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ID Verification in Online Casinos: Features and Potential

Updated 31.03.2023
It needs to be introduced
The KYC directive, which stands for Know Your Customer, is a significant tool to implement in online casinos.
It needs to be introduced for the prevention of gaming abuse:
minors visiting the site
uncontrolled gambling
tax avoidance
fraudulent actions, etc
Checkup of identity exists for the safety of punters. At the same time, it benefits companies and ensures their stellar reputation as a trustworthy group.

A personality checkup is an important stage for punters who are signing up for an internet casino. Physical ways of verification are not too convenient in terms of time, yet technologies are making this process smoother. Brand new ways of checking the identities of casino clients significantly speed up the procedure.

ID verification in online casinos: basic info

Smart Money offers services for establishing quality software in your online platform. Our managers will guide you through the process.

What is ID Verification?

Before any action the player can take in a game, their identity needs to be recognised for safety purposes. Controlling organs in each territory implement confirmation procedures for multiple reasons. Those who run casinos are supposed to be aware of challenges that will likely be posed in the process.

No matter what is the primary expertise of your gaming site, you should learn about the intricate details of identity confirmation and its future.

Reasons for Verification

The KYC directive, which stands for Know Your Customer, is a significant tool to implement in online establishments.

It needs to be introduced for the prevention of gaming abuse:

  • minors visiting the site;
  • uncontrolled gambling;
  • tax avoidance;
  • fraudulent actions, etc.

Here are the main reasons why customers should be verified:

Confirmation of Age

This process exists to guarantee there are no wagering minors. In many jurisdictions, the limit for partaking in gaming activities is 18 years old.

Teenagers often attempt to start an account with the help of their family members' documents. This makes the KYC principle very significant.

Preventing Problematic Gambling

In legalised markets, gaming abuse is a severe challenge to combat. A few nations have cross-country associations that help punters who start noticing unhealthy patterns in habits.

For instance, GamStop, established in the UK, allows punters to control themselves if addiction becomes a risk. Participants sign up for the program for some time, and access to any casinos is banned for them throughout this timeframe.

Due to social obligation, gambling clubs have to check ID to keep self-restricted punters from visiting the establishment. However, this is not the only reason: casinos can be liable to severely high fines in case some addicted player is allowed to slip.

One example is how a few years ago Caesars was subjected to a whopping £13 million for persistent carelessness regarding problematic wagering and failure to detect fraudulent schemes.

Combating Money Laundering

AML in casinos: preventing fraud

Illegal procedures with funds are one more significant reason to worry for those who regulate gambling activities.

Any connections to crime harm both the gaming sector and any related societal groups. The factual history of dishonest associations laundering cash has incited a few states to boycott the gambling business. Nowadays, numerous legislatures have focused on investigations of funding terrorist groups.

Averting Fraudulent Activities

Along with the protection of clients and sticking to authorising necessities, KYC also helps secure the establishment on another level.

There are still a couple of courses that fraudsters can take to perform malicious actions at the casino. It is also quite usual for punters to attempt to register several accounts for claiming sign-up rewards.

Yet, one-off cases of dishonest activities pose no genuine danger to the casino's reputation. There is a more extensive, continuous issue that needs to be dealt with. Certain people or associations create strategies to take constant advantage of welcome rewards by registering many times.

For this, they use:

  • fake IDs;
  • different computers;
  • VPNs that mask their IP addresses, etc.

Dishonest people try to abuse gambling rewards and earn incredible sums of money. A thorough ID check can limit the risk of such situations.

Instances of KYC Requirements

Each jurisdiction has its KYC prerequisites. Some of them are more severe than others.

For example, UKGC continuously sets the norm that other controllers ultimately follow. The organisation insists that web-based casinos should request verification of ID right away. The punter's identity should be confirmed before the individual in question can store money or play.

The fundamental data incorporates:

  • name;
  • address;
  • date of birth.

Distributors are disallowed from requesting extra documents when participants need to withdraw their money.

Previously, users were permitted quick access, during which the club had a timeframe to confirm the ID. The KYC procedures needed to be finished before the punter could get hold of their cash. But many online gambling establishments demanded extra ID proof when players were trying to make a withdrawal. The situation was prompting numerous grievances from punters.

Potential Issues with KYC

ID verification in casinos: potential issues

Even though these measures are significant, there are some warnings for gambling operators:

Time-consuming ID checks

If the establishment is prepared to do the confirmation cycle digitally, it may be finished in a split second. But without a computerised arrangement, the interaction can require long weeks.

It is usual for gaming enterprises to have separate divisions for handling punters' documentation.

To accelerate the procedure and add a level of safety, certain clubs demand their participants to send a selfie. It can be taken with an ID or payment card and is done for affirming the personality or a financial method


Failing at KYC produces the greatest fines in the gaming business. As well as costing companies a lot of money, continuous issues with KYC can lead to losing licences permanently or temporarily

Player tolerance

The experience of registering is quite complicated by itself, although a compelling front-end configuration can make it easier for participants.

The attention spans of punters are not too long. Sign-up forms that are too complicated can make gamblers leave for platforms that have a smaller period between registering and starting to play

Eventual Fate of KYC

Progress in innovation and government initiatives are moulding the fate of ID checks in gaming establishments. Certain companies use items that speed up the identity confirmation process with artificial intelligence and biometrics. For instance, with technologies that recognise faces, a punter's selfie can immediately be compared to their ID.

In Europe, a major change might make this innovation out of date. SCA is a new trendy introduction in financial administrations and online sales. The developing significance of protected ID confirmation has prompted a computerised technology to come in.

In 2021, it was announced by the authorities of Europe that an eID would be introduced:

  1. It was set to work on the entire continent and empower its residents to distribute electronic papers. The computerised ID is needed for making a wide range of monetary operations smoother.
  2. The officials noticed a few clear advantages for the gaming business. The presentation of the eID could diminish or completely take out the expenses of identity check programs.

The Main Things about ID Verification in Casinos

Checkup of identity is something that exists for the safety of punters. At the same time, it benefits companies and ensures their stellar reputation as a trustworthy group.

Smart Money offers professional advice on all gambling topics. We will inform you about the most suitable market to open a safe business in. Additionally, our experts help install certified software and conduct a security audit of your enterprise.

Our managers bring a large variety of products and services, such as:

Reach out to us to get more familiar with ways to run your sportsbook or casino business.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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