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  • The Use of Big Data in the Entertainment Field

The Use of Big Data in the Entertainment Field


The transition of the gambling business to the online environment has forced operators to work with a huge amount of information. With proper processing and analysis of the data obtained, an entrepreneur will be able to establish key business processes more efficiently and develop the right strategy for the further growth of a company.

Entrepreneurs deal with vast amounts of information these days. Interaction with Big Data requires the right approach.

Big Data in iGaming: general info

Smart Money specialists want to acquaint you with the specifics of working with large amounts of information in the gambling business. Find out what benefits can be taken from this with proper processing.

Order analyst services for your online casino from our team.

The Main Features of Working with Substantial Amounts of Information

Big Data is marked by the following characteristics:

Large volume

Information coming in a huge amount cannot be processed manually. It is necessary to use special software based on machine-learning technology

A wide variety

Operators interact with different data formats, from figures and personal records to audio and video files

Processing speed

The faster and more efficiently information is analysed, the more stable the entertainment project works

The study of Big Data allows an entrepreneur to understand at what point in development the business is today. The analysis lets the operator determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Having information about them, it is much easier to elaborate a strategy for the further development of the internet project.

The Personalisation of Promo Offers

Big Data plays an essential role in marketing. After 20 years of working in the online environment, operators have realised that an individual approach to promotion is the key to success. It is not necessary to perceive the target audience as a whole.

Each group of punters has unique characteristics. Someone plays casino games to make profits. Other users perceive video slots solely as an opportunity to have fun. Therefore, the first group of players should be offered additional opportunities for receiving monetary rewards. While the second category of clients needs extra positive emotions and vivid impressions.

To understand the needs of your customers properly, you should process and structure information about them carefully according to the following parameters:

  • age;
  • country of residence;
  • average bet amount;
  • time spent on a site;
  • favourite games, and others.

Big Data analysis is useful for retaining a regular audience. If players lose activity over time, interest them with special offers based on related preferences. Offer fans of online slots more extra free spins. Connoisseurs of live entertainment will be delighted with the opportunity to play at the VIP table or take part in a closed tournament.

Website Protection from Fraud

Casino protection from fraud

Bonus abuse is one of the most common scam schemes among unscrupulous online casino customers. Users apply different IP addresses to create multiple pages on a site and withdraw rewards.

Previously, operators were limited to blocking accounts with the same IP. However, now scammers are actively using VPN services. To understand that several pages were created by one person, it is necessary to study the data on these accounts in more depth and detail.

Modern software allows such analysis to be carried out quickly and easily in automatic mode. Programs generate reports. This lets an operator explore security vulnerabilities and improve the level of website protection.

The Prevention of Gambling Addiction

Responsible operators provide customers with the opportunity to self-exclude from gaming sites if they feel the emergence of gambling addiction (ludomania). However, some players find it quite difficult to control themselves and try to outsmart online portals by creating new accounts.

In this case, the information about users collected earlier helps to identify such clients promptly and block their access to entertainment sites.

Big Data analysis also allows casino owners to warn customers about potential dangers. If the system detects that particular users spend too much time on a gambling resource, it sends them notifications with an offer to pause.

The Monitoring of Financial Indicators

Although high profits are considered the main goal of every entrepreneur, it is important to pay enough attention to other indicators to determine whether a business is economically profitable.

Big Data analysis allows enterprisers to determine:

  1. Gross gaming revenue.
  2. Operators’ net income.
  3. Profits for a certain period.
  4. The number of attracted users.
  5. The percentage of the outflow of regular customers, and others.

A decline in profitability and an increase in consumer churn indicate an incorrectly chosen marketing strategy. In this case, an entrepreneur should reconsider the tools used.

Perhaps these methods are quite effective, but competitors can attract customers with fresher and more relevant ideas. Therefore, it is important to monitor the situation within your project and in the market as a whole.

The Main Things about the Benefits of Big Data Analysis in the iGaming Sphere

Big Data in casinos: key notionss

Working with a large amount of information allows an entrepreneur to evaluate the effectiveness of a business in more detail and plan further actions correctly.

Big Data analysis helps operators:

  • generate personalised promotional offers;
  • protect sites from fraud;
  • prevent gambling addiction;
  • monitor financial performance, etc.

If you want to learn more about this theme and study the key aspects of your project’s operation deeply, please contact the managers of Smart Money.

We will identify the strengths of your business and guide you in which direction to continue moving. Also, our studio proposes a wide assortment of gambling-related services and program developments.

You can leave a request on our website for a free consultation. We are in touch 24/7.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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