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Casino Game Development: Where to Buy Casino Games That Are Truly Unique

Updated 08.10.2020

The development of casino games for sale is a good way to stand out against the background of the competitors, kindle the interest of gamblers, and increase their loyalty to your gaming site.

It is possible to order an individual project from Smart Money. Our team is one of the most reliable slot machine developers with an impeccable reputation, vast experience, and unusual ideas.

Stages of the Casino Game Development

Casino game development: stages

How is the gambling software created? How to make the slot machine as profitable as possible for the operator? With which professionals it is better to work? We will answer all these questions right now.

Slot machine developers act upon the following scheme:

Concept of the game

The first step is a documented idea. The manufacturer works through all aspects of the future slot and creates the “backbone” of the product that can be released.

An online casino game developer decides upon:

  • the storyline;

  • the main theme;

  • the number of reels;

  • options for the formation of paylines;

  • additional rounds;

  • the jackpot system


The rough work is necessary for the evaluation of the gameplay, verification of key technical parameters, and testing of the game mechanics

Vertical slice

This is the primary lead of a full-fledged slot machine with seamless gameplay. The functionality of the product remains in a rough version

Project implementation

At this stage, designers and artists come into the project. After the creation of the graphic component, the developers of slots combine all the components into a single system


After the product debugging, players who will test the solution are invited. Their task is to play and notice flaws and mistakes, which are fixed by the manufacturer's team of specialists

Product release

When the developers of slot machines perform the necessary tasks, it is time for marketers to get to work: they promote a new slot, offer its demo versions, and publish reviews and the feedback of those who tested it

What Does the Smart Money Manufacturer Offer

Our tools and capabilities for the project implementation include:

  1. 2D and 3D animation. The visual component is the key to the success of a new game. Our company uses advanced graphical technologies and guarantees great results.
  2. Unique design. By contacting Smart Money, you get the original structure and appearance of the slot, which can attract a wide target audience.
  3. Game mathematics. Our developers of casino games for sale are ready to offer you a large selection of templates and create exclusive mechanics with various bonus options.
  4. Background sound. We select an interesting audio sequence that perfectly suits the storylines and main characters.
  5. HTML5 technology. The use of open-source code allows you to launch the product on any operating system without losing the reproduction quality.

Why Us

Cooperation with our team opens the following prospects:

Brand Communications

A new gambling release is a great reason for promoting your business and increasing brand awareness. We create interesting software that can compete with the solution of the industry leaders.

100% Uniqueness

The concept of the game is developed according to your sketches. The ready-made product is a well-thought-out solution that cannot be found in other gambling establishments.

Superior Quality

We offer only the most reliable software that has been tested by in-house staff and independent experts. Cooperation with Smart Money is guaranteed protection against technical failures, freezes, and other bugs.

Responsive Interface

We offer a range of personal settings:

  • individual limits on the placement of bets;
  • adjustment of the winning lines;
  • monitoring of reporting tables and the history of a game session;
  • displaying of the information panel and the prompt line;
  • readjustment of parameters the chance game (if this level was provided by the basic project);
  • options for launching demo modes and playing for money.


Our software is presented in 3 formats:

  • software for physical hardware;
  • content for mobile browsers;
  • desktop versions (support for Windows and Linux platforms).

Jackpots and Bonuses

We release products with traditional built-in jackpots. It is also possible to connect the new slot to the system of progressive jackpots.

Among the bonus options, we can name:

  • special symbols;
  • additional locations in the game;
  • increased multipliers;
  • risk-game;
  • free spins;
  • additional paylines.

The Main Things About the Creation of Slot Games From Smart Money

Casino games for sale

Our company is a professional provider of turnkey solutions and an experienced developer of online casino games based on private sketches.

Advantages of working with Smart Money:

  • Open communication with clients. All stages of the development of a new game are documented: the investor sees where his money goes and can take part in the process.
  • Excellent quality. We use advanced programming technologies and the best design tools. The software is repeatedly tested and verified by independent experts.
  • Complete uniqueness. The team works with your idea and guarantees the originality of the content. It is impossible to find analogues of our products even in the catalogues of the industry giants.

We regularly update our set of games, always keep up with the main trends, and offer advanced solutions for gambling startups of any format. These are live casinos, traditional slot machines, betting software, and much more.

Order your casino project right now! Contact us:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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