bigger bets.

VR and AR are based on the hologram method, which creates the effect of being in a gambling hall

Artificial intelligence

The technology enhances the security of the gaming business. AI is often used in verification systems when two-factor identification of gamblers is required

Large Selection of Areas

Gambling business variety: popular niches

The advantages of the entertainment business include the variety and demand for potential projects. Entrepreneurs have access to both the internet niche and the land-based sector.

Young businessmen, as a rule, choose the online area. It is possible to open an online casino, launch a betting site, or a virtual poker portal. The market includes an impressive list of ready-made offers (for example, turnkey casinos).

The land-based sector requires large investments. Therefore, this field is mainly the choice of large businessmen.

Entrepreneurs often invest not only in gambling establishments but also in related businesses (hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment areas). A vivid example is the world-famous casino complexes in Macau (China) and Las Vegas (USA). These tourist meccas are structures with billions in turnover and sky-high profits.

Gambling Business and State Policy

The future of the gaming industry is directly related to the attitude of the authorities in each jurisdiction. Most countries have already assessed the prospects of the gambling business and have allowed it to operate in their territories.

The legalised industry brings states millions of dollars in revenue and creates thousands of jobs. Auxiliary companies that offer to buy casino software, equipment for land-based halls, and order marketing and legal services also make money.

Where can you open an online casino or a land-based business:

  • Countries legalised gambling. This list includes most of the European states, Asia, and South America.
  • Dedicated areas. These are, for example, Indian reservations in Canada and the USA (a vivid example is Kahnawake), etc.
  • Offshore jurisdictions. You can realise excellent gambling business prospects in Malta, the Isle of Man, Alderney, and other areas.

If you do not know where and how to start an entertainment business, take a closer look at offshore registration. Local regulators offer an optimal fiscal burden. The launch of a gaming project in such locations is beneficial due to working with the .com domain. It allows you to reach a wider audience.

The governments of many developed countries have a positive attitude towards gambling. For them, this is a promising sector of the economy, which provides huge revenues to the budget. The authorities are improving the legislative framework, developing transparent regulatory mechanisms, and reducing the tax burden. Therefore, the sphere attracts potential investors.

Misconceptions and Difficulties Associated with the Industry

Despite lots of undeniable advantages of gaming, some entrepreneurs decide to postpone the launch of projects in this niche. Investors doubt, postponing possible success: Gambling business: is it worth starting?

Consider the main misconceptions and difficulties associated with the gaming field:

  1. Gambling addiction. Legal casinos and bookmaker projects provide mechanisms to protect participants from addiction. These are the identification of gamers, age verification, self-restriction registries, as well as a ban on content for unprotected segments of the population. A significant contribution to solving the problem is made by government agencies and special non-profit organisations.
  2. Risks and insecurity. Entrepreneurs do not need not worry about their investments. The gambling business belongs to industries with a high level of protection. Providers offer thoughtful security software. Such products defend systems from hacker attacks, reverse engineering, and theft of confidential information.
  3. Low-quality software. Cheap products are pitfalls of the gambling niche for inexperienced entrepreneurs. Beginners save money, buy dubious software, and download free scripts. As a result, they get sites with bugs and viruses, or even non-working resources. To avoid such problems, it is worth buying programs from certified providers.
  4. Complex start. The difficulties of the gaming field are sometimes associated with the allegedly difficult launch procedure. However, opening an online casino is not much different from organising an online store. An entrepreneur will need a site, a gambling platform, a library of video games, and a licence. These products can be ordered from Smart Money along with 24/7 technical support.
  5. The lack of knowledge and practice. The problem is relevant to all business areas. Experience will come with time. Nevertheless, for now, it is better to pay attention to finished projects. They already include a licence, software, payment services, entertainment portfolio, and other components for a decent start.

The Main Things about Gambling

Online gaming business: key notions

The gaming industry is a promising area with excellent opportunities for investors.

  • The field is characterised by good profitability, the use of advanced IT technologies, and a variety of areas.
  • The sphere offers reliable and safe solutions. Providers create security software to protect sites against fishing, account theft, and other risks.
  • Governments of developed countries are actively supporting the industry by creating a flexible legislative framework. It is possible to open an online casino in an offshore zone, ensuring a minimum tax burden on a business.

Do you want to learn how to launch a gambling start-up? Contact Smart Money and we will help you organise and open entertainment projects of any complexity.

Our catalogue contains prestigious turnkey solutions, games from the best providers (Microgaming, Novomatic, Evolution Gaming, Amatic, Ezugi, and others), and security systems. We offer assistance in obtaining a licence, legal support for businesses, and their marketing promotion.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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