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The Most Typical Mistakes of Operators during the Casino-Building Process

Updated 03.11.2020

The straightforward process of launching an online gambling platform attracts many entrepreneurs to become successful operators. At the same time, it is essential to stay patient, attentive, and professional. The lack of proper knowledge of the sphere as well as the lack of gambling experience can cause minor issues that can prevent an entrepreneur from achieving the desired result of the casino operation.

Good to know these mistakes can be either eradicated or avoided with the right approach. Smart Money offers an extensive guide on the most common issues new operators might have.

Casino operators: typical mistakes

In addition, our experts also developed possible paths of resolution to ensure an operator is on the right way to a lucrative gambling environment with professional support from Smart Money. Order our best services to obtain a profitable business in the gaming sphere.

Low-Quality Design

The first thing that many inexperienced operators keep in mind during the organizational process is cost-cutting. The recruitment of mediocre design studios that had never developed online casinos before is not worth it even if they offer low prices. As a result, players do not spend a lot of time on the platform since they find it inconvenient to enjoy their favourite gaming activities.

Solution: Experienced Web Designers

An online casino must have attractive visual appeal for players to fall in love with it immediately. First impression and convenience are integral for the profitable operation of an online casino. The interface and navigation are two other important parts of the organizational process that the designers should pay particular attention to.

Renowned studios with a solid reputation and plenty of positive reviews are the best way to avoid poor design.

Wrong Business Model

Many operators who do not have experience in the gambling industry just mimic other successful online casinos, trying to apply their business model. Such gaming establishments do not bother even about developing a business plan for their organization. The lack of a structured working strategy will not allow an operator to progress or even enter the market successfully.

Solution: Unique Organizational Approach

The creation of a lucrative business environment can not be repeated twice. First of all, it is forbidden by law since smart operators secure themselves from such dishonest mimics and can claim their copyright. Second, the presence of a unique business plan with the elaboration of all development aspects is a part of the organizational process that is vital for every operator who strives for success.

Lack of Communication

A lot of new operators do not consider the formation of customer support an important task. They create a FAQ page, set up bots with the most common problems/answers, and do not bother hiring real people for this. Unfortunately for such operators, players value communication with the support team above all. The absence of such interaction does not motivate casino visitors to stay on such a platform for a long time.

Solution: Support Service Elaboration

Players expect their problems to be resolved by high-quality specialists as fast as possible. They do not want to waste their time reading long FAQs or trying to use bots. All players want to be treated as if they are special visitors in the online casino. Moreover, the presence of 24/7 customer support is obligatory because some people enjoy their favourite gambling entertainment late in the evening or at night.

Poor Marketing Strategy

Casino promotion mistake: poor marketing strategy

Online casino promotion is an essential step towards popularizing your gambling platform. Otherwise, such an internet establishment will have no visitors and no profit. Moreover, if an operator thinks he can save money on advertising, it will cause the loss of finances. The usage of a single or a few marketing channels will not establish the desired player acquisition.

Solution: Individual Approach to Marketing

The promotion of an online casino should consider a lot of factors:

  • target audience;
  • operational area;
  • local legislation;
  • casino budget.

These aspects must match the choice of marketing channels that an operator wants to use. For example, affiliate marketing is the most versatile and effective advertising method that exists in online gambling. SEO and SMM are also helpful in the promotion of a platform.

Apart from acquisition, gambling operators should also think about the retention of existing players. Different loyalty programs and promotions are obligatory if a casino owner wants to show the dedication and care about his clients.

Lack of Abundance

Inexperienced operators often think that their players will play no more than 5-10 slots on a platform. They try to promote these games as much as they can, forgetting about other entertainment content or not developing it at all. No wonder such platforms are unpopular and go bankrupt very quickly — the lack of variety is their main problem.

Solution: A Wide Assortment of Games

Some world-renown online gambling platforms have over a thousand slots and card games of different design and mechanics. All of them are well-developed for players to enjoy what they want. Of course, there are most and least popular among them. However, a player does not feel limited in his choices when it comes to the selection of the gaming content.

World-renown giants of the gambling industry supply the best games to online casinos and include such software developers:

  1. EGT.
  2. Playtech.
  3. Betsoft Gaming.
  4. Amatic.
  5. Novomatic.

If an operator has difficulties choosing the right manufacturer, he can always resort to professional aggregators. Order the software development from Smart Money to supply your casino visitors with the finest gaming content.

Licence Neglect

Gambling licence neglect

Operators who want to grab quick money and not get banned by the correspondent authorities quickly fail with their plan. If a casino owner wants to save money on a licence, he risks losing everything quickly. Modern developed technologies allow tracking such establishments and restricting their access to a certain area.

Solution: Application for a Licence

Once an operator finishes the setup of an online casino, he can resort to a gaming commission of the available jurisdiction and apply for a licence.

The advantages of having an official operational permit are:


A gambling licence will ensure the platform owner has no problems with the law of the country of operation


An operator will receive access to the best gaming and administrative software on the market

Financial support

It will be possible for a casino owner to open official bank accounts in reliable facilities

Players’ loyalty

Online casino visitors will trust a platform with an official licence and will return to play more

Payment Methods Deficiency

When a casino owner configures the deposit and withdrawal processes he may think that the international payment gateways (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) can be enough. They are available worldwide and all people understand how to use them. However, it is much more pleasant for players to see local payment methods available at the gambling platform that targets their region.

Solution: Consideration of Numerous System

Even though Visa and MasterCard are international transaction systems, they can lose to the local payment methods that are available in certain regions. Different commission rates and convenience levels can induce players to choose whatever gateway they like. Therefore, it is much more profitable (and is not costly) to consider as many payment systems as possible.


The presence of thousands of online casinos in the world makes inexperienced operators think that they can not be targets of hackers. Their common misconception is that a chance to get robbed in a ubiquitous environment is small. Consequently, they save money on security systems and neglect players’ personal information and finances.

Solution: Reliable Security Measures

Reliable security measures for casinos

128-bit SSL encryption is a minimum that an operator should integrate on the platform. Moreover, smart players know where to find information about casino protection and do not deposit money unless they ensure the playing environment is safe. Smart Money offers highly reliable protective systems to ensure your players enjoy their favourite entertainment peacefully. Order security software at our company.

The Main Things about Common Casino Developing Issues

During the process of setting up a lucrative gambling environment, an operator will come up with numerous questions that he would like to answer. The best way to receive informative responses for the most concerning issues is to cooperate with professionals. Smart Money experts have been working on the gambling market for more than 5 years. 

We can assist you in any problem and suggest the best solutions to the common issues:

  • hire experienced web designers that will take care of the interface;
  • come up with your business model and follow it;
  • ensure real interaction possibilities for your visitors;
  • develop an in-depth marketing strategy;
  • purchase or design a decent number of games to create a variety;
  • obtain an official operation permit to avoid problems with the law;
  • integrate as many payment methods as possible;
  • secure the operational environment for your players.

Operators can find elaborate explanations to these and many other aspects of a casino-building process at Smart Money. Order a turnkey casino solution at Smart Money to become a respectable market representative and have no issues during the working process.

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Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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