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Start a Live Casino with Real Dealers — A Trendy Direction in the Gambling Sphere

Updated 30.10.2020

Modern trends in iGaming business are popping up every year. Some of them are adapted from the ground sphere while others emerge as the result of public demand. Live casinos became particularly popular in the recent year. The global Coronavirus pandemic shut down a lot of gambling facilities. But players needed to experience the atmosphere of their favourite activity.

Smart Money quickly understood the current state of affairs with the lockdown situation. Once the demand for live casino development increased, our experts have been successfully creating platforms for operators all over the world.

Turnkey live casino solution

For entrepreneurs who are only starting their online gambling business, we also provide extensive guidance on the advantages of this trend in the industry. Order a turnkey live casino solution from Smart Money and receive a comprehensive range of services in the development of your project.

Advantages of Launching an Online Casino with Live Dealers

Live casinos were popular long before the Coronavirus pandemic. They were more famous on Asian market where RNG games held a lower niche in comparison to casinos with live dealers. The increased quality of streaming and broadcasting alongside bigger sizes of smartphone screens made it much easier to enjoy this type of gambling.

Besides, a few other advantages of live casinos include:

  1. Social interaction. The problem with RNG games is solely a single-player mode. When a client gets into a poker game, he can only communicate with other players via chat (if it exists on a platform). Considering that the Internet is the most advanced social means, live casinos allow communicating not only with other gamblers but also with dealers, making the entertainment a lot more pleasant for the majority of punters.
  2. Growing internet usage. Statistics show that by 2030, more than 71% of Earth’s population will use the Internet on a daily basis. The current number equals 52%. As a result, more activities will be transferred online. Live casinos will not completely substitute ground establishments of this type. However, they will conquer a major part of internet casinos (25% to 75% for the end of 2020) for sure.
  3. Genuine atmosphere. Cartoonish animation is now prevailing in the design of online casino games. Some people appreciate it but, at the same time, a real-life picture makes players more motivated on gambling. The visual representation of a dealer, table, cards, chips, craps, and other items provides punters with the feeling of a real-life casino presence.

Smart Money offers these and many other advantages of launching a live casino in the chosen region. Together with our proficient support, an operator will be able to satisfy his clients’ aspiration to genuine gambling. Order a turnkey live casino solution from the Smart Money experts and become a respectable service provider on the market.

Acquisition of Potential Players

Operators have come up with different solutions for the age gap issue in gambling. Upon developing an online casino with live dealers, Smart Money also considers this aspect and gets ready to use different acquisition methods. These means will attract both experienced and young generations.


Young players

The main requirement for players who are used to visiting ground gambling establishments is an authentic gaming atmosphere.

The development of a live casino considers this aspect and provides professional treatment of the game by experienced dealers

For matching the expectations of the younger generation, the development of live casinos focuses on a possibility to visit a gambling establishment that feels similar to a land-based facility.

At the same time, the digital version of such entertainment provides these players with a common functionality on their device

Online casinos with live dealers eradicate one of the key stereotypes of the gambling industry — players’ trustworthiness. Many visitors of RNG establishments still believe that operators try to hoax them and configure games in a dishonest way (that is of course not true).

With the live casino entertainment, players see all dealer’s actions by themselves, ensuring no cheating from the operator’s side takes place. Order reliable development of a casino with live dealers from the Smart Money studio to ensure your players of a complete loyalty of the game.

Future of Live Casinos

Future of live casinos

Considering that the burst of activity for entertainment with dealers occurred during the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of operators ask what will happen after the brick-and-mortar establishments fully resume their work. Smart Money experts analyzed the situation and can underline that these fears are groundless.

Online casinos with live dealers will still be popular after the lockdown because:

  • a lot of ground facilities went bankrupt, and players will not be able to return there;
  • once players feel the benefits of live casinos with dealers, a lot of them will lose the desire to return to real-life establishments and continue playing online;
  • the number of gambling establishments with live dealers exceeds the amount of land-based casinos — the first are much easier to access and feel the difference;
  • live dealer casinos work 24/7 and do not need to close overnight.

Undoubtedly, people will continue visiting ground casinos if they have a possibility. But launching an online gambling establishment with live dealers is a matter of a few weeks. So while the demand is still high and people enjoy this type of entertainment, order a turnkey live casino from scratch at the Smart Money firm.

The Main Things about Live Casinos with Dealers

Modern people are very demanding in terms of entertainment. Consequently, operators have to keep up with their requests. An online casino with live dealers is a perfect way to grab the players’ interest and ensure the project’s profitability.

Smart Money offers a giant assortment of services for the operator’s disposal. We provide turnkey solutions on a full-scale basis and present an in-depth walkthrough over the advantages of stating a live casino with real dealers:

  • Social interaction during the playing process, growing internet usage, and genuine atmosphere of a live casino are the key aspects of the steady popularity of this type of entertainment.
  • Live casinos with dealers are designed with the consideration of experienced players’ demands as well as new requests of the younger generation, satisfying people with different interests at once.
  • The Covid-19 influence on ground establishments, players’ attraction to the new entertainment, and an enormous variety of live casinos ensure that such establishments will remain popular and demanded for quite a long time.

The necessity to diversify online casino entertainment makes many operators resort to Smart Money for efficient assistance. Our company treats customers with great respect and considers all their preferences during the organizational process. Order a turnkey casino solution and feel the profitability of gambling entertainment with live dealers.

Reach our customer support for further details:

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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