Crypto Casino: All About Launching a Profitable Business of an International Format

1. Crypto Casino: What You Need to Know About the Bitcoin?

2. Crypto Casino: the History of the Bitcoin in the Gambling Industry

3. A Review of the Gambling Market on Cryptocurrency

4. Crypto Casino License

5. Crypto Casino: About the Options for Launching Your Own Business

6. The Best Content for a Crypto Casino From Smart Money

7. Crypto Casino: About the Benefits of Casinos That Work With Cryptocurrency

8. How to Open a Crypto Casino With the Smart Money Company?

Probably, in the modern world, there is no one left who has not heard about the virtual currency. The electronic banknote that exists exclusively on the Internet has become a real breakthrough in the global financial market. The fact that virtual money is completely different from any existing currency has opened a lot of prospects for the development of various spheres of action.

The new trend has not bypassed the gambling industry. Its participants were among the first to see the benefits of using electronic money that is not controlled by any of the existing countries. According to statistics, by 2023, five out of ten gambling websites will work with bitcoins.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency in gambling

It is possible to find out about the advantages of launching a crypto casino, the nuances of buying content, and the integration of the software for the completion of transactions from specialists of the Smart Money company. We are ready to provide you not only with a full range of services for the launch of your project but also with a free demo version of the crypto casino to make you see all the benefits of this business, make your own review, and draw up a detailed strategy of actions.

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Crypto Casino: What You Need to Know About the Bitcoin?

The appearance of e-currency is directly related to the global financial crisis of 2008. This date was a tipping point that shattered confidence in the financial system.

The bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto from Japan. This mysterious person prefers not to spend much time in public. Even after ten years, no one knows the exact information on the identity of the creator of bitcoins. On the Internet, there is an opinion that a whole group of interested parties hides under the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

The word “cryptocurrency” consists of two Greek words: “crypto” and “grafo”, which means “cypher” and “write”. Virtual money is a perfect encryption structure ― a unique code created by users of the network.

The new money comes into the system thanks to the actions of miners. Users create blocks with records of all financial manipulations made. After filling, each of the blocks is “signed” with a unique signature. Each new block contains the information on the previous element. Such circularity protects the system against the inclusion of other types of currency.

The emission of bitcoins is completely independent ― this feature cannot relate to any real currency. The amount of funds is limited by a special algorithm and cannot exceed twenty-one million units. Now there are about fifteen million bitcoins in the network, and the speed of the currency issuance is becoming slower day by day. Analysts believe that the creation of new units will be fully completed by the year 2140. And with each new unit, it is almost impossible to break the structure of the circuit or stop the operation of the system. Already today, the performance of cryptocurrency is more than fifteen times higher than the computation power of the most advanced computers.

Crypto Casino: the History of the Bitcoin in the Gambling Industry

The first crypto casino was founded in 2012. It was created in the UK and was owned by an unknown investor. The gaming site accepted only virtual money and offered a rather limited set of services: slot games with the simplest gameplay.

According to unconfirmed reports, the gambling establishment, known as Satoshi Dice, has brought its owner about four hundred thousand dollars already during the first nine months of operation.

In 2013, the gaming site was sold for one hundred twenty-six thousand bitcoins to an unidentified person. At that time, it was equal to twelve million dollars. If we take into account the current rate, it will be clear that the price of the transaction was more than fifty million dollars.

A Review of the Gambling Market on Cryptocurrency

Today, the share of crypto casinos is about 23-25% of the international gambling market, and experts predict an annual 10% growth in the industry.

Last year, the total amount of deposits made was over one and a half million bitcoins. The share of the net profit of investors exceeded five thousand bitcoins.

The total value of the bitcoin casino market has exceeded thirty billion dollars and taking into account the growth statistics of the industry in the near future, those gambling establishments that operate with cryptocurrency will occupy more than a half of the online and mobile gambling market.

Crypto Casino License

Despite the international independence of e-currency, many jurisdictions have begun to provide such a service as a license for the opening of a bitcoin casino.

This permit is issued by the following offshore zones:

  • Alderney. The tax fee for obtaining a license is thirty-five thousand pounds.
  • Antigua. Filing an application will cost fifteen thousand dollars, and the amount of the annual fee is about one hundred thousand dollars.
  • Curacao. The price of a license here is thirty-four thousand dollars. Plus additional fees for paperwork and subsequent support that cost from eleven thousand dollars.
  • The Isle of Man. The payment for the consideration of the application is five thousand pounds. The annual commission for the right to use the permit is from thirty-five thousand pounds.
  • Gibraltar. The price depends on a variety of entertainment content and can range from thirty to seventy thousand dollars.
  • Kahnawake. The licensing procedure in the Indian reservation will cost forty thousand dollars plus fees for each employee of the casino ― from five thousand dollars.
  • Malta. The state duty for launching a crypto casino is from eight thousand five hundred pounds.

