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Detailed Guide on How to Buy an Amatic Casino in Turkey from Smart Money

Updated 07.10.2020

While Turkey remains a devoted Islamic country, it is a region of vast opportunities for online gambling operators. The residents of the country adore this type of entertainment and gladly join new internet casinos that offer exclusive gaming possibilities. When an operator wants to launch the online gambling business in Turkey, he also needs reliable software and a manufacturer to supply it.

The Amatic gaming provider is an experienced representative of the local market that develops the finest products for platforms in the country. Smart Money started collaborating with the Amatic casino provider in Turkey a few years ago and understood that the vendor supplies outstanding services for land-based and online casinos.

Amatic casino provider in Turkey

Amatic slot machines for sale became the company’s main product, appealing to people in Izmir, Adana, Istanbul, and other metropolises. If you are interested in how to buy an Amatic casino in Turkey, let us get you acquainted with the company closer. Order the top-notch software for your gambling establishment.

Legislation Peculiarities of the Gambling Industry in Turkey

Amatic casino software in Turkey would not be so popular unless the demand for gambling services was high. It underlines the importance of the industry for the country’s residents.

When an operator wants to start an online casino with Amatic in Turkey, he should consider the following notions about the local legislation:

  1. The most effective way to start an online casino in the country is to apply for a gambling license in one of the offshore jurisdictions. As soon as an operator receives a legal operational permit, he can start targeting the Turkish audience.
  2. Turkish authorities can not influence or restrict operators who work from abroad. It means that if an online casino is registered in one of the foreign jurisdictions, no fines or criminal charges can be imposed on the owner.
  3. The local government supports the lottery business and some manifestations of the betting sphere. In particular, the company called IDDAA is in charge of organizing wagering activities for the locals (football, basketball, volleyball, and horseracing).
  4. Software for casinos in Turkey from Amatic is certified for operating in the country. The company has all the necessary documents, and its developers are licensed for creating entertainment and administrative solutions.
  5. The future of the online gambling business in Turkey is estimated to be flourishing. The country has long-term plans for joining the European Union. It means that the gambling industry (including online) should receive updates to the regulations since no changes have been introduced for almost the last 15 years.

Peculiar Characteristics of Amatic Software in Turkey

The organization was founded in 1993 as a land-based gaming provider. Amatic slot machines for sale immediately became a demanded product on the market. The story repeated in 2013 when the company entered the online gambling sphere.

When the Amatic gaming provider started offering its services in Turkey, it began to feature the following peculiarities:

Availability of multiple platforms

In 2014, the organization launched a supplementary project called Amatic Now. It allowed them to expand the development department. As the result, Amatic casino software in Turkey is currently available for desktop and mobile browsers as well as for apps

Focus on mobile players

The technological advancement of Turkish society resulted in a massive usage of mobile devices (more than 55 million by 2020). The Amatic gaming provider uses this peculiarity in the development of mobile-based entertainment for sale

Risk-based rounds

Turkey casino software from Amatic features special bonus rounds that allow players to double or even quadruple the winnings. Players enjoy such risk rounds and try to guess additional criteria to multiply their success

Automatic start

A lot of players are annoyed with the necessity to hit the spin button repeatedly. The software from Amatic offers extensive functionality for personalizing interface with a possibility of automated spins

Cultural adaptation

The Amatic software provider in Turkey understands the necessity to accustom all gaming aspects to the cultural peculiarities of the country. The organization considers the latest youth trends as well as common images for aged players

Minimalistic design

One of the most distinctive features of Amatic casino software in Turkey is a unique approach to the design of each game. The company adheres to minimalism as the main principle of the style. No wonder Turkish audience adores this so much

Distinctions of Amatic in Turkey with Other Manufacturers

Amatic software provider in Turkey

The Amatic software provider in Turkey does not have analogues on the local market. The company treats every order with an individual approach that allows it to attract more clients and create exclusive offers.

These are the major distinctions of the Turkish casino provider Amatic:

  • Innovative technological solutions and consideration of cultural peculiarities of the country make the integration of the company’s software an ideal boost for an online casino.
  • The possibility to order Turkey casino software for land-based facilities, mobile casinos and gaming terminals give operators with multiple platforms an opportunity to combine all solutions into a single system.
  • Flexible settings of each casino game allow an operator to adjust the entertainment to several groups of the audience and satisfy their preferences.
  • The newest development possibilities allow starting an online casino with Amatic in Turkey on 4K displays without any quality loss.
  • The integration of reliable security systems eradicates the smallest possibility to get hacked or be vulnerable to any bot attack.
  • The inspiration that the organization’s designers take from Turkish culture is depicted in the style of each game that operators order on an individual request.
  • Unique loyalty systems and promotional bonuses keep the operator’s revenue high and retain his players in the game longer.
  • The cooperation with the most popular Turkish payment gateways (Ukash and Paypal) ensure swift transactions and secured withdrawals.
  • Responsible gaming principles are the company’s main motto that shows players how caring the casino operator was while choosing particularly this software.

The Main Notions about the Amatic casino provider in Turkey

Smart Money has been cooperating with Amatic for a few years. The mutual understanding of the local situation allows creating favourable conditions for the online gambling business in Turkey.

Smart Money suggests working with Amatic on special conditions. A Turkish turnkey casino is an excellent opportunity for a quick business start. The team of experts at Smart Money will ensure the organizational process is built on the highest level possible.

Besides, an operator will receive a detailed rundown on the benefits of working with Amatic in Turkey:

  • The company offers certified online gambling software that suits ideally every casino website, operating with an official gaming permit from a foreign jurisdiction.
  • The main peculiarities of the Amatic software in the country are the availability of multiple platforms, focus on mobile players, risk-based rounds, cultural adaptation, and minimalistic design.
  • The gaming offers from the company differ from other software vendors with innovative technological solutions, flexible gaming settings, 4K image display, reliable security systems, and cooperation with the most popular Turkish payment gateways.
  • A turnkey casino Amatic in Turkey is the fastest and most efficient way to receive a fruitful business project with minimum efforts and any level of a budget.

Smart Money works with the best representatives of the Turkish market. The valuable experience that Amatic gained during the years of its operation allows us to be confident in the company’s software. Order Amatic gaming solutions from Smart Money to guarantee yourself a successful business start.

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