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Cryptocurrency Casino Payment Systems: Choose the Best One

Updated 01.09.2022

The economic crisis and the high inflation rates of fiat currencies in 2020 forced people to look for new financial instruments. Public attention has shifted to digital money: in the last year alone, the number of holders of Blockchain wallets has grown to 50.71 million people.

Bitcoin casino: info about payments

Now is the best time to start a Bitcoin casino and take the business to a whole new level of income.

Smart Money employees will talk about the advantages and features of cryptocurrency casino scripts and suggest which systems you should pay close attention to.

About Digital Coins

Cryptocurrencies are electronic payment instruments. Digitalised money is created and transferred between users using cryptographic technologies (mainly based on Blockchain).

Coins are issued only in digital format due to the power of computer technology. This is an artificial financial infrastructure, not backed by fiat tokens, but with an official exchange rate.

Creating a Bitcoin casino with support for such payments is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Cross-platform possibilities. An electronic wallet can be created on any user device — from a PC to a smartphone or tablet.
  2. Simple interaction. To conduct transactions, complex multi-level verification is not required — it is enough to know the wallet number and confirm the transfer using a unique password.
  3. Decentralisation. There is no single control centre for Bitcoin casino script projects. Banking systems or state bodies do not participate in its formation and transfer, which excludes any possibilities of monitoring and blocking wallets.
  4. Anonymity. The participants in the transaction do not indicate their data, only the wallet number and the amount of the transfer. The operation in the system cannot be tracked.
  5. Minimum commissions. Banks or other industry structures do not take part in financial exchanges. The volume of commissions is set directly by the platform operator or the administration of the intermediary payment system.
  6. The deflationary nature of coins. Bitcoin gambling script guarantees stable work regardless of external economic factors. The maximum number of digital characters cannot exceed 21 million. Thus, even a currency not backed by gold or fiat assets is fully protected from inflation.

Rating of the most popular digital currencies in 2022


The most popular and widespread coin, with which the era of digital money began. The mark's capitalisation has already exceeded $20 billion.

In 2017, a branch of Bitcoin Cash coins separated from the main system. A new variation of the payment instrument is allowed to increase the number of operations per second. Bitcoin casino solution can be easily purchased for a business


The asset appeared in 2015. The functionality of the system is based on the Blockchain and is almost identical to BTC.

The platform has a branch — Ethereum Classic with a capitalisation of several billion dollars


The system began work in 2011 and was originally conceived as a clone of Bitcoin.

The project received strong support due to the increased number of operations per second


A unique feature of the service is the absence of the very concept of mining. Clients of the system do not participate in the formation of blocks, since all operations are provided by special cryptographic protocols


The currency appeared in 2013. Its main feature is a large number of available monetary units at their minimum cost. Plus, the system guarantees small commissions

Variants of Cryptocurrency iGaming Projects

An investor can buy a Bitcoin casino in two formats:

  1. Standalone cryptocurrency platform. The gaming resource is designed to work only with digital assets.
  2. Hybrid product. Such a business is oriented on both Bitcoin casino software and fiat payments.

Regardless of the chosen format, the site of slot machines can:

  • adapt to receive mobile traffic;
  • connect to various affiliate programs;
  • use to organise tournaments;
  • supplement with live content, software for accepting bets, etc.;
  • further protection with cryptographic algorithms and security systems.

For game project customisation services, please contact Smart Money managers. There is a turnkey Bitcoin casino with content from leading providers and a large selection of exclusive developments.

List of Modules for Working with Cryptocurrencies

Crypto payment modules: top services

The launch of a specific establishment involves close collaboration with payment systems. These can be specialised services that can allow you to operate exclusively with Blockchain wallets or scalable systems that accept any type of currency.

The most popular tools for securing payments with crypto money:

WebMoney on the Base of Indx

The platform operates in the format of a crypto exchange and provides the opportunity for traders to interact without intermediaries.

There are no commissions for processes performed in the system. Users are charged only a fixed tax for depositing funds into the system — 0.8% of the transfer amount.

The platform can be used in several ways:

  • as a storage system for digital assets with the possibility of receiving dividends;
  • as an exchange office with the conversion of coins into euros and dollars;
  • as a payment instrument for online purchases and withdrawals.


The payment service launched the service in 2020. After the update, 26 million merchants around the world received access to crypto settlements.

The following functionality is available to clients of the system:

  • buying coins;
  • sale of crypto money;
  • payments for goods with digital coins;
  • funds storage within the system.

The company received a licence to operate in the cryptocurrency sector from the New York State Department of Financial Services.


The corporation introduced a digital service in 2018 and has already issued plastic cards that support crypto money:

  1. Visa MCO. The product cannot be purchased for fiat currency; to receive it, a bank client must obtain at least 50 MCO tokens. The card is connected to the exchange and allows you not only to make payments in electronic coins but also to receive cashback and other bonuses on your account.
  2. Flexible Crypterium Card. This product can be ordered in 178 countries of the world to pay for any goods and services in everyday life.

Both releases have a built-in conversion program: digital money is converted into euros by default.


The platform started working with electronic coins only in 2021. At the same time, Raj Damodaran, vice president of the company in the field of digital assets, said that the company will only support a limited list of cryptocurrencies since some of them do not meet the internal requirements of the corporation.

Western Union

In 2020, information appeared about the takeover of the MoneyGram service by the concern. The merger will allow the introduction of Blockchain technologies into the usual banking system and establish collaboration with the Ripple crypto platform.


One of the most popular electronic ways of performing money operations in the CIS. The service has recently been completely upgraded and started supporting cryptocurrency settlements. Based on the system, Bitcoin conversion is available, plus it is planned to introduce exchangers for altcoin and several other currencies.

The Main Things about Cryptocurrency Payment Systems in the Field of iGaming

Crypto casino payment systems: connection

Gambling Blockchain start-ups have become one of the most popular and promising types of business in recent years.

According to Bitcoin Casino Stats reports from 2020, e-coin settlements account for 25.7% of the total volume of gambling exchanges. At Smart Money, entrepreneurs can find a Bitcoin casino for sale.

  • Cryptocurrency has already become an alternative to the regular financial plan. The volume of the digital asset market is estimated at billions of dollars, and the number of active holders of Blockchain wallets has exceeded 50 million people.
  • The Bitcoin crypto casino script can work in two formats: accepting only crypto transfers and hybrid operations with conversion to fiat money. Moreover, any of the platforms can be further customised and configured for mobile traffic.
  • Cryptocurrency support programs have already been implemented by the largest payment systems in the world: PayPal, Visa, WebMoney, Skrill and others. Moreover, transfers in digital coins can be performed not only online but also with the help of plastic cards (Visa cryptocurrency products can be ordered in 178 countries).

Smart Money employees will not only advise you on how to start a Bitcoin casino with minimal risks but will also help you organise a full-scale promotion strategy. We guarantee full payback for the first year of cooperation.

To start a crypto casino, contact our managers.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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