Crypto Casino: About the Options for Launching Your Own Business

Crypto casino business launch

Today, there are many ways to open your own gambling establishment but the following options have gained the biggest popularity:

  • Crypto casino from scratch

It is the most expensive option that requires special knowledge, huge financial investments, and a lot of time. You will have to study the subject very carefully, draw up a step-by-step business plan, analyse offers of competitors, developing a gaming site, enter into agreements with software vendors, find partners, purchase a permit, promote your project, and hire staff to provide technical support for the resource.

The disadvantages of this method are obvious: significant financial costs for each stage of the project development with low chances of success.

  • Crypto casino script 

It is the purchase of a standard code for a gambling website with the need for further adaptation of the program to the operator’s goals. The script itself will be very cheap ― the price can vary from a few hundred dollars. But no one will provide guarantees of the efficiency of the code. Also, you should not forget costs on the purchase of the game content, acquisition of a license, and provision of technical support.

  • White Label affiliate program

It is a convenient way to get your product ready for the launch. The service includes the purchase of a platform, the design of which can be changed according to the wishes of operators.

Advantages of this method: it saves a lot of money at the stage of the launch of your project and allows you to develop an exclusive brand by using proven tools.

The disadvantage of an affiliate program is complete dependence on the provisions of the parent company. Operators do not have the right to make any changes to the set of solutions independently, is obliged to work under a license provided by the partner company, and needs to pay commission fees for using the product monthly.

  • Crypto casino on turnkey basis 

It is one of the most convenient and popular methods. In fact, all responsibility for the development of the project will be entrusted to the intermediary company. The result is that operators receive a product that is completely ready for the launch. Moreover, all questions on the creation of a casino, the integration of content, the connection of payment systems, the legal registration, and the promotion of the business will be solved by experienced professionals. You just have to purchase a turnkey solution.

Experts from Smart Money guarantee that your casino will be successful and pay off in record time. We are ready to do everything possible to make your gambling establishment not only a stable source of income but also a casino of the international level.

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The Best Content for a Crypto Casino From Smart Money

We cooperate with the world's leading software vendors and offer games that were developed by specialists of the highest level:

  • Novomatic. The Austrian brand, which was founded in 1980, is considered to be the largest gambling software vendor. It has offices in seventy countries of the world, and the company's overall income exceeded three billion euro.
  • Playtech. It was created in 1999 and almost instantly conquered the industry. Today, the company's software is presented on the world's best websites. Each product from Playtech is a combination of excellent visual design, high-quality gameplay, and good prizes.
  • Microgaming. It is one of the most famous brands on the gambling market since it launched the first online casino in the word in 1994. Solutions from this developer please gamblers with wonderful design, good winning percentage, intuitive gameplay, and rather original storylines.
  • NetEnt. The company has started its activity in 1996 and, in record time, has gained a reputation of one of the most reliable suppliers, which creates unique solutions based on innovative technologies. In its work, the brand uses advanced tools that simply do not allow users to get bored.

Crypto Casino: About the Benefits of Casinos That Work With Cryptocurrency

Owners of gambling clubs prefer bitcoins because of the following features and capabilities of this currency:

  • Confidentiality

The bitcoin system allows you to stay completely anonymous. If in classic online casinos each user has to pass the registration procedure and specify his personal data, you will not need to disclose any personal information to make bitcoin payments.

  • The minimal size of bets

A unique feature of the bitcoin is that it can divide into very small parts, which allows players to start the game with minimal amounts of money like 0.001 dollars. Crypto casinos are always open both for high rollers and careful gamblers who do not like to bet a lot of money.

  • Currency decentralisation

Any financial transaction with virtual money is an instant process that takes place without intermediaries. No electronic systems or banking institutions are involved in these manipulations.

  • Perfect protection against the inflation

Not having a real emission, bitcoins simply cannot lose their value. The banknote exists only on the Internet.

  • No reporting to tax authorities

Since cryptocurrency is not controlled by the government and taxation systems, you do not have to report on all transactions and the total amount of virtual money that you have in your e-wallet.

Moreover, if the casino accepts only electronic money, it can be opened even without a specialised license. Currently, bitcoin is considered equal to standard currency only in a few countries (for example, in Spain).

  • Games with no limits

Virtual currency can be used regardless of the software that users have. It is consistent with Windows, Linux, Android, and any other platforms, you can access it anywhere in the world, and there are no restrictions related to the audience.

  • No commission fees

As we have already mentioned above, operations with cryptocurrency are made without the participation of intermediaries. Financial transactions with bitcoins are not taxed.

How to Open a Crypto Casino With the Smart Money Company?

Specialists from Smart Money are ready to offer you the best solutions for a successful launch and promotion of your crypto casino. The range of its products includes the high-quality and licensed software, the most popular game content, and proven tools for the promotion of gambling projects of any format.

We cooperate with leading suppliers and offer software solutions for bitcoin casinos and classic online gambling establishments, as well as projects with the option of live broadcasts, bookmaker’s offices, pari-mutuel betting, and virtual lotteries.

Smart Money has a loyal pricing policy, a large selection of ready-made solutions, an ability to order the development of unique game content, as well as technical and legal support for the gambling business.

You can always order a free connection of a demo version of the crypto casino and see all advantages of this solution on your own.

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